Perfected tenth level True God Realm!

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He was only a step away from breaking through to a new realm?

“That’s not right.
Why is my cultivation speed so fast? The divine power of the location I chose is already relatively thin.
It’s impossible for it to increase my cultivation by so much.”

“No, something seems to be wrong.”

“Wait, could it be… them?”

Lu Xiaoran’s heart trembled as he suddenly thought of his disciples.

In two years, his cultivation should only be at the fifth level of the True God Realm at most.
Even if his estimation was somewhat wrong, he shouldn’t have miscalculated by so much, right?

He had already reached the perfected tenth level of the True God Realm.

It had to be known that this gap was not something that those mortals from the lower realm could casually break through.

Back then, when he was still in the lower realm, even though he was already at the God Realm, after his nine disciples broke through to the first or second level of the God Realm, his cultivation had only increased to the fifth level of the God Realm.

Wang Cai had yet to wake up.
Lu Xiaoran hurriedly looked at the Body Modeling Mark.

Fortunately, the personal disciples did not die.
However, a few demon beasts and second-generation disciples died and had already been imprinted with the Body Modeling Mark.

This was also normal.
After all, this was the Divine World, where experts were everywhere and there were as many gods as there were dogs.
It would really be weird if one or two people did not die.

Fortunately, the people who died were not his personal disciples.
Only personal disciples would increase his cultivation.

It was fine as long as it did not hinder his cultivation.

All that was left was to let the Body Modeling Mark slowly revive them.

Speaking of which, shouldn’t he go out and inquire about the disciples?

After coming to the Divine World, he had only cared about living ignobly and cultivating.
He had never looked for his disciples.
Perhaps they would be anxious.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran arrived at the entrance of the cave and flew up the high mountain again.
He prepared to cross the high mountain and find a place with people to investigate.

Just as he flew to the peak of the mountain, dozens of streams of light flew over from the distance.

“You bastards from the Flowing Wind Sect, you won’t be able to escape.
If you know what’s good for you, join our sect.
Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

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“You bastards of the Sword Demon Sect, don’t even think about making us submit.
Even if we die, we won’t join your Sword Demon Sect!”

“Hmph, ignorant dog.
Then die.”

In an instant, dozens of extremely sharp auras erupted in the sky.
Sword lights, saber lights, and fist lights complemented each other and collided crazily.

A moment later, more than ten God Realm corpses fell not far from Lu Xiaoran.
The Sword Demon Sect disciples in the sky spat.

“A bunch of ignorant idiots!”

“Let’s go back to the Sword Demon Sect to drink.”

The mountain returned to silence again, leaving Lu Xiaoran alone on the mountaintop in deep thought.

Was the Divine World… that dangerous?

Lu Xiaoran could still understand why they were snatching other people’s weapons.
However, did these people really needed to kill the other party just because the other party was unwilling to join their sect?

After thinking for a moment, Lu Xiaoran turned around and walked back.

“The Divine World is still too dangerous.
I should go back and cultivate first to increase my strength.
Then, I’ll think about my disciples.”

After returning to the cave, Lu Xiaoran thought that this was not a good idea.

If he were alone, he could choose to hide here for ten thousand years and not go out.
He would not feel lonely.

However, the problem was that his disciples were all outside.
What if someone was bullied and he could not save them in time?

He could still tolerate them participating in ordinary small fights.
However, if his disciples were killed, it would take him a few years to revive them.
Wouldn’t this delay his cultivation?

“No, I have to think of something.”

Lu Xiaoran pondered for a moment before his eyes lit up.

“By the way, didn’t Wang Cai give me a cultivation technique that can create an avatar?”

He clapped and learned this avatar first.

Half a month later, Lu Xiaoran woke up from his cultivation and slowly opened his eyes.

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When he saw the avatar in front of him that looked identical to him and even had the same cultivation, the corner of his mouth could not help but curl up.

This was indeed a good skill.
After creating an avatar with a cultivation similar to his, not only would the avatar be 100% under his control and not betray him, but it would also be able to transmit information at any time and anywhere.
Even if the avatar died, the avatar would still transmit information back at the moment of death.

Most importantly, the avatar’s death would not affect or injure Lu Xiaoran at all.

It was a rather good skill.

He equipped a divine armor for his avatar.
Then, he gave the other party a divine weapon and kicked him out of the cave.

“Quick, go to the surrounding towns and ask about the news of the disciples.
Also, find out more about the Divine World.”

Seeing his avatar leave, Lu Xiaoran began to ponder again.

“This is still not enough.
My current cultivation is still too weak.
I should think of a way to increase it again.”

Two years ago, when he killed Ye Chen, Wang Cai seemed to have given him something called profundity.

That thing seemed to be able to be used on divine artifacts or cultivation techniques.

Should he… upgrade the Sun Shooting Divine Bow?

The Sun Shooting Divine Bow could attack from afar and attack in close combat.
It was a rather good divine artifact.

However, speaking of which, although it was very powerful, it was mainly related to the strength of the user.

If a cultivator’s strength was insufficient, then it would not be invincible.
For example, if he used it to shoot a God Monarch, Lu Xiaoran estimated that the other party would not even feel pain.

Why not… use it to strengthen the Trinity True Eyes?

There was no doubt about the strength of the Trinity True Eyes.

Moreover, it belonged to him.

If the Sun Shooting Divine Bow was lost, he might not be able to find it.
However, the Trinity True Eyes would not be lost.
Who would be abnormal enough to dig out someone’s eyes?

Of course, this was not the key problem.

The key problem was that the Trinity True Eyes had the Great Void Chaos Steps that was specially used to escape.
Movement techniques still had to be considered.

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After all, didn’t that brat Han Zhen make a name for himself just by escaping?

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran did not hesitate to add the profound soul to the Trinity True Eyes.

The entire process lasted for half a month.

When half a month passed, Lu Xiaoran woke up from his meditation.
Other than leveling up the Trinity True Eyes to the profound level, he also obtained something good—information his avatar had obtained from the outside world for the past half a month.

Actually, it had to be said that it was really a smart choice for Lu Xiaoran to not come out personally and instead choose to create an avatar to go out and investigate.

In this short half a month, Lu Xiaoran’s avatar had killed fifteen God Realm experts.
On average, he killed one God Realm expert a day.

This Divine World was indeed too dangerous.

Fortunately, he was smart.
If his main body went out, he did not know how dangerous it would be.

Putting aside the fact that it would delay his cultivation, he would be doomed if he was killed by others.

However, the good thing was that his avatar had also obtained a lot of information about the Divine World.

Firstly, this place was called Sin City.

In the vicinity, most of the people here were itinerant cultivators.
There were also some Divine World sects.

In this place, the one with the bigger fist was the boss.

If one was not capable and had something valuable on them, they would be slashed into meat paste in minutes.

Secondly, he had learned about the Lu family.

What made Lu Xiaoran very happy was that the name of the Lu family was still rather resounding.

It was said that they were also a rather powerful family in the Divine World.
At the very least, compared to a place like Sin City, they were huge existences.

This was very comfortable.
He could set a small goal in the short term and join the Lu family before hiding and continuing to cultivate.

However, there was another troublesome matter.
He had not heard any news about the disciples.

Where did these brats go?

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Could they really have encountered some trouble?

However, they were not dead either.
After they died, the Body Modeling Mark would appear.
This was something that could not be faked at all.

Moreover, their cultivation had indeed increased.
Otherwise, his own cultivation wouldn’t have increased so much.

Logically speaking, it should not be troublesome for him to find out about them.

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes suddenly lit up.

His disciples must be like him.
They were all living ignobly and developing steadily to increase their strength.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran was extremely relieved.

His disciples had finally learned to keep a low profile and develop steadily.

As long as these children cultivated well, they would be able to increase their cultivation to a big shot in a few years.

At that time, he could cut off the mountains and rivers with a single move.
At that time, he would not have to worry about not being able to protect his disciples and grand disciples.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran went to cultivate happily again.

He had to quickly increase his cultivation.
After his cultivation increased, he could try to walk out of the cave and go to the Lu family first.

He had previously told his disciples to go to the Lu family to find him.
He wondered if anyone had found out where the Lu family was and went to find them.

Myriad City, Sword Demon Sect.

At this moment, the elders of the Sword Demon Sect were kneeling in front of another group of elders and disciples with the disciples of the Sword Demon Sect.

“Elder Jun, we’ve gathered 500,000 divine crystals and a low-grade divine weapon.
This is all our Sword Demon Sect has now.
I beg you to leave our Sword Demon Sect!”

Jun Bujian had a difficult expression.

“Old Xu, aren’t you making things difficult for me?”

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