red Domain Battle God Realm.
If the Lu family really encountered any trouble, it was not impossible for him to secretly help the Lu family.

Soon, a day passed and Lu Xiaochen did not return.

Then, two days passed and Lu Xiaochen still did not return.

On the third day, Lu Xiaoran was already somewhat unable to sit still.

Lu Xiaoran asked the servants in the mansion for the location of the Lu family’s ancestral land.
Then, after returning to his residence, he immediately used his avatar to cultivate in the room.
He then used his movement technique to leave the Lu family courtyard.

The Lu family’s ancestral land was a small mountain village 5,000 kilometers away from Heaven Water City.

It was said that this place was the village of the Lu family’s ancestor.
From that small mountain village, he had gone to the Heaven Water City step by step and became an expert Ten Domain Martial God Realm expert.
Then, he established his own empire in Heaven Water City.

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After that, he moved the Lu family from that small mountain village to Heaven Water City.

This was because the spirit vein in the Heaven Water City was stronger.
Because of this, the speed at which it absorbed divine power was faster.

Other than that, the logistics of the Heaven Water City was convenient and fast.
It was also more convenient for him to buy cultivation resources like divine pills.

However, as the ancestral land of the Lu family, it was definitely the most sacred place in the hearts of the Lu family descendants.

Therefore, they usually sent a few disciples to guard this place.

He reckoned that the Lu family’s ancestral land had encountered some trouble, so Lu Xiaochen went to take a look.

Now, Lu Xiaoran only hoped that the six families had not deliberately set up a trap to harvest Lu Xiaochen.

If that was the case, Lu Xiaochen would probably be in danger.

In fact, at this moment, the Lu family’s ancestral land was indeed facing a huge danger.

With Lu Xiaochen leading the team, several Lu family elite disciples were already surrounded by the second-generation elites of the six families.

The other party was stronger and had more people.

In this situation, Lu Xiaochen could only rely on the array formation set up in the Lu family’s ancestral land to resist the other party’s violent attack.

At this moment, the people in the Lu family’s ancestral ground were all depressed.

“Brother, we only have less than 300 top-grade divine crystals left.
The divine crystals Grandpa gave us this time have basically been wasted by us.
If we don’t have any reinforcements, I’m afraid all of us will die here.”

Lu Xiaochen took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression,

“Grandpa and the others can’t even take care of themselves, so how could it be possible for them to come here to save us? Everyone should give up these unrealistic thoughts as soon as possible.”

After a pause, he continued, “In this situation, I think there’s really no need to protect the ancestral land.”

“In that case, we’ll gather all the divine crystals later and use them all on the attack formation.

“When the other party sees our defensive array formation retreat, they will definitely attack together.

“At that time, we can use the attack formation to make them dizzy.
We can take advantage of the chaos to escape and return to Heaven Water City first.”

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“But in that case, won’t the ancestral land cease to exist?”

“Why are you still thinking about the ancestral land at a time like this? Our lives are more important than anything.
As long as we survive, we will still have a chance to rebuild the ancestral land in the future.”

“If we all die, even if the ancestral land still remains, it will still only become other people’s playthings.
Perhaps they will even dig out the skull of our Lu family’s ancestor and mess around with it.
Do you think that’s better?”

After hearing this, the other party immediately nodded.

“Eldest Young Master is right.
If someone dies, there will indeed be nothing left.”

“Alright, hurry up and prepare.
If they attack before we set up the attack formation, our defensive formation won’t be able to hold on.
If we let them in, then we’ll really be doomed.”

The Lu family disciples quickly followed Lu Xiaochen’s orders.

Soon, the attack formation was installed with divine crystals.
With the help of more than 300 divine crystals, no matter how powerful the elites of the other six families were, they would still be able to blast an opening.

At that time, they would take the opportunity to escape from this place, giving them a chance to live.

When the attack formation was completely set up, the defensive formation finally could not take it anymore and was destroyed by the six families.

“Lu Xiaochen, get the hell out and die!”

“Lu Xiaochen, offer your head.”

Lu Xiaochen smiled coldly and directly formed hand seals to activate the array formation.

“You want my head? I’ll take your head first.”

However, to his surprise, the array formation was not activated.

Lu Xiaochen’s expression suddenly changed drastically.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, the elites of the other families had already arrived.

“Hahaha… Lu Xiaochen, you didn’t expect this, right? Some of your people have already been bribed by us.
Your array formation has been destroyed, so you can’t activate it at all.”

Lu Xiaochen’s pupils constricted as he stared fixedly at his subordinates.
One of them immediately escaped to the other party’s side.

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