“Patriarch Jun? When did he break through?”

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The big shots present were all shocked to the extreme.

After their strength reached their level, it was almost as difficult as ascending to the heavens to break through.

Although it was only the last step, since ancient times, countless outstanding geniuses had been stuck at this last step until they died of old age.

“It’s a medicinal pill! Lu Xiaoran’s medicinal pill helped him break through.”

Some people had already reacted to the crux of the problem.

Lu Xiaoran smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist, you’re right.
Our Nameless Sect doesn’t dare to say that we’re very awesome, but we’re still very powerful when it comes to professional businesses like cultivating to the Martial Monarch Realm and transcending the tribulation to become a god.

“For cultivation, we have a special tutoring center and a medicinal hall.
We provide the best services to ensure success.
From cultivation techniques to cultivation, from medicinal pills to comprehension, we’ll take care of everything.

“We have a perfect countermeasure to the tribulation.

“What you’re seeing now is the famous ancestor of the Eternal Forest’s Jun family.
I believe many fellow Daoists know his situation.
He has been trapped at the perfected tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm for many years.

“Cultivation was useless, and he could not take medicine.

“It was even to the extent that because of his aging, his blood essence began to decrease, and even his cultivation decreased.

Ever since he joined our Nameless Sect, his waist had stopped hurting and his legs had stopped aching under the full guidance of our Nameless Sect.
He could eat several divine pills in a single meal.
He could be said to be the model of a peak martial artist in his twilight years.

Today is the day he transcends the tribulation to ascend.
It’s a good opportunity for us to test our Nameless Sect’s tribulation plan.

All the cultivators gathered here were dumbfounded.

The blood essence of the Jun family’s ancestor was declining.
How could he be saved by Lu Xiaoran and break through again to transcend the tribulation?

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran had a plan to ensure that he would successfully transcend the tribulation?

It had to be known that transcending the tribulation was not child’s play.
It was a test from the heavens.
It was a test of the power of laws for all aspects of a cultivator.

It involved the laws of the Great Dao and was not a small matter.
After all, with the power of laws, one could break a spatial barrier with a single punch.

When it came to such things, how could Lu Xiaoran cheat?

With a violent explosion, a bolt of lightning suddenly fell from the sky.

This lightning bolt contained a huge dignity.

It did not tear the spatial barrier because it was also a part of this world and would not cause damage to this world.

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However, it was different for living beings.

Coincidentally, the lightning just now landed in the crowd of the Qian family.
The few Martial Monarch Realm experts were instantly destroyed.

The expressions of the heads of the various large families suddenly darkened and they immediately retreated.

They did not dare to be impudent in the face of the heavenly tribulation.

It was even to the extent that the figure in the sky had long retreated.

Even though it had long transcended the tribulation to become a god, the pressure of the heavenly tribulation was still not something it could casually resist.

At this moment, the heavenly tribulation detected Jun Changming’s aura and kept emitting lightning bolts and low roars, as if it was intimidating or challenging him.

Patriarch Jun took a deep breath and slowly arrived beside Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran took out a Golden Dragon Luck that had long been roasted and handed it to him.

Patriarch Jun did not hesitate at all.
He immediately received it and began to eat the Golden Dragon Luck.

The cultivators in the distance immediately could not help but be puzzled.

“Patriarch Jun, what are you eating?”

“I don’t know.
It looks like an eel.
However, are eels this thick?”

“Patriarch, what’s that?”

Even the experts of the Shi Family were puzzled.

The head of the Shi family also frowned tightly, looking completely puzzled and deep in thought.

At this moment, the huge figure in the sky transformed into a proud figure in a dragon robe and landed in the crowd.

“That thing should be a Golden Luck Dragon, right?”

The entire scene was instantly silent.

After a while, someone could not help but say, “What?”

“Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear? It’s the Golden Luck Dragon!”

At this moment, everyone present went crazy.

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It was actually the legendary Golden Dragon of Luck that could increase one’s luck?

If this thing was obtained by a family, sect, or empire, they would have to treat it like their ancestors.

That was an existence that was even more precious than divine pills, Martial Monarch Realm weapons, and even divine weapons!

This was really a treasure among treasures!

However, now, Lu Xiaoran had actually directly given it to Patriarch Jun?

Of course, they were not stupid enough to think that this was fake.
After all, this was what the other party from the Primordial Mountain Range had said.

As a God Realm expert, how could the Ancient Dragon Emperor lie?

At this moment, everyone had a new understanding of how terrifying Lu Xiaoran was.

Soon, Patriarch Jun swallowed the Golden Luck Dragon in a few bites.

What was even more infuriating was that he even burped.

This almost made countless cultivators present want to kill him.

“Alright, go up if you’re done eating.”

Jun Changming cupped his hands in response and immediately soared into the sky.

In an instant, countless lightning bolts struck fiercely towards Jun Changming.

However, everyone present could tell at a glance that the especially lightnings had all avoided Jun Changming.

Only a small portion of the relatively weak lightning landed on Jun Changming.

This dumbfounded everyone.

As everyone knew, other than strength, tribulation transcendence also relied on luck.

This was because during the tribulation, everyone’s strength was basically equal.
It was just like an exam.
It was fair and square!

Only a few top-notch geniuses with no upper limit could break through the limit of the heavenly tribulation.

However, since ancient times, such geniuses had always been rare.

It had to be known that those who could cultivate to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm were already geniuses among geniuses.

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Such a genius might not even appear in tens of thousands of years.

Therefore, when everyone saw Patriarch Jun use the method of eating the Golden Luck Dragon to increase his luck during the tribulation, they were so shocked.

If this method could really be popularized, then from now on, the chances of successfully transcending the tribulation would greatly increase.

The original success rate of 1% would probably be able to reach 100% now!

At this moment, countless people began to be tempted.

Patriarch Jun quickly broke through the blockade of lightning and rushed into the lightning clouds in the sky.

At this moment, the lightning in the sky immediately stopped, and what replaced it was a holy golden auspicious cloud.

It was mysterious and filled with a peaceful aura.

“He successfully transcended the tribulation just like that? Just like that?”

When the hundreds of millions of cultivators present saw this scene, their worldview completely collapsed.

Lu Xiaoran also heaved a sigh of relief.

Previously, in order to prevent himself from transcending the tribulation, he had checked some information in advance.

He had guessed that the golden dragon of luck could help one successfully transcend the tribulation.
He did not expect to really succeed today.

Jun Changming was so excited that tears fell.

He had transcended the tribulation to become a god!

It was not that he had never wanted to transcend the tribulation and become a god.
He had had such beautiful dreams countless times.

However, after being unable to break through for many years, he had long given up hope.
The decline of his blood essence made his heart despair.

However, he did not expect to break through the last step in such a short period of time after entering the Nameless Sect.
Moreover, with Lu Xiaoran’s help, he had perfectly transcended the tribulation to become a god.

All of this was like a dream to him!

“Sect Master, please accept my bow!”

Without any hesitation, Jun Changming immediately came back down and knelt to Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately said to the people in the distance,

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“Do you see that? Our Nameless Sect is just that reliable.
Now, if anyone else wants to fight our Nameless Sect, please stand on the left.
If not, please stand on the right.
If you want to join, please stand in the middle.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran could clearly see the crowd begin to surge and squeeze towards the middle.

“Let me in.
I want to join the Nameless Sect.”

“Join the Nameless Sect? Are you even worthy? Get lost!”

Some cultivators even directly began to fight.

Those top-notch families were not so impatient.

Patriarch Shi said, “Sect Master Lu, if we join your sect, the Nameless Sect will definitely dominate.
At that time, how can you guarantee that you won’t take revenge on us because you’re too powerful?”

“That’s very simple.
We can sign a contract.
I swear with my blood essence that I definitely won’t casually bully others and injure my fellow disciples.”

Of course, although he said that, Lu Xiaoran was not a pushover.
He would not use his blood when it was time to really sign the contract.

At that time, he would use Buttface’s blood.

Lu Xiaoran would not add any restrictions to himself.

He only needed to take these people in as his subordinates.
Did they think they could put the Band-tightening Spell on him? Dream on!

After hearing him say this, everyone finally put down the grudge in their hearts.

“Alright! In that case, we’re willing to join!”

Lu Xiaoran’s methods had already completely convinced them.

If they really fought, with so many of them working together, they would definitely suppress Lu Xiaoran until he could not breathe.

After all, top-notch experts of the entire world were gathered here.

However, they also knew that the price they had to pay to kill Lu Xiaoran was definitely not low.

More than half of the experts present would definitely die, or even more than half!

Instead of that, it was better for them to join the Nameless Sect.

Although they might lose their independence and autonomy, they could still buy Martial Monarch Realm weapons, Martial Monarch Realm pills, and divine pills with two spirit stones a year.

Moreover, the most important thing was that they could transcend the tribulation!

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