The number one rule of the Avengers Alliance was—stability!

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Due to the fact that the hot shots’ cultivation, equipment, background, and character had completely suppressed the members of the Avengers Alliance, everyone on Zhishui Peak, including him, had to keep a low profile and develop steadily before completing their revenge.

Everyone needed to cultivate at least 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 32 days a month, and 366 days a year.

If they could, they would not attack.
If they had to attack, they would have to make sure that they kill the other party.
After that, they would burn their enemies’ bones and scatter their souls, not giving them any chance at all.

The second rule of the Avengers Alliance—Teamwork!

Based on the danger level of the hot shots and building on the first rule, the second rule prohibits all one-on-one battles.
Even if it was a one-on-one battle, several members will still need to be deployed to surround the enemy from all directions.
If things did not go well in the one-on-one battle, they would be able to provide support..

The members would also be divided into the Frontline Team, Main Battle Team, Support Team, and Substitute Team… These combat troops will cooperate strictly, forming an inescapable net to ensure that the hot shots do not escape and revive.

Note: These team battles do not include Lu Xiaoran himself, since he will be the trump card to prevent the entire Zhishui Peak from being wiped out.

The third rule of the Avengers Alliance—Information!

Since these hot shots often come across fortuitous encounters, all the places that the hot shots had been to had to be recorded.

In most cases, it can be assumed that the hot shots found some good treasure.
Otherwise, it would mean that the hot shots must have obtained an even better Dharma treasure or cultivation technique.

Because the hot shots could fight people with stronger cultivation, the combat strength of the team members of the Avengers Alliance need to be considered to be two realms lower when facing the hot shots.
On the other hand, the hot shots’ cultivation will also need to be considered to be two realms higher, with a total difference of about four major realms.

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According to this calculation formula, if the hot shot was at the Body Refinement Realm and the members of the Avenger Alliance were at the master level, it will be alright for them to fight and the risk of losing will only be at 10%.
If the hot shots were at the Postnatal Realm and the Avengers were still at the master level, the risk of fighting would increase to 90%.

The exact calculation formula was that if the Son of Destiny was at the Body Refinement Realm and the members of our team were at the master level, they could fight and the risk of fighting was about 10%.
If the Son of Destiny was at the Postnatal Realm and the members of our team were at the master level, the risk of losing would increase to 90%.

The fourth rule of the Avengers Alliance was to stay mysterious.

It would be best if they could get a coat and a mask.

In this way, even if they killed someone in public, their true identities would not be discovered.

After designing this series of rules, Lu Xiaoran finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He put down his pen and rubbed his eyebrows.

“I’ll stop here for the time being.
I’ll add the rest later when I think of anything in the future.”

In order to come up with various plans, Lu Xiaoran had spent a total of half a month.

It was no wonder that Lu Xiaoran was so cautious.
Even when he was dealing with ordinary passersby, his life would be in danger.
Thus, how could he be careless with the hot shots?

If only he had a bit of the hot shots’ luck, it would still be fine.
Then, the two sides could still be considered evenly matched.

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However, all of his disciples were villains.

He had basically been dealt the worst hand.

It was impossible for them to make a beautiful comeback without careful planning.

At this moment, the aura in his body suddenly became restless.
After a surging wave, his cultivation broke through again.

Eighth level of the Shattering Void Realm.

“Another breakthrough.
Not bad.
Looks like my disciples seem to be working very hard.
Wang Cai.”

“Coming, coming, I’m here, Master.”

“Show me their information panels.”

Soon, Wang Cai organized the information interface for the three of them.

Firstly, Fang Tianyuan’s cultivation had already increased from the first level of the Mountain Sea Realm to the second level of the Mountain Sea Realm.

Next was Ji Wuxia.
Her cultivation had already increased to the eighth level of the spirit realm.

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Lastly, it was Yun Lige.
His cultivation had actually increased from the fourth level to the sixth level.

“What’s going on with these bastards? It’s obvious that the higher their cultivation level, the slower their cultivation increases.
How is it that their improvements are getting faster?”

“Forget it, I don’t care.
It’s always a good thing for their cultivation to increase quickly.”

Although their cultivation was still not enough in Lu Xiaoran’s eyes, it was still very impressive.
After all, as one’s cultivation increased, the speed of their advancement also became slower.
Thus, it could be seen that they also worked very hard.

The few of them circulated Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques.
Usually, as their comprehension of cultivation techniques deepened, their cultivation speed would also gradually increase.

However, as villains, they clearly did not have the ability to instantly understand and comprehend everything just by looking at the cultivation techniques.

The few of them had probably only comprehended twenty to thirty percent of their cultivation techniques now, and their cultivation speed had not reached the peak.

In a situation where the speed at which they absorbed the spirit energy remained the same, it was only natural for it to be faster in the beginning.
However, the further they advanced, the slower their cultivation speed would become.

For example, this time, ;u Xiaoran had only been able to advance from the seventh level of the Shattering Void Realm to the eighth level of the Shattering Void Realm.
Moreover, he now had three disciples cultivating simultaneously as opposed to just two.

If only he could cultivate it himself…

It had to be known that his speed of comprehension of cultivation techniques was peerless.

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Even if it was a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique, it would basically only take a few days.
At most, it would take him more than ten days to completely comprehend it.

Given that he would have full comprehension instead of just twenty to thirty percent of comprehension, his speed would definitely be faster.

However, he could not rely on himself to cultivate.

Even with a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique, he still needed medicinal pills and other resources to break through to a higher level.

He definitely wouldn’t be able to obtain so many resources in the Heaven Demon Sect.
If he accepted a disciple and let his disciple advance, he could obtain many gifts.
This was the greatest source of his current resources.

“Clones are unrealistic.
Looks like I can only take in a few more disciples to maintain the speed at which my cultivation increases.”

“More and more hot shots are appearing.
At this rate, a group of Martial Monarch Realm experts might appear soon.
At that time, even if I become a Martial Monarch Realm expert, I won’t be able to defeat them.”

“However, it’s not easy to find a disciple with the talent of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
Looks like I should give the three of them a lesson first and let them have a deeper understanding of their cultivation techniques and concepts.
At that time, the speed of their cultivation will also increase a little faster.”

“Now, I’ll open these small gift bags first.”

At the same time, under Zhishui Peak, as the air distorted, a figure quietly appeared.

“The ancestors of our White Bone Demon Sect are really smart.
300 years ago, when we helped the Heaven Demon Sect establish the array, we deliberately left a transmigration array at the foot of this Zhishui Peak so that I don’t have to pass through the sect-protecting formation to directly teleport in.”

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