gh you’re my descendant, you can’t humiliate my master.
Since this is your first mistake, I won’t find trouble with you.
If this happens again, don’t blame me for being rude.”

After saying this, Patriarch Jun removed the pressure and heaved a sigh of relief.

Patriarch Jun then said, “Let me ask you for the time being.
You’ve been in the Nameless Sect for so long.
How many divine beast eggs have you eaten? How many divine pills have you obtained? And what about Martial Monarch Realm weapons?”

“Hmm… I only ate one divine beast egg and one Divine Concentration Pill.
As for the other Martial Monarch Realm pills and ordinary divine pills, it’s not easy to calculate.”

Hearing this, Patriarch Jun could not help but ridicule, “That’s all? And yet you still have the cheek to ridicule my master? How laughable.”

What did he mean by that? That was already very impressive, alright?

Who else in the entire world could take out so many things?

It was not as if those things were as cheap as cabbages.
Not to mention the Jun family, but even in the entire Eternal Forest, who could take out a divine beast egg or divine pill?

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Wait, something seemed to be wrong.

Jun Bujian could not help but frown.

“Patriarch, how many resources did my senior brother give you?”

“It’s not much.
It’s just a few divine beast eggs and a few bottles of divine pills… A few Martial Monarch Realm weapons…”

This was not right.
They were both Master’s disciples.
Why did Eldest Senior Brother have so many resources? Why did he not have any?

Could it be that his master was biased?

Thinking of this, Jun Bujian immediately ran to find the others.

Soon, he arrived at Ji Wuxia’s door.

“Second Senior Sister, are you inside?”

Ji Wuxia, who was cultivating, frowned slightly and immediately said, “What’s the matter, Seventh Junior Brother?”

“Yes… I have something to ask Senior Sister.”

Ji Wuxia immediately opened the door and said, “What is it? You even came all the way here to ask me.”

“Um… It’s not a big deal.
I just want to ask if Senior Sister knows what the relationship between Eldest Senior Brother and Master is?”

Ji Wuxia’s brows raised slightly.

“It’s just an ordinary master-disciple relationship.
What else can there be?”

“Of course it’s true.
Otherwise, what did you think?”

“Could Eldest Senior Brother be Master’s illegitimate son?”

“Of course not.
Eldest Senior Brother might be a year or two older than Master.
How could he be Master’s illegitimate son? You’re simply ridiculous.”

“That’s strange! If Eldest Senior Brother isn’t Master’s illegitimate son, there’s no reason for him to have so many more resources than me! His resources could almost be compared to Master’s.”

Ji Wuxia’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

Then, she looked at Jun Bujian and said, “Actually, you can do it too.”

Seeing his puzzled expression, Ji Wuxia was silent for a moment.

“Um, how’s your verbal skills?”

“What I mean is, how’s your bootlicking skills?”

“Uh… I’ve never sucked up to anyone, and I don’t know how to.
Ever since I was young, I’ve always been the one who was sucked up to.
I’ve never sucked up to anyone.”

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“Then if you want to be like Eldest Senior Brother, you should practice your verbal skills.

“To be honest, Master’s resources are unimaginable.

“The key is whether one is capable of obtaining it.

“If you’re good enough at bootlicking, you can have as many resources as Eldest Senior Brother.

Could one become stronger by relying on bootlicking?

Then what about them, the people who cultivated hard?

As if sensing his thoughts and confusion, Ji Wuxia continued, “It’s like this.
Actually, the resources Master gave us are enough.”

For example, for medicinal pills like the Divine Concentration Pill, the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill, the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill, and the Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill, we just need to eat one of them.
The rest would not be of much use.
Even if you obtained more from Master, it would not be of much use! Right?

Take Eldest Senior Brother for example.
He has so many resources, but isn’t he still the one with the weakest cultivation among us? ”

“Therefore, cultivation is not related to resources.
The key is still talent.
The resources Master gave us are actually similar.
He did not hide anything or favor Eldest Senior Brother.”

“I see.I understand.
Thank you for your explanation, Second Senior Sister.”

“Yes, it’s best if you can think it through.
I still have to cultivate, so I won’t talk to you anymore.”

Seeing this, Ji Wuxia cupped her hands and closed the door.

His senior sister was right.
It was useless to have so many resources.
It was fine as long as it was enough.

There was no need to learn from Eldest Senior Brother.

After all, Eldest Senior Brother’s cultivation was too low.
If he was not outstanding in other areas, he would really be ordinary.

At the same time, in the Great Zhou Imperial City, Ji Wushang, who was reading the report of the Great Qin Empire, suddenly received a secret report.

When he saw this secret report, his expression instantly changed.

“Who did this? Who is it?”

The ministers were immediately shocked and hurriedly knelt.

“Quick, prepare a flying ship for me.
No, use the teleportation formation.
I want to find Senior Lu.
Quick! It’ll be too late if we’re any slower!”

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