Outside the Bodhi Temple, carriages of demons were pulled into the temple.

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These demons were all going to be used in the Demon Exorcism Meeting.

All the demons hid in their cages in fear.

These prisoners who were already imprisoned in the carriage by the Buddhist Dharma felt even more afraid and uneasy after arriving at the Bodhi Temple.

They could sense how fatal and terrifying the Buddhist Dharma here was to them.

However, they were unable to resist and could only be at the mercy of others.

This was because the other party was a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand times stronger than them!

Some of them were indeed heinous and killed people.

Some killed their own kind to increase their own strength.

Some had never harmed anyone or their own kind.

It was even to the extent that a few of these demons were attacked by humans or their own kind.

At least half of these demons were innocent people and victims.

However, the Buddhist Sect would not care about truth when capturing demons.

They didn’t care if there were a few good ones among the hundred million of demons.
They would still capture all of them.

As long as the other party was a demon, the other party had committed a crime.
As long as the other party was a demon, it was enough for them to receive the merit from the Buddhist Sect.

As for whether they had made a mistake, it was not important to them.

Looking at the endless number of demons being escorted into the Bodhi Temple, an amiable old monk stood at the entrance of the dazzling hall in the clouds and nodded with a smile.

“How many demons did you bring today?”

The elder beside him immediately went forward and replied, “Reporting to the High Buddha, the demons that were transported here today are the demons from the small Thunder Temple, the small Mount Meru, and the other branches of the Buddhist Sect.
There are a total of more than 1.7 million demons.
Now, we have already accumulated more than 80 million demons.
We’re still 20 million away from starting the Demon Exorcism Meeting.
I think there will be enough in less than half a year.”

The High Buddha nodded, his eyes smiling.

“That’s right, that’s right.
Looks like we won’t even need ten years to start the Demon Exorcism Meeting this time.
In the future, the time needed to hold the Demon Exorcism Meeting every year will be reduced a little so that we can provide more immortal Buddhas for the Spirit Mountain.”

Only when there were enough immortal Buddhas and their power of faith was powerful enough could the cultivation of the Buddha Patriarch increase.

“If Buddha Patriarch can break through the last realm, our Western Sect will be completely invincible in the world!”

“Yes! However, High Buddha, we just received some bad news.”

The High Buddha frowned slightly, his expression somewhat puzzled.

“A few smaller Buddhist branches have been destroyed recently.”

The High Buddha suddenly raised his eyebrows, and a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

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“Who did it? Did you find out?”

“We’re still investigating this and don’t have any clues for the time being.
However, there’s a relatively powerful Buddhist branch in that area called the Little Buddha Temple.
Why don’t we get the Little Buddha Temple to investigate first? See if there are any clues?”

The High Buddha nodded, but just as he was about to speak, a figure rushed over.

“Greetings, High Buddha.
High Buddha, something bad has happened.”

The High Buddha’s expression became even more ugly.

“What’s the matter? Is it worth you being so anxious?”

“High Buddha, it’s Little Buddha Temple.
We have a branch called Little Buddha Temple that has just been destroyed.”

The High Buddha’s expression suddenly changed.
His sharp gaze overlapped as killing intent surged.

“I don’t know.
I don’t have any clues for the time being.
I’ve already used the Buddhist voice to communicate with the branch near the Little Buddha Temple and got them to take a look.”

The elder immediately went forward and whispered, “High Buddha, could it be that some villains want to take advantage of the Demon Exorcism Meeting to cause trouble for our Buddhist Sect?”

“We can’t rule out this situation.”

The Buddhist Sect had already found countless demons for themselves.

These demons also had parents and masters.

There was no guarantee that there would not be one or two elders with extremely powerful cultivation.

In that case, it was understandable for them to take revenge on the Buddhist Sect.

However, this did not mean that the Buddhist Sect could endure their revenge.

Several small branches and a mid-level branch, the Little Buddha Temple, have already been attacked.
They could be considered to have suffered a lot.

The Bodhi Temple could not sit idly by.

It was not only for revenge.
At the same time, the Buddhist Sect also had to protect their reputation.

Otherwise, once the reputation that had been accumulated in this Divine World for many years was affected, it would affect the advancement of the Buddhist Sect.

“Go and notify Huixin, Huiwu, Huishi, Huihai, and Huiguang.
Inform the five of them to come.”

Soon, the four young monks arrived at the Bodhi Temple’s hall.

“Greetings, High Buddha!”

Although they were all young monks, their eyes shone brightly and their cultivation levels were clearly not low.

Looking at these four juniors, the High Buddha’s eyes revealed a relieved expression.

These few people were all top-notch geniuses who had been carefully selected from the Divine World and had fought their way through tens of millions of cultivators of the same generation.

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No, it would even be an insult to say that they were top-notch geniuses!

They should all be the reincarnation of immortals!

Their average age was less than a hundred years.

However, among the four of them, two were at the peak of the tenth level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm, and the other two were at the first level of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.

At this age and cultivation, they were already countless times ahead of their peers in the entire Divine World.

The High Buddha was confident that if there was a cultivation genius ranking in the Divine World that only recorded cultivators below the age of 100, the four people in front of him would at least be ranked in the top ten.

At the very least, he would definitely be able to enter the top twenty.

It had to be known that this was the Divine World!

There were countless cultivators in the Divine World.

How many cultivators were there in such a huge world?

To be able to occupy the top twenty or even the top ten among so many cultivators, it meant that they were extremely powerful!

However, after being relieved, he could not help but frown.

“Where’s Huixin? Why isn’t he here?”

The four of them looked at each other.
One of them immediately pressed his palms together and lowered his head.

“Senior Brother Huixin… is sleeping.”

The High Buddha slapped his forehead helplessly.

“I knew it.
This brat definitely never does anything good.
Forget it, I’ll send someone to inform him later.
Now, I’ll tell you guys the mission first.”

“Our Buddhist Sect’s few small branches and a mid-level branch, the Little Buddha Temple, have just been destroyed.

The few of you have the highest cultivation and the strongest divine power among the younger generation.

“Therefore, I’m prepared to let the few of you be in charge of investigating this matter.

“If anyone is causing trouble in the dark, kill them on the spot.
There’s no need to let them off.
Take it as training for the few of you.”

“Yes! Thank you, High Buddha!”

The fourth monk received the order and left.
The High Buddha heaved a sigh of relief and turned around to sit cross-legged in front of the Buddha.

Buddha, there’s still a year before my shift in this world ends.

“At that time, I can return to the Great Thunderclap Temple and listen to your lecture again.

“After accumulating merit points for a thousand years, I wonder if I am qualified to step into the Great Thunderclap Temple this time and take another step forward.

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Soon, a novice monk arrived at the courtyard of the Bodhi Temple.

In the courtyard, a young monk in a monk robe was lying on a hammock and sleeping.

In this holy land of the Buddhist Sect where everyone was busy chanting and praying to the Buddha, his actions were clearly somewhat inappropriate.

However, his unrestrained behavior and expression of enjoyment were not despised by the novice monk.
On the contrary, the novice monk looked at him with admiration.

This was because the other party was the most talented existence in the history of the Little Buddha Temple for more than ten thousand years.

Currently, he was only in his sixties, but he was ranked among the five disciples of the Buddhist Sect with the other four geniuses.

This was because the Buddhist Sect did not have the so-called Holy Sons.
Instead, they had these five geniuses.
However, these five disciples could easily suppress countless famous Holy Sons and Holy Maidens of the current era.

Among them, this Huixin was the most famous.

It could be said the other four younger generation disciples could only be said to be in the top ten or top twenty of the Divine World.

However, they were confident that Huixin was ranked first!

Although Huixin was the youngest, his cultivation had already reached the astonishing peak of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm!

With this young man’s cultivation, there shouldn’t be anyone in the world who could compare to him, right?

The novice monk’s eyes revealed a trace of envy and admiration.
Then, he slowly walked into the courtyard.

“Amitabha, Senior Huixin, I’m here to pass on the High Buddha’s decree.”

There were too many disciples in the Buddhist Sect, and there were countless more every year.
Therefore, even a young person like Huixin was already considered old when compared to the novice monk.

He could be considered as a senior.

Hearing his words, Huixin slowly stretched and then opened his eyes impatiently.

“Got it.
There are so many people in the entire Bodhi Temple.
Could it be that you guys specially came to find me?

“Can’t you guys do anything without me? ”

“Uh… Senior Huixin, I’m only here to pass on the High Buddha’s decree.
Please don’t be angry.”

“Alright, alright.
I can’t be bothered to be angry with you.
Tell me, what is it?”

“Senior Huixin, a few branches have been destroyed, so the High Buddha wants the five of you to go and investigate.
The other four seniors have already left.
You’re the only one left.”

“Alright, I understand.
Hurry up and get lost.
I’ll go over after eating.”

After the novice monk retreated, Huixin shook his head helplessly.

“I only want to hide in the sect and cultivate.
Why do you have to find trouble with me for no reason? I don’t want to kill anyone or get involved in anything.

“After all, my cultivation level is still very low.
I’m only at the peak of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.

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As soon as he finished speaking, a voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

Ding! Your cultivation technique, the Great Vajra Art, sensed that you were somewhat frustrated and is cultivating it on its own to increase your happiness.
The Great Vajra Art has been cultivated to the maximum level automatically.

Ding! “Your cultivation technique, the Little Gautama Divine Palm, feels that you’re a little unhappy and is working hard to break through to the peak realm.
You also attempted to deduce the large version of the Gautama Divine Palm and failed.
The Gautama Divine Palm is too powerful but the realm of the Little Gautama Divine Palm is not enough.
You still need to work harder.
I hope you won’t be angry.”

Ding! Your cultivation technique, the Golden Bell Shield, senses that you’re somewhat hungry and somewhat unhappy.
It’s lowering its realm.
Please immediately eat a basin of white rice.
After that, the Golden Bell Shield will automatically increase to the peak realm.

Ding! Your cultivation technique, Light Steps Floating On Water, has sensed that a large amount of gas has gathered in your intestines.
It is prepared to speed up at any time.
When it speeds up, it will produce some uncomfortable noises.
I hope you can understand.

Ding! Your cultivation technique, the Vajra Tiger Subduing Fist, feels like the other cultivation techniques are all angering you.
Since it wants to take the opportunity to win your favor, it is currently crazily increasing its intent realm… First level, second level, third level, fourth level, fifth level… It broke through and has successfully evolved.
It became the Great Vajra Tiger Subduing Fist! It has grown!

Although the voices in her mind were rushed and chaotic, Huixin did not react at all.

He had long gotten used to it!

Back then, he was only an ordinary piece of trash in the temple, a small sweeper monk.

However, he did not expect some strange voices to suddenly sound in his mind one day.

With the help of these strange voices, he discovered that his cultivation technique had actually advanced!

That’s right, his cultivation technique had been automatically upgraded.

Because his cultivation technique had been automatically upgraded, his cultivation had actually increased greatly.

From then on, he became a famous super genius of the Buddhist Sect!

No, he should be called a top-notch genius.

However, even so, he had never been arrogant.
Instead, he had always cultivated diligently to improve himself.

Of course, his so-called diligent cultivation was just sleeping as much as possible.

This was because only when he slept would his mood not fluctuate too much.
In this way, the cultivation techniques would cultivate very diligently.

On the other hand, his mood would fluctuate if he did not sleep and some cultivation techniques might not be very obedient and have their own consciousness.
When this happened, it resulted in his cultivation not meeting his requirements and even regressing.

For example, one of the cultivation techniques had just regressed its realm.

Because of this, Huixin originally wanted to cultivate until the day he became a God Monarch Realm expert.
Before that day, he would not take a step out of the Bodhi Temple no matter what.
He wanted to live ignobly until the end of time and become the strongest expert in this world.

Unfortunately, the heavens did not give him a chance now.

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