Son, why bother with the Holy Son of the Taiyi Sword Dao?”

“That’s right.
Our Heaven Saber Pavilion is not inferior to the Taiyi Sword Dao.
Do you think our Holy Son is that easy to meet with?”

Song Xinian pushed the two girls away and instantly arrived downstairs in front of the disciple guarding the mountain.

“Who did you say ordered her to come here just now?”

“The… the Holy Son of the Tai Yi Sword Dao, Li Changsheng.”

“Hahahaha… I knew it! I knew it! In the entire world, other than him, it’s impossible for anyone to be the Holy Son of the Tai Yi Sword Dao!

“My guess was indeed right! ”

The disciples guarding the mountain were all dumbfounded.
They did not know what was wrong with Song Xinian at all.

Especially at this moment, he was only wearing a scarf.
As the breeze blew, his rod swayed in the wind.

This scene was indeed… well… somewhat indecent.

“She’s at the foot of the mountain!”

As soon as the other party finished speaking, Song Xinian instantly disappeared from his spot.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the foot of the mountain.
He had also changed into a Holy Son robe and a heroic crown, appearing domineering and handsome.

The disciples guarding the entrance immediately knelt and bowed to Song Xinian.

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Song Xinian put away the chaotic thoughts in his mind and said softly, “Get up.”

Seeing Ling Xinyue, Song Xinian could not help but say slightly, “Were you sent by my Fourth Senior Brother?”

“That’s right.
You’re Song Xinian, right?”

“Bastard, how dare you call our Holy Son by his name.
You’re courting death!”

The Heaven Saber Pavilion disciple was furious.
Just as his aura erupted, he was directly suppressed by Song Xinian.

With a soft shout, the few of them could not help but tremble in fear.
It was as if a long saber was hanging above their heads and could slash down at any moment to take their lives.

This scene made Ling Xinyue’s heart unable to help but tremble.

Was this her father’s disciple?

Every disciple was so powerful, talented, and peerless!

Previously, although Zhuge Ziqiong’s strength was not very shocking, at that time, Zhuge Ziqiong had only arrived in the Divine World for a few years and had already reached the first level of the God Creation Realm.

In terms of talent, she was already an invincible existence.

Then, the Li Changsheng she met was even more ridiculously powerful and terrifying.
His cultivation had reached the peak of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.

As for the current Song Xinian, he was also shocking.

Ling Xinyue could sense that Song Xinian and Li Changsheng could definitely compete with one another.
He was definitely not much weaker than Li Changsheng.

This meant that Song Xinian had also reached the peak of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm!

Of course, the most terrifying one was her father.

If his taste in choosing disciples was so monstrous, then how monstrous was he himself?

Sigh, something was wrong.
Why was she calling him father again?

Ling Xinyue clenched her small fists tightly in anger and simply wanted to slap herself.

Why did she have to be so disappointing?

Could it be that she really yearned for a father so much?

Song Xinian also saw Ling Xinyue’s small expression and could not help but frown slightly.

Why did he feel that this girl was getting so furious that her lungs were about to explode?

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However, this was someone his senior brother had sent.
It was not appropriate for him to put on airs as the Holy Son of the Heaven Saber Pavilion.

“My Fourth Senior Brother didn’t just send you here for nothing, right? Why is he looking for me?”

Ling Xinyue woke up and took a deep breath.

“It’s like this.
Your senior sister has been captured by the Buddhist Sect! Li Changsheng has already gone over to save her.
He asked me to come and tell you.”

“Damn! Those baldies actually dare to capture my senior sister? Are they tired of living?”

Song Xinian was so furious that he cursed on the spot.

It had to be known that their master only had two female disciples among his nine disciples.

The ratio of men to women had reached a shocking seven to two.

In this situation, every senior sister was a treasure.

They were all pearls that had to be protected.

Now, one of them had actually been captured by a group of baldies!

“Bring me there! Quick! Bring me there immediately!”

The two of them were about to leave when the disciple guarding the mountain hurriedly said, “Holy Son, you can’t leave the mountain gate casually! It’s very dangerous outside.
If you encounter any trouble, we won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

“Go back and tell the sect master that I said that I’m going out to save someone.
Tell her not to worry.”

Ling Xinyue was somewhat puzzled.

“Will your Heaven Saber Pavilion’s sect master agree? Won’t your sect master punish you?”

“Like hell she will.
If she dares to punish me, I’ll come back and spank her for the entire night.”

Ling Xinyue’s face could not help but twitch slightly.

“Wait, your Heaven Saber Pavilion’s sect master is a woman? You can even spank her butt? Could it be… that something’s going on between the two of you?”

“Why? Can’t there be something going on between us?”

“Uh… she’s the sect master of a large sect in the Divine World.
How old is she?”

Song Xinian glanced at her in extreme disdain.

“What do you know? A young man will only lose out if he doesn’t know how to live off a woman.
If a girl is three years older than me, she’ll help me become rich.
If she’s three thousand years older, she’ll help me become an immortal!”

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