r be able to break the wooden rod in an expert’s hand.

However, he had made a mistake.
Lu Xiaoran was not using a sword.

At this moment, if Ye Chen still did not understand that the situation was hopeless, he could really kill himself with a tofu.

After taking a deep breath, Ye Chen did not waste any more time.

“Lu Xiaoran, I lost to you this time.
Consider it my loss.

“As the saying went: In this world, you have to admit your mistake and stand up straight when you’re beaten.
I lost to you today.
There’s nothing to be arrogant about.

“However, this does not mean that you have won.
I still have one last move for you.

“If you can handle it, then it would mean that you’re indeed very powerful.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Chen pressed his palms together and formed another seal.

This hand seal activated the huge blood formation below!

This was the blood essence energy gathered with the blood of all the disciples and elders in the Eternal Forest.

Even the God Realm experts below were unable to break through this blood formation!

In the next second, Ye Chen’s body suddenly began to release a dazzling golden light.

Sensing this golden light and an extremely dense dangerous aura, Lu Xiaoran’s eyes suddenly turned cold.

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“Damn! Aren’t you too shameless? Why would you self-destruct when you can’t win?”

“Hahahaha… I didn’t know that you were able to feel fear too… Interesting, very interesting! Is this what the legendary chosen one is liek?”

After a pause, his expression gradually darkened.

“If you can’t even handle the self-destruction of a perfected tenth level God Realm expert, you won’t be qualified to be the chosen one! And my name will be immortalized and passed down for eternity!

“Let me show you the true art of this world.

After a soft shout, Ye Chen’s body suddenly transformed into a pure white light.

This light was like a divine light that could split the world apart.
In an instant, it spread mercilessly.

Wherever it passed, everything would be destroyed.
The power of laws was disturbed.
The powerful force brought with it a powerful pressure, making space crack before the shock waves could arrive.

Everything in the world was swallowed.

With the spatial power disturbed, Lu Xiaoran could not even open the Mountain and River State Painting.

The self-destruction of a perfected tenth level God Realm expert might not be a big deal in the Divine World.

However, in this world, the power of laws was simply unable to withstand it.

It had already surpassed the limit of this spatial dimension.

Lu Xiaoran arrived below at the fastest speed.
Moreover, he immediately used the Six Paths of Reincarnation to slow down the time flow in a certain range and reduce the speed as best as he could.

“Time is of the essence.
I’ll only say it once.
Listen carefully.

“Ye Chen self-destructed.
He was at the perfected tenth level of the God Realm.
None of us present could resist his self-destruction.

“Even if we could, we would not be able to withstand the spatial turbulence caused by his self-destruction.

“I heard that in the Eternal Forest, there’s a gate to the Divine World in the top ten families, right?”

Shi Changlin immediately replied,

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“That’s right.
The ten great families all have gates to the Divine World.”

“Alright! I originally planned to let everyone cultivate to the late-stage God Realm before entering the Divine World.
However, now it seems that if we don’t escape from this place, we will die here today.

“The Ye family had sealed the entire Ye family with the blood of hundreds of millions of cultivators.
By the time I resolve the array formation, the shock wave of Ye Chen’s self-destruction would already arrive.
It would already be too late.

“Our only chance is to open the gate to the Divine World! With the help of the gate, we can enter the Divine World and avoid Ye Chen’s self-destruction.

“To cut a long story short, I’ve prepared a set for each of you to go to the Divine World.
It includes a divine armor, a divine weapon, a divine pill, and some top-grade spirit stones.

“After arriving at the Divine World, those who could search for companions should immediately search for companions.
Those who can’t should hide and cultivate on the spot.
After our cultivation reaches a certain level, we should think of a way to go to the Lu family in the Divine World.
Our gathering point is in the Lu family in the Divine World.

Everyone’s faces were red with excitement.

Were they finally about to step into that world?

Lu Xiaoran distributed the storage bags.

“Before entering the gate to the Divine World, recite the rules of the Nameless Sect again.”

“Firstly, if you encounter anyone being bullied, don’t interfere.
Remember to avoid them.”

“Secondly, you are not allowed to deliberately get involved with others.
If you have to attack, you have to kill the other party and burn their bones and destroy their souls.
You are not allowed to let a single soul or a single drop of blood essence escape.”

“Thirdly, fight in groups if you can.
Try not to fight one-on-one.”

Lu Xiaoran snapped his fingers and raised his hand to slash out the Ye Family’s Divine World Gate.

Nearly 200 Nameless Sect disciples and divine beasts swarmed over and rushed into the Divine World Gate in unison.

In the next moment, the light of Ye Chen’s explosion devoured everything!

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