but be somewhat speechless.

Couldn’t these guys keep a low profile? Why are they shouting so loudly?

However, now was not the time to talk about them because there were still other families.

Lu Xiaoran slowly landed and floated in the air.
He glanced at the disciples of the six families.

With just a glance from the eyes hidden under a bamboo hat and a thin veil, it made everyone’s hearts clench fiercely, as if they were being stared at by the death god.

Zhang Shengnan and the others immediately swallowed a mouthful of saliva and hurriedly knelt down.

“Senior, we know our mistake.
Senior, please forgive us.”

“That’s right, Senior.
We’re willing to become servants of the Lu family.
Senior, please forgive us.”

Lu Xiaoran did not kill them.
Instead, he grabbed the air and forcefully snatched a drop of everyone’s blood essence from the space between their eyebrows before throwing it into Lu Tiannan’s hand.

“I’ll leave these people to you.
Lu family’s current patriarch, follow me.”

“Yes! As you wish, Ancestor.”

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Old Master Lu cupped his hands in response.
Lu Xiaoran nodded and turned to leave.

Although these people’s cultivation was trash, it was still possible for them to do manual labor.

Lu Xiaoran had already plundered a drop of their blood essence, so they could no longer resist.
They could only be controlled by the Lu family and become their puppets.

Next, Lu Xiaoran prepared to let the Lu family enter a cultivation period.
The disciples of the six families could be taken in as slaves and could be used to maintain the operation of the Heaven Water City to earn more resources for the Lu family.

Half an hour later, in the Lu family’s ancestral hall.

Old Master Lu strode in and looked at the mysterious ancestor in front of him with respect.

It was him who had easily resolved the crisis of the Lu family and saved her from death.

He had even crushed the Netherworld Sect elder in an invincible manner, as if he was crushing a small ant.

These two small matters made the entire Lu family completely become a god and become a unique supreme family in Tianshui City!

Although he did not know the other party’s name or had never seen the other party’s true appearance,

However, he did not doubt the other party’s identity at all.

This was because he sensed an extremely rich and familiar feeling from the other party’s body.

It was a feeling of being connected by blood.

The other party must be the ancestor of the Lu family.
There was no doubt.
He did not even go through the blood recognition test.

Of course, it did not matter even if he was not.

Such a powerful expert wanted to be his ancestor.
This was something that he could not obtain in his entire life.

Therefore, after taking a deep breath, he prepared to cup his hands and bow.

“Lu Changlong, the 78th generation of the Lu family, greets…”

Lu Xiaoran directly raised his hand and stopped him from kneeling.

No matter what, this was still his biological grandfather.
He still could not stand the other party kneeling to him.

Moreover, he did not know if this would reduce one’s lifespan or luck.

Ever since he came into contact with the hot shots, Lu Xiaoran had been paying more attention to Fengshui and fate.

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After all, he did not want to die young.

Lu Changlong looked at Lu Xiaoran in confusion, as if he did not understand Lu Xiaoran’s meaning.

Lu Xiaoran coughed lightly and immediately explained, “I don’t like those complicated formalities.”

“Oh, I see.
However, I haven’t seen you in a long time, Ancestor.
I still have to greet you.”

“No, no, I still need to do it.”

“If only you had invested a portion of your perseverance in bootlicking into your cultivation, I estimate that your current cultivation will not only be at the third level of the Ten Domains Martial God Realm.”

“Hehehehe… Patriarch, you’re wrong.
If not for Patriarch, I would only be at the perfected tenth level of the God Creation Realm now and would be far from reaching the Ten Domains Martial God Realm! It’s precisely because of Ancestor that Changlong successfully broke through.”

He did not expect his grandfather to be so shameless.

“I can’t be bothered to waste my breath.
I told you not to kneel.
Just stand.”

“Ancestor, manners can’t be crippled!”

“Then should I just leave?”

Lu Changlong hurriedly said, “Then I won’t kneel.
I’ll be obedient.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately said, “I’ve cultivated in the Lu family’s ancestral ground for many years.
Now, my cultivation has already reached the limit and I can’t advance any further.
Therefore, I plan to go out and wander around to see if I can obtain any opportunities.”

“However, your cultivation levels are really too weak.

In order to prevent anyone from the Lu family from protecting themselves after I leave, I have to increase your cultivation.

In the next two years, all the disciples of the Lu family are not allowed to go out.
Everyone, gather and start cultivating.

Lu Changlong was overjoyed.

“Don’t worry, Patriarch.
The disciples of the Lu family have long been waiting to be taught by you.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.
In this way, the Lu family should be able to enter a period of peace.

As long as that person from the Netherworld Sect did not cause trouble, it was basically not a problem.

They had to start living ignobly!

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