In a corner of the Divine World, in Myriad City.

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A huge number of low-grade sects had gathered here.
Overall, these sects could be considered as third-rate factions in the Divine World.

“Uncle-Master Jun, the divine power of the Divine World is so abundant! However, aren’t there too many God Realm experts here? At least a third of the people on the street are God Realm experts!”

“When we were in the lower realm, we could almost be considered the most awesome existences.
But here, we’re simply not qualified.”

“What should we do next?”

After taking a deep breath, Jun Bujian’s expression became more solemn.

His luck was not bad.
After passing through the Gate of the Divine World, he had arrived with many other disciples of the Nameless Sect.

Now, the group had just arrived at a nearby small city.

Here, many sects were recruiting disciples.

“Before passing through the door to the Divine World, my master said that we have to be careful and try to be as steady as possible.
Now that we’ve just arrived in the Divine World, we won’t be able to find my master for a while and don’t know the situation in the Divine World.
In my opinion, why don’t we find a sect to join first? We can develop wretchedly first before planning the next step.”

“Uncle-Master Jun is right.
Our cultivation levels are very low and we’re not familiar with the Divine World.
If we wander around recklessly, we might die at any time.
It’s better if we find a sect to join and develop wretchedly while learning more about this world.”

“Alright, in that case, everyone split up and investigate the places where the various large sects recruit disciples.
See which sect has the best benefits.
Then, everyone will enter together.
Remember, it doesn’t matter if the sect is famous or not.
They just need to be strong enough.
It’s best if we can get benefits as soon as we enter the sect.
As for those sub-par sects, we won’t enter them matter what.
Do you understand?”

“Also, we only need to receive benefits when we enter the sect.
If there’s a sect fight, we don’t have to participate at all.
We need to ensure our safety and wait for the day we find Master.”

Jun Bujian had already confirmed his development path in the Divine World.

In any case, he had the most disciples.
Any sect that he joined would definitely welcome him warmly.

As long as the sect provided good treatment, he could directly bring his disciples to join the sect.

Although they were all only at the God Realm, it was not easy to find entry-level God Realm experts in the Divine World.
When many people had already joined their respective sects, their most common people that could be recruited were only King Realm and Emperor Realm experts in the lower realm.
In particular, in the Myriad City, the sects here were basically all low-level sects.
It was even harder for them to find good seedlings.

They were definitely in high demand.

Divine World, Phoenix Ruins.

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The air distorted as a beautiful figure quietly arrived.
It was Ji Wuxia.

“Is this… the Divine World? I didn’t expect the divine power here to be so abundant.”

She wondered how her master and her junior brothers and sisters were doing.

May the heavens bless them and keep them safe.

As soon as she finished speaking, Ji Wuxia was about to fly away and find some people from the Divine World to understand some knowledge about the Divine World.

Suddenly, phoenix cries began to sound endlessly from the surroundings.

This immediately made Ji Wuxia’s pupils shrink.

“This is… phoenix power? Why is there so much phoenix power here?”

After the shock, she was overjoyed.

With so much phoenix power to help her cultivate, wouldn’t it be easy for her soul and cultivation to increase?

“I didn’t expect the heavens to actually let me directly transmigrate to such a ruin filled with the power of the phoenix.
Looks like it’s really my turn to be lucky!”

In the Divine World, the Taiyi Sword Dao.

As a top-notch sect in the Divine World, there was naturally no need to mention the strength of the Taiyi Sword Dao.

Moreover, although the Taiyi Sword Dao mainly focused on sword cultivators, the disciples of the sect were rather humble.
In the entire Divine World, this sect also had a rather good reputation.

However, today, all the flying swords in the Taiyi Sword Dao began to tremble.

The few big shot experts of the Taiyi Sword Dao were immediately shocked to the extreme and gathered.

“Ten thousand swords trembling.
This scene seems to have been mentioned in the ancestral teachings.
A Sword Immortal has appeared in the world!”

“Quick, quickly send out all the disciples in the sect to immediately find this disciple.
We have to return our Tai Yi Sword Dao to its former glory at all costs.”

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Divine World, Heaven Saber Pavilion.

“Lu Ming, low-grade talent.
You can be an outer sect disciple.”

“Ye Dao, medium-grade talent, can become an inner sect disciple.”

The elder at the entrance of the mountain was listless.
With an indifferent expression, he read out the talent and names of the disciples one after another, as well as the level at which they were about to enter the mountain gate.

It was no wonder that he was listless.

The Heaven Saber Pavilion was a top-notch sect that was as famous as the Tai Yi Sword Dao.
However, one of them was good with sabers and the other was good with swords.

The cultivation techniques of the Heaven Saber Pavilion were also extremely powerful and were not inferior to the Taiyi Sword Dao at all.

However, the disciples who came this year were really too disappointing.

Almost all of them had low-grade and mid-grade talent.

Even if such disciples were nurtured, in the future, they could only be used to keep up appearances.
They would not be able to accomplish anything big at all, let alone promote the Heaven Saber Pavilion.

However, at this moment, a pure gold saber beam suddenly rose from the talent-testing rock and rushed into the sky.

The elder in charge of the test suddenly widened his eyes and stared fixedly at the most unbelievable existence in front of the rock.

“Song Xinian? Hahaha, good, you’re actually has the top-notch Saber God talent.
Looks like the heavens really don’t give up on our Heaven Saber Pavilion!”

Divine World, God Burial Valley.

A figure stood proudly under a huge ape statue in armor with his hands behind his back, frowning.

“Strange, this is clearly my first time in the Divine World.
Why do I feel incomparably furious and heartache for this stone statue I’ve never seen before?”

Divine World, Crow Ridge.

“All of you, be smart.
From today onwards, before we find Master, we have to rely on ourselves to survive.
In order to survive, don’t care about any despicable methods.
Everyone has to work 100% harder and strive to achieve success in our cultivation when we see Master.
Don’t give master the chance to make fun of us.”

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“Uncle-Master Jiang, if you want to get rich quickly, other than robbing others, I’m afraid there’s no other way, right?”

As soon as this person said this, he was immediately berated.

“How dare you! What nonsense are you talking about? Have you forgotten what my master said when he arrived? We’re not bandits.
Even if we are, this is the Divine World.
Could it be that you want to rob those God Realm experts? Are you crazy? We have to hide and develop! If we try to kill someone, we will only be captured and become the target of everyone.
Don’t you understand?”

Everyone was immediately puzzled.

“Then, Uncle-Master Jiang, do you mean…?”

“Needless to say, of course we’re robbing those dead people! Dead people tell no tales.
At most, it will only be a little troublesome to break through the array formation.
However, the things buried in the ancient tombs are all good stuff!”

Everyone was instantly speechless.
It seemed that Jiang Taixuan was prepared to deal with the hidden tombs in the Divine World.

“But Uncle-Master Jiang, even if you want to rob a tomb, you have to know that robbing ancient tombs is as difficult as ascending to the heavens.
It’s better for you to kill a few God Realm experts.”

Jiang Taixuan smiled mysteriously.

“What do you know? My master gave me a peerless divine weapon.
With this divine weapon, not to mention a few tombs, so what if I want to rob all the tombs in the Divine World’s? Who can escape from my plunder?”

Everyone immediately felt their scalps turn numb.

If that was the case, they might really have a chance to live a good life with Uncle-Master Jiang!

Such a situation was still happening in many places.

After these disciples of the Nameless Sect learned Lu Xiaoran’s spirit, surviving in seclusion was simply a piece of cake.

Be it hiding in the wilderness or hiding in the city, they could carry it out with ease.

They were like a group of brats who had quietly entered this world and had broken the monotony of the Divine World, bringing a different style to this world.

Time passed in a flash, and the sun and moon flashed.

In the blink of an eye, two years had passed.

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In the cave, Lu Xiaoran woke up from his meditation.

For two years, he cultivated day and night.

Although it was said that the Great Dao Reincarnation was far inferior in the Divine World since its reduction of time was not as effective in the Divine World…

However, it could also turn these two years into four years.

In the past four years, Lu Xiaoran had never left the house or stepped out of the cave.

He had been cultivating diligently.

When he opened his eyes slightly, two invisible power of laws erupted shockingly.

It was as if his eyes were not like those of ordinary people but more like… a higher-level creature?

The higher one cultivated, the more they would lose the characteristics of lower-level life forms.

“Two years have passed.
With the help of the Great Dao Reincarnation, my cultivation should at least be able to increase to the fifth level of the True God Realm, right?”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up.

After reaching the God Realm, he needed more experience to increase his realm level.
In fact, compared to before, the experience he now needed was twofold or even a fewfold!

Therefore, the time it took to cultivate definitely far exceeded when he was in the lower realm.

However, it was obvious that the heavens had not given up on him.
His talent was still as good as before!

In a short two years, coupled with the enhancement of the Great Dao Reincarnation, he had basically broken through by one realm in four years, an entire ten realm levels!

It had to be known that this was not the lower realm.
Such a gap was no longer the same as the difference between the Body Refining Realm and the Shattering Void Realm.

This was a gap between gods.

However, when he calmed his mind and looked at his cultivation, the smile on his face immediately stopped!

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