An ordinary God Production Realm expert could only create one flower and one grass.

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The experts above the God Production Realm could even create a true life with flesh and blood.

Lu Xiaoran knew that he could not underestimate this bit of creation.

This was because this creation was independent from the Great Dao and was not tainted by any negative karma.

Such a flower or a grass could even kill cultivators below the God Creation Realm.

However, he had not reached that realm yet, so there was naturally no need to think too much.
He had only just reached the God Creation Realm.

He had only just established his own independent space.

Moreover, what he should be thinking about the most now was not his cultivation, but the Lu family.

Why was no one from the Lu family here yet?

Could it be that the Elder Tianji was lying to him?

Or could it be that this Lu family was not worth relying on?

Just as he was thinking, an azure light suddenly shot out from a corner of the mountain stream.
It was a fourth level True God Realm python demon.

The python demon opened its bloody mouth and rushed towards Lu Xiaoran at lightning speed, as if it wanted to skin and eat Lu Xiaoran alive in an instant.

Lu Xiaoran glanced at it and did not dodge.
He also took out a divine spear.

A cold light arrived first, and then the spear shot out like a dragon.

Outside the ten thousand mountains, the few young disciples of the Lu family were already about to collapse.

Ever since they entered the Ten Thousand Mountains, they had never stopped.

They would either be pursued by this demon or surrounded by that demon.

Moreover, the most infuriating thing was that these demons attacked them desperately as if their lives were on the line, not giving them any chance to dodge at all.

Because of this, two or three of them had already been injured.

At this moment, the few of them were hiding in a cave and were lucky to obtain a moment of peace.

“Damn, this can’t continue.
Call for help.
If we don’t get the elders of the family to come and support us, I’m afraid we’ll all really die here.”

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“We have to call for help.
Otherwise, not to mention finding that person with the Lu family bloodline, even we will all die here.”

After the few of them decided on the plan, they dripped their blood essence into their tokens.

A mental fluctuation immediately spread in a direction.

However, at this moment, pairs of bright red eyes suddenly lit up in the cave, as if the owner of this pair of eyes had been awakened by this mental fluctuation.

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.
In the next second, a Lu family disciple seemed to have thought of something and immediately ran.

“It’s the Bloodthirsty Bat Demon.
They’re the most sensitive to mental strength.
They sensed the power we just released.”

Lu Xiaoran had already finished the spicy snack in his hand.

It had to be said that the python meat of the Divine World was much more robust than the meat of the lower realm.
Not only was it robust, but the spirit energy was also dense.
After eating it, one would feel refreshed and the taste was excellent.

“Looks like the Lu family is really not prepared to find me.
Forget it, I shouldn’t have had any expectations in the first place.
It’s better for me to return to my cave and cultivate alone.”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat disappointed.
He packed his things and prepared to leave.

At this moment, an extremely powerful aura suddenly descended from the sky.

That aura pierced through the heavens and the earth.
Just by descending, it was like a huge mountain, making people unable to breathe.

The demon beasts in the surrounding forest sensed the other party’s powerful aura and instantly screamed as they fled in all directions.

Lu Xiaoran’s expression instantly turned cold.
He began to circulate the divine power in his entire body, prepared to defend at any moment.

A moment later, the other party had already appeared not far from him.
It was a middle-aged cultivator.

He was dressed in a sky-blue robe and had a square face.
His hands were behind his back and his back was straight.

Sensing the other party’s extremely powerful cultivation, Lu Xiaoran could not help but narrow his eyes slightly.

The other party’s cultivation was very powerful and had at least reached the tenth level of the God Creation Realm!

With this cultivation, the other party was really an extremely powerful existence.

However, just as Lu Xiaoran was about to defend, the other party quietly said, “You… are that Lu family disciple?”

Lu Xiaoran was stunned before his heart began to beat faster.

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Was it the Lu family? Did the Lu family come to find him?

He was only somone with the bloodline of the Lu family, but the other party had actually casually sent out a tenth level God Creation Realm expert to receive him.

This Lu family was really an impressive family.

Lu Xiaoran was suddenly in a good mood.
His previous gloominess was instantly swept away.

It was safe.
It was really safe now.
Hahaha, after entering the Lu family, he could rely on the protection of the Lu family to cultivate well.

With a powerful faction like the Lu family protecting him, his future cultivation would definitely be more efficient.

“Yes, I have the Lu family bloodline.”

The other party immediately used his divine sense to scan Lu Xiaoran.
Lu Xiaoran was not stupid.
As soon as the other party arrived, he had already hidden his cultivation in time and only revealed his first level God Realm cultivation.

“Are you only at the first level of the God Realm? Show me your identity token.”

Lu Xiaoran did not hesitate and immediately took out his identity token for the other party to see.

In an instant, the other party’s expression could not help but change drastically.

“This token, are you Qingshan’s son? Your name is Lu Xiaoran?”

Lu Xiaoran muttered in his heart, “So the father of this body’s original owner is called Lu Qingshan.
Moreover, the other party clearly knows me.
He even called out my name.
Looks like he’s also an existence with a good status in the Lu family.”

Then, Lu Xiaoran immediately cupped his hands and said, “That’s right, I’m Lu Xiaoran.”

The other party’s eyes instantly turned red, and two clouds of tears kept rolling in them.

“Child, you’re finally back.”

Was this person… crazy? He was so cold just now.
Why did he suddenly become so affectionate?

This change of attitude was so abrupt!

The other party seemed to have noticed Lu Xiaoran’s confusion and immediately began to explain,

“I’m your uncle, Lu Tiannan!”

The air fell into silence again.
Lu Xiaoran’s face was somewhat green and he was speechless.

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Eh, the other party was actually his uncle?

Was it really that ridiculous?

According to normal logic, shouldn’t the Lu family send a deacon here?

Moreover, shouldn’t that deacon question why a first level God Realm expert was qualified to enter the Lu family.

This uncle had suddenly appeared and was even so affectionate to him.
Lu Xiaoran did not know how to respond.

However, it was impossible for him to call the other party uncle.

How could he let the other party take advantage of him on their first meeting?

Therefore, after taking a deep breath, Lu Xiaoran only nodded.

The other party thought that Lu Xiaoran was only acting like this because he was shy.
He walked forward and patted his shoulder.

“It’s good that you’re back! It’s good that you’re back! Our Lu family has been looking for you for so many years.
I didn’t expect you to actually return by yourself and even cultivate to the first level of the God Realm.
If your grandfather sees you, he will definitely be overjoyed.”

Regarding this, Lu Xiaoran still only nodded slightly.

Who cared? In any case, he only wanted to find the Lu family and cultivate peacefully.

As for the rest, he could not be bothered anyway.

He would take it one step at a time.

The other party quickly brought Lu Xiaoran to the Lu family.

When he saw the Lu family, Lu Xiaoran could not help but be slightly shocked.

The Lu family’s courtyard alone had already surpassed the Great Zhou Empire in the lower realm.

It seemed that this Lu family was indeed extraordinary.

The reincarnation family Elder Tianji had chosen for him was really not bad.

Seeing Lu Tiannan return, the guard at the door immediately went forward and cupped his hands towards Lu Tiannan.

Lu Tiannan waved his hand and said with a smile, “Where’s my father?”

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“Master, Old Master just went out to have a martial arts competition with the Li family and the Qi family’s old master.
He probably won’t be back for a while.”

Lu Tiannan’s interest could not help but decrease.

However, he still smiled at Lu Xiaoran and said, “Xiaoran, don’t be anxious.
Your grandfather just went out and will be back soon.
I’ll bring you to your parents’ residence first.”

After obtaining Lu Xiaoran’s approval, Lu Tiannan immediately brought Lu Xiaoran to a courtyard.

“Xiaoran, this is where your parents lived when they were alive.
Now that they’re no longer around, I’ll pass this residence to you.
Go in and wait first.
I’ll go to the storeroom and pick out some daily necessities for you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Tiannan rushed to prepare something for Lu Xiaoran.

His expression was completely different from when Lu Xiaoran had just seen.

It also made Lu Xiaoran sigh emotionally.

It seemed that this Lu family member was really sincere to him.

At the very least, he revealed his true feelings and was not pretentious at all.

He then walked into his parents’ small courtyard.

Because the small courtyard had been neglected for a long time, knee-deep weeds had already grown.

Lu Xiaoran flicked his finger and slashed out a few sword lights, cutting off all the weeds in the small courtyard and restoring the ground to its original clean state.

Then, he began to clean and tidy the small courtyard and rooms.
After all, this was his place to live in the future.

Not long after Lu Xiaoran finished doing all of this, Lu Tiannan brought a lot of daily necessities over.

Seeing that the courtyard had already been cleaned very well by Lu Xiaoran, he could not help but smile.

“Child, you just returned.
Why are you so diligent? I was about to get two servants to come and sweep the floor.”

Lu Xiaoran said indifferently, “It’s all the same.
I have nothing to do anyway.”

As Lu Tiannan helped him move the daily necessities in, he said, “I’ll prepare some daily necessities for you today.
When your grandfather returns, I’ll immediately report your cultivation problem and let your grandfather make arrangements.
Don’t worry, now that you’ve returned to the Lu family, I definitely won’t let you suffer again.”

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