Lu Xiaoran immediately followed his uncle and carried the daily necessities in.

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As the two of them set up, Lu Xiaoran took the opportunity to ask, “By the way, um… Uncle, how powerful is our Lu family in the Divine World?”

He originally did not want to call the other party uncle, but on careful thought, he had already arrived at the Lu family.
Why was the point in acting reserved?

In any case, the other party was really his senior.
It was not like he would lose anything if he called the other party ‘uncle’.

Lu Tiannan seemed to have long guessed that Lu Xiaoran would ask this.
He immediately chuckled.

“Xiaoran, that’s a good question.
It’s not that I want to brag to you, but our Lu family is definitely doing well!”

As he spoke, Lu Tiannan raised his thumb.

“I’m not bragging to you.
Take your grandfather’s cultivation for example.
In the entire Heaven Water City, the patriarchs of the other six families are no match for your grandfather even if they work together.
It’s because of your grandfather that our Lu family is called the strongest family in the Heaven Water City!”

“Even in the surrounding cities, our Lu family is a top-notch existence!”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but gasp, and he was immediately shocked.

The Lu family was actually the number one family in Heaven Water City.

They were really too impressive!

Lu Xiaoran’s avatar had heard that those who could establish a family in the Divine World were already very powerful.

Moreover, it was extremely rare for someone to become the strongest family in a city.

Looks like he could cultivate in the Lu family without worry in the future.

Speaking of which, he wondered how his disciples were doing.

He really hoped that they could find the Lu family quickly and gather with him to cultivate here.

They should still be suffering outside, right?

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran’s heart ached.

His pitiful disciples had no one to rely on after coming to the Divine World.

This was all because their master was not powerful enough.
Looks like he really had to cultivate well in the remaining time.

The two of them had just packed when Lu Tiannan suddenly seemed to have sensed something.

His face lit up and he immediately said, “Eh, this aura… It should be your grandfather returning.
Xiaoran, wait here first.
I’ll go and see what’s going on.
At that time, I’ll also tell your grandfather about you.”

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“It’s only right.
Uncle, go and do your work first.
I’ll be fine on my own.”

“Alright, I’ll come and see you later.
If I have something to do, I’ll get your cousin to come and see you.”

After the two of them bade farewell, Lu Xiaoran immediately began to set up an array formation in his small courtyard.

He quickly set up an array formation to ensure his safety.

Attack formation, defensive formation, illusion formation… a complete set of God Realm formations.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran had also learned his lesson this time.

In order to prevent his array formation from being discovered by the Lu family, he had fused a drop of his blood essence into the array core.

In this way, if the Lu family barged in by accident, it would not be triggered.

Previously, because of the array formation, he had been exposed many times.
This time, he did not want to be exposed again.

On the other side, Lu Tiannan also quickly arrived at the entrance.
When he saw his father walk in with large strides, he immediately went forward to welcome him.

“I heard that the Lu family has found another wandering bloodline in the past few days?”

Lu Tiannan nodded in response.

“That’s right, and it’s an extremely important bloodline!”

Old Master Lu was somewhat surprised.

“An extremely important bloodline? Whose bloodline is it?”

Lu Tiannan smiled mysteriously and said, “Take a guess!”

Old Master Lu scolded with a smile, “Could it be that you brats brought back another grandson from outside?”

Lu Tiannan shook his head.

“Then… could it be that those third-generation brats have already begun to have children? After all, they’re already dozens of years old.”

Lu Tiannan shook his head again.

Old Master Lu could not help but frown.

If that was not the case, who else could it be? Could it be his children?

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That was impossible.
He had never done anything indecent in the past few decades.
Moreover, he did not have any psychological needs now.

How could he get a child out?

“I haven’t done anything to let your mother down in the past few decades.”

Lu Tiannan was speechless.

“Dad, are you really unable to guess?”

“I almost said it, but you denied it all.
I really can’t remember.
In our Lu family, other than me, there aren’t any other men in your generation or Xiao Chen’s generation!”

“Don’t tell me that your grandfather came out of the Lu family’s ancestral hall and got you another uncle.”

Lu Tiannan slapped his forehead and was completely defeated by his father’s naivety.

“Dad, have you forgotten about Ninth Brother?”

Old Master Lu’s heart trembled as his eyes widened.

“Do… do you mean Xiaoran?”

Lu Tiannan smiled and nodded.

“It’s Xiaoran.
He’s back now.
Although his cultivation level is relatively low now and he’s only at the first level of the God Realm, he’s indeed back unscathed.”

“Good! Good! Looks like the heavens are really protecting my son Qingshan.
They didn’t let my son’s bloodline die!”

Old Master Lu was extremely excited.
He clenched his fists tightly, and the excitement on his face was obvious.

Back then, Lu Qingshan was the most talented among his sons and was also the one he doted on the most.

Therefore, when he learned that Lu Qingshan and his wife had died in battle, it was simply a shocking piece of news for him.

He had spent more than thirty years to walk out of this haze.

Now, hearing that Lu Qingshan’s son and his grandson, Lu Xiaoran, was still alive, Old Master Lu was naturally unable to suppress the excitement in his heart.

“Quick, bring me to see him.”

“Dad, he’s in the courtyard of Green Mountain.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Old Master Lu had already disappeared from his spot, leaving Lu Tiannan behind.
Lu Tiannan did not know whether to laugh or cry as he shook his head.

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In the next moment, Old Master Lu appeared in Lu Qingshan’s courtyard.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran had just finished setting up the array formation when he suddenly saw an old man appear beside him.
His eyes suddenly turned cold.
However, after sensing that the other party did not have any ill intentions, he quickly returned to normal.

When Old Master Lu saw this subtle expression, he could not help but be shocked.

Good brat, you’re really vigilant.

This vigilance was unparalleled among his other descendants.

Presumably, this grandson of his had also inherited his son’s perfect talent.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to break through to the first level of the God Realm alone without anyone to rely on.

Thinking of this, Old Master Lu’s heart could not help but ache.

It was unknown how much Lu Xiaoran had suffered outside for so many years.

If Lu Xiaoran could be by his side, his current cultivation might not be inferior to the other descendants of the Lu family.

Looking at the old man in front of him who was looking at him with various complicated emotions, Lu Xiaoran more or less had some guesses.

“May I ask who Senior is…?”

Old Master Lu’s heart paused, and his eyes turned sour.

“Child, I’m the head of the Lu family and your grandfather.”

Lu Xiaoran thought to himself,

Thinking of this, he immediately cupped his hands towards Old Master Lu and said, “Lu Xiaoran greets Grandpa.”

Old Master Lu immediately helped Lu Xiaoran up and did not let go of his hands for a long time.

“Where have you been for so many years? Why haven’t you returned to the Lu family?”

Lu Xiaoran explained, “I’ve been in the lower realm all these years.
I just transcended the tribulation to the Divine World two years ago.”

With that said, he took the opportunity to retract his hands without leaving a trace.

This made Old Master Lu sigh, but he could not say anything.

After all, the Lu family had indeed not taken care of Lu Xiaoran at all over the years.
Therefore, it was understandable that Lu Xiaoran did not have any feelings for the Lu family.

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“I see.
Child, you’ve been wronged.”

“I’m alright.
I’m used to it.”

These few words made Old Master Lu’s heart ache.

The other party had been wandering outside alone since he was a baby.

He had definitely suffered a lot.

However, when he spoke just now, he maintained a calm expression.
He was used to it.

How much had he experienced to be able to say this so calmly?

Taking a deep breath, Old Master Lu continued, “You don’t have to worry anymore in the future.
Now that you’ve returned to the Lu family, it means that you’re back home.
In the future, no one will bully you again.
Grandpa will arrange cultivation resources for you now.
If you need anything in the future, you can tell Grandpa directly.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and did not say much.

This was his habit.
He was not good at talking to strangers he had just met, especially strangers with blood ties.

As for Old Master Lu, he did not say much after a simple conversation.
He was afraid that he would not be able to control his emotions.

With that said, he immediately came out and prepared cultivation resources for Lu Xiaoran.

Just as he walked out of Lu Xiaoran’s courtyard, he bumped into Lu Tiannan, who had just followed him.

“Father, how is it? Did you see Xiaoran?”

“I did.
However, this child is clearly somewhat distant.
Moreover, he’s also somewhat vigilant towards me.”

Old Master Lu continued, “However, I know that this can’t be helped.
He has lived alone outside since he was young and has no one to protect him.
In the past few decades, he has suffered countless grievances and dangers.
It’s understandable for him to be vigilant.”

Lu Tiannan echoed, “I know.
Then regarding Xiaoran’s resource arrangements…?”

Old Master Lu’s eyes turned cold as he said solemnly, “Give him the best of everything.”

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