not to think about it.

In any case, when Wang Cai repaired all his memories, he would know who he was.

“Did you obtain any new abilities after your advancement this time?”

“Yes, yes.
I can already obtain information about the disciples from afar.
For example, if the disciples are attacked and their bodies are injured, I can report it to Master in time.”

“This ability doesn’t seem to be very useful.”

“It’s already very impressive.
After all, it’s an additional ability and not an active ability.
My ability is still focused on creating things and taking in disciples.”

“Alright, did you discover anything new?”

“Master, when I just advanced successfully, I had already investigated the ninth disciple.
I was unable to activate Soul Guidance because the other party had already turned into a ball of blood and was in a sea of blood.”

“Alright, then bring the other party back first.”

Wang Cai sent the coordinates to Lu Xiaoran’s mind.

Lu Xiaoran immediately used the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle and arrived at that place.

“I heard that those above the God Realm can tear through space and teleport here.
At that time, I won’t need to use the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle anymore.”

After muttering, Lu Xiaoran looked in front of him.

This was an endless cliff.
The cliff was like a high wall that stood on the ground and towered into the clouds.

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“The aura of this place is a little familiar.”

“It’s the aura of that Elder Tianji.”

As soon as Wang Cai said this, Lu Xiaoran immediately remembered.

It was indeed the aura of Elder Tianji.

Lu Xiaoran frowned slightly.
With a thought, he arrived at a cave on the cliff.

There was actually a God Realm array formation in this cave.

However, this was not difficult for Lu Xiaoran.

Formation techniques were what Lu Xiaoran was best at.

He immediately undid this array formation.
In the blink of an eye, a heart palpitating bloody aura pounced over.

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly and arrived in the depths of the cave.

Cold wind surged inside, and a huge blood pool appeared in front of Lu Xiaoran.

Not only was this blood pool huge, but the energy contained in it was also extraordinary.

“The lowest-level blood absorbed in this blood pool is probably also the blood of those above the King Realm.
Moreover, it has been accumulated by Elder Tianji for more than a thousand years to reach this level.”

She had once said that she absorbed this blood for him to use when he transcended the tribulation.

I didn’t expect my ninth disciple to be among them.

According to Wang Cai’s information, his disciple was a quasi God Realm itinerant cultivator called Su Lingwu.

Because he had offended Ye Junlin at Ye Junlin’s birthday meeting, he was killed by the Ye family.

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand and directly extracted the blood from the blood pool, absorbing it into his Body Modeling Mark.

He could use the Body Modeling Mark to help the other party repair his body.

The Body Modeling Mark required a process to repair the body.
Even if Lu Xiaoran used the Great Dao Reincarnation, he still needed a certain amount of time.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he casually took away the thousand years of accumulation in the center of the blood pool.

These were originally left behind for him, so it was not inappropriate for him to take them.

His current cultivation level was about to break through to the God Realm and he might need it at any time.

After taking away all the blood, Lu Xiaoran did not need to stay in this cave anymore.

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He swept his divine sense and arrived at one of the rooms.

This should be the room Elder Tianji usually stayed in.

The room was very simple.
There was only a stone bed, a wooden table, and a meditation cushion.

On the wall of the room was an engraved image of a beautiful woman.
It was identical to the soul of Elder Tianji he had once seen.

Presumably, it should be Elder Tianji.

However, there were two women beside her who were comparable to her beauty.

One of them was mature and elegant.

The other one was slightly arrogant and had a youthful aura.

Among the three of them, the mature one should be the older sister and the slightly arrogant one should be the second sister.
Elder Tianji should be the third sister.

Lu Xiaoran did not determine this from her aura, but mainly from their bodies.

One had a bust number of 50 and the other had a number of 40.
However, Elder Tianji’s number was probably only 30.

What nonsense.
It was probably not easy for them to buy clothes.

After a moment of silence, Lu Xiaoran bowed to the few of them.

Perhaps the Elder of Heaven Secrets did have a motive for helping him.

However, now that she had also passed away, it was only right for him to express his gratitude.

Then, his gaze landed on the table.
There was a small notebook on it.
It should be the information recorded by Elder Tianji.

Lu Xiaoran flipped it open and swept his gaze over it.

Damn, it was actually written for him.

“Lu Xiaoran, when you see this notebook, I might already be gone.
However, my mission has already been completed.
You have to rely on yourself to walk the rest of the way.

“With so much blood essence, it will be enough for you to successfully become a god.

“However, becoming a god is only the first step.
After becoming a god, you would come into contact with an even more dangerous existence.

“”This notebook contains information about the Divine World.
I planned it for you in advance.

“It’s useful to you.
Don’t lose it.

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