ne World, everyone had been given enough resources.

These resources were enough for them to cultivate to a certain level!

He actually had a few reasons for acting greedily after joining the Sword Demon Sect.

Firstly, as a large group of people, if they were not greedy for money or resources after entering the sect, it would arouse suspicion.

Secondly, who would complain about having too much money? In any case, he still needed to act like he was greedy.
He might as well act more realistically and ask for more money every time.

“There’s nothing I can do about it.
We’ve already talem a lot from the Sword Demon Sect.
Their family is originally small and can’t take it.
The key is that you guys are too shameless.
Every time I tell you to leave some for them, you guys never do.
If it were cultivation resources, I would have endured it.
However, you guys even hog all the food in the canteen.
What are you guys doing?”

“Uncle-Master Jun, you don’t know, but the food in the Divine World also contains divine power.
Although it’s not much, eating more can still increase your cultivation.
Moreover, you’re the one who always ate all the food with the most divine power.

At the same time, a sneeze suddenly sounded from an ancient tomb in another corner of the Divine World.

“Damn, Jun Changming, do you want to die? This place is still open.
Why are you sneezing?”

“I don’t know either.
It’s probably some bastard hiding behind my back and scolding me, right?”

“Did Uncle-Master Jun offend someone again? Every time Uncle-Master Jun offends someone, the other party will curse at his ancestor.
It just so happens that you’re his ancestor?”

“Damn, this little bastard keeps causing trouble outside.
When I see him, I’ll beat him to death.”

Behind him, Jiang Taixuan’s expression was somewhat cold.

“Quickly open the coffin.
The Auspicious Cloud Divine Lightning Master gave me is fluctuating very fiercely.
There’s going to be something good.”

Everyone immediately worked together to open the coffin.
In an instant, they could not help but gasp.

“Heavens! I’m rich! I’m really rich now!”

A beautiful woman lay quietly in the coffin.

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She was wearing a bright red bridal gown and was as quiet as a sleeping beauty.

Beside her were seven divine artifacts and dozens of top-grade divine weapons.

Other than that, there were also countless medicinal pills.

After being shocked for a moment, Jiang Taixuan immediately instructed,

“Quickly take away all the equipment and medicinal pills.”

Everyone immediately took everything away.

A disciple could not help but say, “The clothes on this woman should also be expensive, right? Do you want to strip them off her?”

Jun Changming glared at him angrily.

“Strip your head.
Do you think this is a living little girl? Do you think you can strip her clothes just because you want to? It’s fine to strip the clothes of living women.
After all, they can find new clothes.
If you strip this female corpse of her clothes, what is she going to wear? Leave her some dignity.”

“Old Jun, have you changed?”

“Get lost.
No matter how much I like women, I still have my bottom line.”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense.
Hurry up and leave.
Don’t get discovered.”

With Jiang Taixuan’s order, everyone immediately retreated.

However, at this moment, a soft voice suddenly sounded in Jun Changming’s ear.

Jun Changming turned around and could not help but frown slightly.

“Strange, why do I feel like I’m hallucinating? Could it be that I’ve been with too many God Realm ladies recently? Have I become a little weak? Looks like after this, I have to go find an alchemy sect and buy a few divine pills that can strengthen my foundation.”

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, he woke up again after cultivating for a month.

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At this moment, his cultivation had already broken through to the second level of the God Slaying Realm.

His cultivation had increased by another two realm levels!

“Looks like other than me cultivating diligently, the disciples are also cultivating diligently.”

Lu Xiaoran was in a good mood and immediately thought of something.

“Speaking of which, I’m already at the second level of the God Slaying Realm.
Generally speaking, it shouldn’t be a big deal if I don’t encounter any powerful big shots, right? My incarnation has never been able to find the whereabouts of my disciples.
Perhaps I should go out and take a look myself.”

Although an avatar could unleash strength equal to his, it was unable to unleash intelligence equal to his.

This was the only flaw of an avatar.

After all, an avatar was ultimately created by a divine technique and not a true living person!

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran prepared to fly to the peak of the mountain again.

However, this time, before he could fly to the top of the mountain, a corpse suddenly fell from the sky.

Coincidentally, the corspe fell beside Lu Xiaoran and was smashed into a meat patty.
Blood splashed all over Lu Xiaoran’s face.

The corspe’s large eyes stared fixedly at Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran was stunned and swept his gaze towards the sky.

In the sky, wind and clouds surged, and thunder surged.
Clearly, someone was fighting inside again.

After a moment of silence, Lu Xiaoran slipped back into his cave and sealed the array formation.
He quietly focused and entered seclusion to cultivate.

This world was too dangerous.
He was still not powerful enough.

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