In the vast sea of stars, in the universe.

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On an immortal island, immortal cranes roamed and flowers bloomed.

In a corner of the Immortal Island, inside a pavilion, two figures were playing chess.
One of them had white hair and beard and was wearing a plain robe.
The other person, on the other hand, wore a red robe and was about forty years old and looked middle-aged.

The atmosphere around the two of them was peaceful.

However, at this moment, a black chess piece suddenly exploded without any warning.

Seeing this scene, the two of them could not help but narrow their eyes.

“Looks like your pawn in the lower realm has already been crippled.”

The old man holding the black chess piece slowly put down the chess piece in his hand and rubbed the space between his eyebrows, his face revealing a hint of exhaustion.

“It’s still fate.
Even with the help of a hot shot, it’s still too difficult to resist…”

“It’s not easy to defy the heavens.
This is probably the so-called fate, right?”

“But even so, I don’t want to let him off so easily.
Only by killing Lu Xiaoran and seizing his luck can I take back everything that belongs to me.”

“Perhaps it’s time to use those bastards from the Divine World.”

In a certain mountain in the Divine World, space distorted and Lu Xiaoran’s figure suddenly crawled out.

“I’m finally out.
I almost died inside!”

He spat and crawled up from the ground.
Sensing the dense divine power aura in the air, the corner of his mouth could not help but curl up.

“Is this the Divine World? With such dense divine power, it’s indeed worthy of being the most suitable place for a God Realm expert to cultivate.
With the cultivation of my disciples and my own talent, I should be able to break through to the God Realm and reach the True God Realm very quickly, right?”

A moment later, an anxious notification sounded in his mind.

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot successfully.
You’re rewarded with a divine artifact, the Bodhi Bead, x1.”

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot successfully.
You’re rewarded with a divine technique—External Avatar x1.”

With this technique, one would be able to create an avatar that completely obeyed the orders of the main body to assist in cultivation and combat.

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It would not affect the main body’s cultivation or consume his blood essence at all.

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot successfully.
You’re rewarded with a divine artifact, the Soul Freezing Awl x1.”

“Congratulations, Master, for killing the hot shot successfully.
You’re rewarded with a profound soul x1!”

The profound soul could be used to advance a cultivation technique to the profound level.
It could also be used to increase a weapon to the profound leve;.

“Congratulations, Master…”

Lu Xiaoran did not listen to the rest.
He attention had been captured by two of the rewards.

One of them was an avatar.

This thing was so abnormal.
Not only could it create existences as powerful as his main body to fight, but it could even cultivate.

If the talent of an avatar was the same as his main body, it would be even more abnormal.

After all, his main body’s cultivation talent was rather heaven-defying and surpassed the talent of his disciples.

In this way, he could rely on his avatar’s cultivation to quickly increase his cultivation.
Moreover, if he added up the benefits his disciples brought him, wouldn’t it be too monstrous?

The other was the profound soul.
This thing was even more abnormal.
It could increase a cultivation technique or weapon to the profound level.

Although Lu Xiaoran still did not know what the profound level was, he was certain that it was definitely much stronger than a divine technique or a divine artifact.

Looks like this Ye Chen was very rich.

“Master, I just swallowed two portions of the power of luck.
I’ll probably be in seclusion to advance for a while.
Master, you have to work hard to cultivate.
Please don’t be killed by others.”

“Can’t you say something nice?”

He could not help but retort, but Wang Cai was already silent.
It had probably gone into seclusion to advance.

He was really not used to suddenly arriving at an unfamiliar place without anyone talking.

He did not know where the disciples had been scattered or if they were around.

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The teleportation of the Divine World Gate would not teleport everyone to the same place.

If not for Ye Chen’s self-destruction disturbing the power of time and space, Lu Xiaoran would have actually wanted to use the Mountain and River State Painting to absorb everyone into it.
Then, he would have kept everyone in the Mountain and River Painting to overcome the problem of the Divine World Gate.

In this way, everyone did not have to separate.

However, since things had already come to this, it was useless for him to complain.

At the very least, it was better for everyone to enter the Divine World alive than to be blasted to death in the Ye family, right?

“I should investigate clearly now and find out where I am.
Also, I have to think of a way to investigate the Lu family and find out where they are.”

Lu Xiaoran had already decided to see if the Lu family was doing well first.
If they weren’t, he would not go there.

He was just that pragmatic.
In any case, the Lu family had never raised him.
It would be nonsense to talk about a sense of belonging when he did not have any feelings for the Lu family.

What he wanted was an environment that could provide him with a safe place to cultivate.

If there was a better choice, Lu Xiaoran would definitely not refuse.

“Speaking of which, the Divine World is also quite sunny.
Wang Cai even warned me to not be killed by others.
In such a calm environment, and with me being a piece of trash who has just stepped into the God Realm, how could anyone attack me?”

As he spoke, Lu Xiaoran flew up a mountain.

As soon as he flew up, before he could take a look at the surrounding terrain and scenery, several streams of light quickly flew over from the distant sky.

“Stop! Zhang Haonan, you can’t escape.
Hand over the low-grade divine weapon in your hand and I’ll spare your life!”

“Dream on.
I spent hundreds of years planning to obtain this low-grade divine weapon.
It’s my lifeblood.
If you want to take it, you’ll have to kill me first!”

As soon as he finished speaking, several figures became involved in a chaotic battle.
Light beams shot out from various moves, making it difficult for one to take in everything.

Explosions sounded in the sky as shouts and screams mixed.

A moment later, a scream suddenly sounded from the chaotic crowd.

“Zhang Haonan, are you crazy? You actually want to detonate the divine weapon?”

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“So what if I’m crazy? The divine weapon is my life.
Even if I detonate it, I won’t give it to you!”

In the next second, with a bang, a dazzling ball of light suddenly exploded in the sky.

Two of the God Realm experts were killed on the spot, and the rest were severely injured.

“Damn it! I was careless.
I didn’t expect him to be willing to detonate the divine weapon!”

“What a pity.
If we could obtain such a good low-grade divine weapon, I wonder how many cultivation resources we would be able to exchange for it.”

“Forget it, I miscalculated this time.
I should quickly return and enter seclusion to treat my injuries.
If other cultivators encounter us and see that we’re severely injured, they might take the opportunity to kill and rob us.”

After the few of them left, Lu Xiaoran, who was squatting in the forest, fell into a long silence.

Was the Divine World… that dangerous?

Although there were also cases of people killing and robbing in the lower realm, there were still some moral restrictions.

Other than the Demon Sect, most cultivators still followed the rules.
Otherwise, sects like the Acacia Faction would not have been established in the entire Great Zhou.
They would have long been robbed.

However… why did it feel like killing and robbing was common in the Divine World?

The few of them just now did not have any evil aura.
Their auras were very normal, but they fought tooth and nail for a small low-grade divine weapon.
In the end, several of them even died.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran suddenly felt that it was a huge mistake for him to come to the Divine World so early.

Putting everything else aside, just the treasures on him alone were simply fat prey in the eyes of others!

If he casually took out one or two, wouldn’t he attract a large group of God Realm experts to pursue him?

He turned around and looked down the mountain.
The Divine World Gate had long disappeared.

Moreover, even if it was still there, the Divine World Gate was basically a one-way gate.

It was easy to come to the Divine World from the lower realm, but it was basically impossible to return to the lower realm from the Divine World.

Other than that, he did not know if those idiotic disciples could handle it.

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If he had known that the resources of the Divine World were so precious, he would have given them some Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
Why would he give them divine weapons?

Death was a small matter.
After all, he could still use the Body Modeling Mark to revive them.
However, wouldn’t it be a pity if the divine weapons were snatched away?

He hoped that the heavens would bless them and not let their intelligence drop.
He hoped that they would not show off their divine weapons and be chased after and killed.

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over the Body Modeling Mark.

Fortunately, no one had died yet.

After heaving a sigh of relief, Lu Xiaoran immediately returned to the foot of the mountain.
He would dig a cave and enter seclusion for a few years first.

In order to prevent himself from being discovered, Lu Xiaoran had specially chosen a very inconspicuous place.
Even the divine power here was much thinner than other places.

It could be said that as long as one’s IQ was good, they would basically not come to this place.

Of course, although the divine power here was thin, that was only compared to the other places in the Divine World.
In the lower realm, even the cultivation ground he created was far inferior to the abundant divine power here.

With his outstanding talent, it was enough to make up for the lack of divine power.

Lu Xiaoran dug a cave and set up more than a hundred array formations outside the cave.

Among them were attack formations, defensive formations, detection formations, illusion formations, and spatial teleportation formations.

He had to do his job well.

Otherwise, if some ignorant fellows came and disturbed his cultivation, he would be in trouble.

Even if he did not go crazy, if he killed the other party, it would still be very troublesome if the other party’s parents, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, brothers, and sisters came to seek revenge on him.

After doing all of this, Lu Xiaoran set up the Great Dao Reincarnation in the cave to increase the speed of time in the cave and increase his cultivation.

After arranging all of this, Lu Xiaoran finally sealed the cave entrance in peace and began to enter a long seclusion cultivation period.

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