The Divine World was still too dangerous.

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It was either the big shots here causing trouble or the experts there.

Any one of them was a top-notch expert.

The kind that was impossible to defeat.

However, there was nothing they could do.
Thinking about it carefully, they had just ascended from the lower realm.
How could they compare to the natives of the Divine World?

As the saying went, why should the hard work of the other party’s ancestors be surpassed by two years of bitter cultivation?

He could only pray that his disciples would be more obedient and not show off.
It was best if they could find a place to cultivate obediently.

It was best if his disciples did not provoke any trouble.

Although they could be revived with the Body Modeling Mark after dying, because their cultivation was too high, the revival time would be very long.
How much cultivation time would be wasted in such a long time?

After all, the few dead demon beasts and the second-generation disciples of the Nameless Sect in the Body Modeling Mark had yet to completely repair their bodies.

Also, Wang Cai had taken too long to advance this time, right?

Why had it not successfully advanced until now?

Lu Xiaoran estimated that his disciples had all cultivated for more than two years now and would at least increase their cultivation by a lot.

He could also open many gift bags.
If he could obtain one or two more soul fragments and turn the Body Modeling Mark into the profound level, it would be perfect.

Just as Lu Xiaoran was thinking, an explosion suddenly sounded from in front of the caravan.

Immediately after, the carriage Lu Xiaoran was in began to tremble rapidly.

“Demon beast, there’s a demon beast!”

Someone shouted and the surroundings quickly began to panic.

“Um, I just left the mountain! How could something happen at this moment? Is there a mistake? Heavens, are you doing this on purpose?”

Before Lu Xiaoran arrived, he had heard that the chances of something happening to such a convoy were equivalent to a plane crashing in his previous life.
Basically, nothing would happen.

Why did such a thing have to happen to him?

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However, although he complained, Lu Xiaoran still teleported out of the carriage at the fastest speed.

At this moment, the entire convoy had already been surrounded by a group of wolf demons.

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over.
Most of the wolf demons were equivalent to Martial Monarch Realm experts in the lower realm.
There were a few stronger alpha wolves, and their strength was at the seventh or eighth level of the God Realm.

In the forest behind them, an extremely powerful aura was hidden.
Its cultivation was probably at the fifth level of the True God Realm.

It should be the leader of the pack of wolves.

Although the leader of the wolves had not appeared, these wolves’ attacks were extremely orderly.
It seemed to be an attack formation.

Array formations were not only built on the ground.
Some demons or humans could also use some array formations to fight together.

Because of the attack formation, the true combat strength the wolves could unleash had already far exceeded their basic combat strength.

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over the crowd.
The humans were basically at a disadvantage.
In a few breaths, many of them had died.

This made him frown slightly.

These wolf demons had come with huge hatred.
Clearly, they were not here to eat humans.

Lu Xiaoran swept his divine sense and found the reason.

There was an entire carriage of wolf cubs imprisoned there.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran understood everything.

It seemed that even after having cultivated to the God Realm, humans could not change their essence.

However, Lu Xiaoran did not want to complain too much because he had also done many bad things.

Since it was someone else’s revenge, there was no need for him to get involved and be a saint.

Lu Xiaoran disappeared from his spot and arrived at a huge mountain 50 kilometers away.

Since there were no more wolves here, he could relax a lot.

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s ear.

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“Master, Master, did you miss me?”

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up, but he quickly regained his calm.

This Wang Cai always wanted to take advantage of him.
Thus, Lu Xiaoran could not be too good to it.
Otherwise, it would not know what was good for it.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran only nodded calmly.

“Master, is it really good for you to act like this? Other hosts call the system daddy, but you actually think of yourself as my daddy.”

“You’ve never called me Daddy either.”

“Should I also call you darling?”

“I just realized that you actually know a lot.”

“It’s ordinary.
After all, an existence of my level still knows a little about the Earth in the multiverse.”

Lu Xiaoran suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“An existence of your level? You’ve recovered a portion of your memories again? You seem to be very impressive.
Who are you?”

“Master, can you be like a normal man and not casually change the topic at such a time? The speed at which you change the topic is simply ridiculous.”

“Stop talking nonsense and get to the point.”

“Alright, I haven’t recovered a lot of memories.
However, I know that I came from the top of the 3,000 worlds.
I should be at the level where I am able to look down on the heavens.”

“In short, I’m an existence similar to the Dao, but I don’t belong to any Dao in this world.
I can unleash strength with the same attributes as the 3,000 Great Dao.
However, I’m not strong enough to resist them.”

Lu Xiaoran held his chin and pondered.

“I’ve read about it on Earth in the past.
There’s a saying that the heavens give birth to 50 Daos but one escape.
Could it be that you’re one of the Daos who escaped?”

“I don’t think so.
After all, I’ve already existed since that ancient time.
At that time, I was living in chaos and often looked up to Master’s majestic figure.
Later, when Master fought a powerful enemy, I was unable to resist and was sent flying.

“Later, when I woke up again, I was gathered into a jade disc by an old man and the other Great Daos.
I took the opportunity to escape and wandered in the void for tens of thousands of years.
Later, I sensed a powerful suction force and was absorbed into Master’s body.

“Oh right, that jade disc seems to have been stolen from Master by Lige.

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Although Wang Cai said it very casually, Lu Xiaoran’s expression was extremely solemn.

Wang Cai had lost its memories, so it was difficult for it to determine its identity.
However, why did this sound so believable.

Old man, jade disc, countless Great Dao…

Could it be that Wang Cai was really the Dao that escaped?

And that jade plate was his…

In that case, wouldn’t that make him that person?

Soon, Lu Xiaoran shook his head fiercely.

Although Lu Xiaoran was indeed talented and smart and was somewhat handsome, how could a small fry like him be an existence of that level?

No, there must be a mistake.

“Let’s not talk about this for now.
Since you’re already out, can you use Soul Guidance to attract the disciples?”

“I’m afraid that’s a little difficult.
The Divine World is too big.
It’s more than double the size of the lower realm.
With my current strength, it’s not enough to completely cover such a wide area.
Moreover, when I was in the lower realm, the range of my soul attraction could not reach the entire world, let alone the Divine World.”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but be somewhat depressed.

“Then, give me the information panels of the disciples first.
I’ll see how much the disciples have cultivated first.”

The air was silent for a while.
Wang Cai also seemed to feel guilty.

“However, Master, although they’re far away, I can gather some long-range information, such as the current situation of the disciples.”

“Then let me take a look.”

“Alright, the information is being generated.”

Some information quickly appeared in Lu Xiaoran’s mind.

Your disciple, Yun Lige, is being pursued by the Cloud Thunder Sect.

Your disciple, Yun Lige, is being pursued by the Overlord Sect.

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Your disciple, Yun Lige, is being pursued by the Heavenly South Pavilion.

Your disciple, Yun Lige, is being pursued by the Taiyi Mountain.

Your disciple, Su Lingwu, has been attacked by a divine beast.

Your disciple, Yun Lige, is being pursued by the Asura Sect.

Your disciple, Yun Lige, is being pursued by the Heaven God Sect.

Damn, other than Su Lingwu, who had been attacked by a divine beast, all the information was about Yun Lige being pursued.

Had Lige stirred up a hornet’s nest? Or was he possessed by a god of misfortune? Or had he exposed his enviable resources to others?

He was actually being pursued by so many sects.

It had to be known that almost all the other disciples were safe and sound.

“What’s wrong with this brat?”

“I don’t know, but since I can create information according to a portion of the disciples’ senses, the information will definitely be accurate.
I just don’t know what Yun Lige did to make everyone furious.”

However, Master, Lige is actually also very awesome.
It’s already not bad for him to not die after being pursued by so many sects.

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his temples.

“Forget it.
Han Zhen is also often pursued, but that doesn’t mean his cultivation is powerful enough.
Looks like this information is not very useful.
Can you give me a gift bag or something? Can I use the gift bag now?”

“Of course.
Although I can’t determine the current cultivation level of the disciples, I can roughly estimate how much the disciples’ cultivation increased according to the increase in Master’s cultivation.
Therefore, I can roughly generate a few gift bags for Master.

“If I make a mistake in my judgment, I can give Master more or take back a portion of the gift bags later.

Wang Cai could even take back the gift bag.

Before he could complain, Wang Cai’s gift bag had already been delivered.

There were a total of 67 small gift bags and 2 big gift bags.

Lu Xiaoran shook his head and shook away the chaotic thoughts in his heart.
He decided to open some gift bags first.

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