Divine World, Netherworld Sect.

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Tens of thousands of elites had gathered in the Netherworld Sect’s underground cave.
Demon aura condensed into reality, forming countless dark crystals filled with demon aura on the cliff.

On the highest stone pillar stood a figure in a black robe.
He had a long face, an aquiline nose, and a sharp chin.
Coupled with the cloak made of black demon beast feathers, he looked somewhat terrifying and did not look like a human.

Two red lights filled with killing intent jumped in his scarlet eyes.

“It’s been 3,000 years! In 3,000 years, our Netherworld Sect has never suffered such humiliation!

“The other party was not a righteous faction.
They were only a small family in a small Heaven Water City.
In the Divine World, they are extremely trash.

“They actually dared to kill two of our Netherworld Sect’s elders! They even cut off the deployment of our Netherworld Sect’s branch in Heaven Water City.

“The holy Demon Sect had never been so humiliated!

“Today, if we don’t destroy Heaven Water City, how will our Netherworld Sect survive? Won’t we become the laughing stock of the entire Demon Sect?

“Set off, target, Heaven Water City! ”

In an instant, demonic winds roared and wind surged.

In the Divine World, at the Little Buddha Temple.

A golden Buddhist light slowly landed in the temple.

The light retreated, and a baldy holding an alms bowl slowly appeared.

At this moment, another old monk in a red kasaya happened to walk out of the hall.

“Amitabha, Jue Yuan, you’re finally back.
Did you gain anything from your return this time?”

Monk Jue Yuan raised his hand in return.

“Uncle-Master, I’m ashamed.
After traveling for a few days, I’ve only captured more than 400 demons.
The strongest one is only a female God Creation Realm zombie.”

The abbot raised his eyebrows slightly and sighed faintly.

“Is that so? Looks like it’s indeed a little difficult this time.
The Bodhi Temple is holding the Demon Exorcism Meeting.
All Buddhist branches have been asked to hand over a large number of demons.
After all, the Demon Exorcism Meeting requires a total of 100 million demons.
In total, each of our sects needs to pay at least 100,000 demons.”

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“It’s not your fault.
My Little Buddha Temple has only gathered 70,000 demons over the years.
We’re still short of 30,000.”

“In the end, it’s still our Little Buddha Temple’s luck that we encountered too few demons.

As soon as he finished speaking, a monstrous evil aura suddenly erupted in the distant sky.

After sensing this evil aura, the two of them looked at each other.
Not only were they not worried at all, but they were also overjoyed.

“What powerful demon aura.
With such a dense demon aura and so much aura, I’m afraid there will be a lot of demons.”

“There are so many demons.
There’s hope for us to complete the mission this time! Quick, gather the elders and disciples of the entire Little Buddha Temple and capture these unknown demons.
Don’t let a single one of them escape!”

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, he waited for several days in a row.
The demons of the Netherworld Sect did not attack Heaven Water City and the Lu family, making him very puzzled.

It had to be known that in order to prevent the sneak attack of the Netherworld Sect’s demon, he had set up many array formations.
He had spent several days and nearly two million divine crystals.

Unfortunately, after waiting for a few days, the demons from the Netherworld Sect did not come.
This made him somewhat depressed.

Could it be that the Netherworld Sect was also starting to back down these days?

Were the demons also starting to care about being ignoble?

They knew that he had killed two Demon Sect elders in a row, so could it be that they were afraid of him and did not dare to come casually?

“Strange, strange.
After all, this Netherworld Sect is a demon sect! I killed two of their elders in a row… Can they really tolerate this? This is really outrageous.”

However, if the other party did not come, he had no choice.
He could not find them himself and kill them all.

After all, it was very disadvantageous for him if he did not fight on his home ground.
At the very least, he could not perfectly use his array formation advantage.

Of course, most importantly, he did not know where the Netherworld Sect was.

In this way, after waiting for a few days, Lu Xiaoran, who had yet to see the demons from the Netherworld Sect arrive, could only choose to give up.

He decided to nurture the Lu family first.

At that time, when the Lu family was nurtured, he could worry less even if the Netherworld Sect came to find trouble with him.

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Or perhaps he could really leave the Lu family and not worry.

He chose some mid-level and high-level cultivation techniques and taught them to the Lu family.

Lu Xiaoran had not taught the Lu family the most important portion of his divine techniques and profundities.

On the one hand, it was because he was wary.
After all, he had to be wary of others.

His grandfather and cousin were both very good to him, but what about the others in the Lu family?

The Lu family alone had more than 100 to 200 direct descendants.
Among so many people, who could guarantee that there wouldn’t be one or two bad people? After all, what if they used the cultivation techniques he taught them to deal with him?

On the other hand, even if no one in the Lu family dealt with him, it would still be very dangerous for him if he imparted the top-notch profundity and divine technique to them without holding back.
In the end, if they offended someone outside and were soul-searched, it would also be very dangerous for him.

Moreover, even if he only gave them some divine techniques, it was already enough for the Lu family to enjoy endlessly.

After all, the Lu family only had one divine technique before.

Other than that, even if he only casually threw out a few hundred of those unwanted divine weapons, he would still be able to indirectly increase the strength of the Lu family.
Moreover, he could also empty out some of the space in the Mountain and River State Painting.

Naturally, there were also many medicinal pills.
This thing could increase one’s strength the fastest.

Only the heavens knew how excited Old Master Lu and the others were when they saw those divine weapons and divine techniques.

Before Lu Xiaoran took out these things, they had never dared to hope that the Lu family would one day obtain so many divine techniques, divine weapons, and divine pills.

This was really unimaginable.

With these things, it was enough to advance the Lu family by a huge level.

At the very least, they could reach a mid-level faction in the Divine World.

“Ancestor, you’re really too good to us.
Your unfilial grandson, Lu Changlong, will kneel for you.”

Old Master Lu was so excited that his eyes were filled with tears.
He wanted to kneel and thank Lu Xiaoran on the spot.

Lu Xiaoran hurriedly used his divine power to float him in the air.

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“Didn’t I say not to kneel? Why are you kneeling again?”

Old Master Lu’s face was filled with sadness.

“Ancestor, could it be that you think Changlong’s cultivation is too poor and he’s not worthy of kneeling to you?”

“When did I say that I despised your cultivation?”

“Then why don’t you let Changlong kneel? As your descendant, Changlong should kneel to you.
Other people’s descendants kneel to their ancestor, but I can’t kneel to my ancestor.
Do you know that this is going to be a huge trauma for Changlong for many years?”

If Old Master Lu really knelt in front of Lu Xiaoran, Lu Xiaoran would be the one to suffer a huge trauma.

If the other party was of the same generation as him, he would still be able to accept it.
Or if the other party was a junior, it would be absolutely fine.

However, he was Lu Xiaoran’s grandfather.
How could a grandfather kneel to his grandson?

If that happened, the Netherworld would probably curse Lu Xiaoran and the heavens would also strike him with a few Purple Heaven Divine Lightning.
In the end, he might even die a terrible death by choking to death in a pool.
At that time, it would truly be a loss.

“Get up first.
Don’t kneel.”

“If you get up, I’ll secretly give you a golden luck dragon.
Take it back and raise it well.
I guarantee that your luck will be explosive.
You’ll be able to pick up money when you go out and win every bet.
You’ll also be able to avoid disasters when you walk.
Your cultivation path will be smooth sailing.”

Old Master Lu immediately stood up.

“Ancestor, you even have the Golden Luck Dragon? Heavens, isn’t this too magical? What else do you have?”

Lu Xiaoran quietly stuffed a Golden Luck Dragon into the other party’s palm.

“I have a lot of good things.
Be good in the future.
I’ll give you more.”

Old Master Lu’s eyes immediately lit up.

“In that case, thank you, Patriarch.”

However, he quickly frowned and asked in confusion,

“Patriarch, tell me, if you’re willing to give me such a good Golden Luck Dragon, why aren’t you willing to let me kneel to you?”

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This question really made Old Master Lu very curious.

Lu Xiaoran glanced at him angrily.
If it were anyone else, he would have long made them kneel and kowtow to him.

However, this guy was his biological grandfather.
How could he possibly let the other party kneel?

However, it was not appropriate for him to say this.
He only coughed lightly and immediately said, “To tell you the truth, I have to cut off all ties with the mortal world now.
I definitely can’t leave behind any kinship or feelings that I shouldn’t have.
Otherwise, it will cause all my previous efforts to go to waste.”

Old Master Lu gasped again.
He looked at the figure of the Lu family’s ancestor in front of him and could not help but be happy and proud.

The ancestor was indeed powerful.
He was actually about to sever his ties with the mortal world.
Didn’t this mean that the patriarch was already infinitely close to that realm?

Was he about to ascend to become an immortal?

Wouldn’t the patriarch’s cultivation be enough to look down on everyone in the entire Divine World?

Heavens, was their Lu family going crazy? They were actually about to produce a big shot?

No wonder Lu Xiaoran was so powerful and dared to fight the Netherworld Sect head-on without any fear.

It seemed that the other party now had the strength.

Perhaps his ancestor could even easily punch and kick a God Monarch Realm expert now, right?

No, he had to take advantage of the fact that his ancestor was here to study and crazily increase his cultivation.

After he brought it up, it would be best if he could trick the ancestor into helping him eliminate the families in a few nearby cities.

At that time, his strength would increase further, and it would be enough for him to become famous throughout the world.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran spoke again.

“I’ve taught you everything.
Next, I want to talk to you about the philosophy and plan of our Lu family’s future development.”

“It’s only right.
Please go ahead, Patriarch.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately said, “From now on, the Lu family only has one rule, and that is to live ignobly.”

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