e work.

For example, diplomacy, business, and various existences related to spirit stones.

They had also benefited a lot from this.

Since Lu Xiaoran was already unable to have much success on the path of cultivation, it was also not a bad choice to give him some work to live comfortably.

“However, although that’s the case, many people in the Lu family have already criticized Xiaoran.”

It had to be known that people were forgetful.
They would not remember the glory Xiaoran’s father, Qingshan, had once brought to the Lu family.
They would only remember that Xiaoran was currently enjoying a lot of resources from the Lu family.

“If I give Xiaoran more work, I’m afraid I’ll provoke him and make others jealous.
Xiaoran will be fine as long as I am alive.
However, I’ll still grow old one day.
After I die, I don’t know what they’ll do to Xiaoran.”

Old Master Lu had no choice.
This was a large family and everyone was his descendant.

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Everyone was jealous.
It was understandable for them to be jealous of Lu Xiaoran’s resources.

He could not possibly kill his other descendants for Lu Xiaoran, right?

“Grandpa, you don’t have to worry about that.
Because I’ll protect Cousin.”

As soon as Lu Xiaochen finished speaking, he took the initiative to release his aura.

“This aura… Wait, you broke through to the first level of the God Slaying Realm?”

Lu Xiaochen smiled and nodded.

“I was lucky today and just broke through.”

“Good! Good! This is really the heavens protecting our Lu family! Hahahaha… In the entire Heaven Water City, how many people can break through to the first level of the God Slaying Realm before the age of 50? You even broke Grandpa’s record back then.
This is an unprecedented record!

“Who in the entire Heaven Water City can compare to you?”

Old Master Lu was extremely excited, as if he did not expect his grandson to have broken through to the God Slaying Realm.

Although his God Slaying Realm cultivation was already very powerful, it had to be known that he had only broken through to the God Slaying Realm when he was 50 years old!

The difference in their ages naturally highlighted how powerful Lu Xiaochen’s cultivation was.

Perhaps the future Lu Xiaochen could go further than him and reach the legendary Ten Domain Martial God Realm!

The heavens were really blessing the Xiao family!

“Then with me around, Grandpa should be able to rest assured about Xiaoran’s safety, right?”

“Alright! However, speaking of which, you were clearly only at the ninth level of the True God Realm previously.
How did you break through to the first level of the God Slaying Realm so quickly?”

The corner of Lu Xiaochen’s mouth curled up slightly as he smiled and said, “Actually, Xiaoran was part of the reason why I broke through.
He once heard that cultivating a divine technique requires one to cultivate a few more God Realm cultivation techniques to increase their experience and comprehension.
Therefore, I gave it a try.
I didn’t expect to really succeed.”

Old Master Lu sighed repeatedly.

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“Xiaoran, this child, has really made a huge contribution to our Lu family! Not bad, this child is really not bad.
I originally thought that I could just let him live his life peacefully.
Now, it seems that even if this child’s talent is not enough, he can still grow into a figure.

“Looks like it’s also time to complete that matter for him.

Lu Xiaochen raised his eyebrows slightly and said in confusion, “What are you talking about, Grandpa?”

“Hehe, you don’t know.
Back then, your uncle, Lu Qingshan, was in the limelight and suppressed the entire Heaven Water City.
He could be said to be an expert of a generation! At that time, many people admired your uncle.

“One of them was the sect master of the Misty Pavilion who had received favor from your uncle.
Therefore, he made an oath.

“He promised that if he had any female disciples in the future, he would definitely let her become Xiaoran’s wife.

“Later, although he did take in a female disciple and was conferred the title of the Divine Maiden of the Misty Pavilion, Xiaoran had disappeared for so many years, so I did not think in this direction.

Even when Xiaoran had just returned, I did not think about that matter.
After all, it was still somewhat difficult for Xiaoran to be compatible with the other party.

“Now, although Xiaoran’s talent is ordinary, his character is really not bad.
He has also contributed to my Lu family and helped you step into the God Slaying Realm.

“Even if I have to lose my face, I have to help Xiaoran finalize this marriage.”

Lu Xiaochen’s heart skipped a beat.

Xiaoran actually had a Divine Maiden fiancée?

It had to be known that being called a Divine Maiden meant that the Misty Pavilion was not a small sect like the Seven Water Pavilion.
Instead, it was a proper sect in the Divine World.
The disciples with the lowest cultivation level were at least above the God Realm.

To put it bluntly, the other party’s starting point might be much higher than their Lu family.

If they could really finalize the marriage between the other party’s Divine Maiden and Xiaoran, Xiaoran’s future status in the Lu family would be even more stable.
No one would dare to bully him.

Lu Xiaochen was somewhat envious, but he was not jealous.

This was because he knew that it was Xiaoran’s father, his incomparably powerful uncle, who had earned this opportunity for Xiaoran.

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