ad been ruined.

However, Lu Xiaoran was not too worried.
This was because according to the map others had given him, this mountain was already not far from the Lu family.

According to Elder Tianji, as long as he arrived near the Lu family and took out the token to activate it with his blood essence, he could summon the experts of the Lu family to find him.

Lu Xiaoran was very cautious.
He first found a small cave and set up an array formation.
He scattered some demon beast urine before taking out the token in the cave and dripping a drop of blood essence.

The moment the blood essence entered the token, the token emitted an extremely powerful fluctuation.
Then, it spread in a direction, as if it was transmitting a frequency signal.

“Not bad.
Since the signal can be sent, there shouldn’t be a problem.
The Lu family should be sending people to pick me up soon.”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lu Xiaoran began to cultivate the cultivation technique he had just obtained.
Then, he increased the Xuanyuan Sword, the Kunlun Sword, and so on to the profound level.

There was also the Azure Thearch Longevity Art and a few other very good life-saving techniques.
They had all been upgraded to the profound level by Lu Xiaoran.

Although Lu Xiaoran did not cultivate much, with the help of his disciples, his cultivation had also reached the fifth level of the God Slaying Realm.

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As for the legendary Lu family…

This made Lu Xiaoran somewhat puzzled.

What the hell was going on?

Could it be that the Lu family was too far away from here? Was that why they did not receive the signal?

Or perhaps they had received the signal but chose not to come?

Forget it, he would wait a little longer.

Soon, another month passed.
Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation increased by another realm level, reaching the sixth level of the God Slaying Realm.

The people from the Lu family still did not come.

Lu Xiaoran began to feel somewhat sad.
Could it be that… the Lu family did not want him anymore?

Thinking about it carefully, he was only an ordinary person.
The other party had never seen him before and did not know what talent he had.

It was also very normal for them not to look for him.

However, Lu Xiaoran did not know what was going on either.
It was not good for him to rashly guess their reasons.

Forget it.
Perhaps when he reached the seventh level of the God Slaying Realm, they would come.

Could it be that they would only come after he reached the eighth level of the God Slaying Realm?

Lu Xiaoran completely fell into seclusion.

Did the Lu family really not want him anymore?

It had been a few months, but no one had come to pick him up.
He had already cultivated to the tenth level of the God Slaying Realm!

Could it be that the Lu family wanted to wait for him to cultivate to the God Monarch Realm before coming?

Then why would he still need to look for the Lu family?

Couldn’t he just find a corner and live there until the end of time?

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At the same time, outside the Ten Thousand Mountains…

Several human cultivators in white robes jumped in anger.

“Damn, this brat! Why did he have to run to this Ten Thousand Mountains? There are demon beasts everywhere here.
Just the small leaders alone are more than a hundred.
The weakest among them is at the True God Realm, and the strongest is even at the God Slaying Realm.”

“That’s right.
If we had known earlier, we would have gotten those elders in the family to come and find him.
Why would we juniors have to be stuck here?”

“What makes me the most angry is that during this period of time, for some reason, the demon beasts in the Ten Thousand Mountains seem to have been injected with chicken blood.
They kill everyone they see.
They will immediately start hunting once they smell a trace of human aura.
What grudge do we have with them? What grudge?”

As soon as he finished speaking, another low roar sounded from the forest.

Their expressions instantly changed.

“Damn, here we go again! Run!”

On the mountain, Lu Xiaoran was somewhat sad.

He could not be bothered to cultivate this month and did not move a single finger.
However, his cultivation still increased.

He had broken through to the God Slaying Realm and reached the God Creation Realm!

The cultivation divisions in the Divine World were very logical.

A True God Realm expert was a further evolution of the God Realm.
Their lifespan could already exceed tens of thousands of years.
If they were really severely injured, it was also enough for them to slowly recover.
It could be said that they had already indirectly reached a level where they would not die easily.

A God Slaying Realm expert was an existence that had comprehended the true intent of a god and could easily kill True God Realm experts.
It was an existence that surpassed the God Realm and the True God Realm.
It was an expert that was enough to rule over the life of a God Realm expert!

As for the God Creation Realm, they could already establish their own small world, similar to the Mountain and River State Painting.

In this small world, they could not only take in the things they wanted to take in, but they could also use them to fight.

It was even to the extent that after encountering enemies, one could even sneak into one’s small world to escape.
It could be said to be a necessary tool for killing and robbing.

It was said that after one’s cultivation increased again, if one could reach the legendary God Production Realm, they could even create a species in their small world.

Of course, what could be created depended on the specific strength and cultivation.
For example…

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