“Li Daoran, you’ve made a huge mistake.
I have been appointed by the sect master to supervise your punishment in the Weapon Refinement Hall.
I hope you won’t blame me.
Don’t worry, I’ll definitely take ‘good care’ of you!”

Elder Huang emphasized the word “good care” very clearly, making Li Daoran shudder coldly.
His eyes immediately revealed fear.

It would be strange if Li Daoran really believed that the other party would take good care of him.
Elder Huang’s blind date had been ruined and he was filled with anger.
Now that he had the chance, he would definitely punish him.

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Li Daoran held Lu Xiaoran’s hand and pleaded in despair, “Old Lu, you can’t abandon me.
Help me beg for mercy.
Wuwuwu… If I go to the Weapon Refinement Hall for a month, I’m afraid I won’t be able to come out alive.”

To be honest, Lu Xiaoran did not expect things to develop this way.

He originally thought that it was better for one person to be punished than two people.
The friendship between the two of them was older than ten years and this was also not a life-threatening matter.
He originally thought that it was better for him to endure it himself.

At most, he would have to face a wall and reflect on his actions for a few years.

However, he did not expect the Sect Master to surprise them and punish Li Daoran instead of him.

This was really unexpected.

However, after thinking about it carefully, he understood.

With his deep attainments in array formations, the other party simply treasured him.
The Heaven Demon Sect probably only wanted to rope him in.
How could they be willing to punish him?

Moreover, they had also offended many elders this time.
Even the sect master had lost face.
If they did not find someone to punish, everyone would not be appeased.

Therefore, even if Li Daoran was not at fault, he still could not escape.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran could not help but sigh and pat the back of Li Daoran’s hand.

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“If you need anything from me, send me a message in my dreams.”

Li Daoran still wanted to say something, but Elder Huang had already walked forward with a sinister smile.
He grabbed Li Daoran by the collar and pulled him out forcefully like an eagle grabbing a chick.

“You still want to plead for leniency? Let alone Xiaoran, even if the emperor came today, no one will be able to help you! Prepare to suffer!”

Li Daoran was so frightened that he almost wet his pants.

He shouted crazily, “Old Lu, save me.
Save me.
Wuwuwu… I don’t want to go to the Weapon Refinement Hall.
I don’t want Elder Huang to supervise me.
Help me beg for mercy.”

After Li Daoran was dragged away by Elder Huang, the solemn expression on the Sect Master’s face instantly disappeared.
Then, he looked at Lu Xiaoran and chuckled.

“Xiaoran, you’ve been in the sect for so long, but I never knew that your attainments in array formations are actually so powerful! It’s really admirable.
Even I’m amazed.”

Lu Xiaoran lowered his brows and said, “Sect Master, you’re too kind.
Xiaoran’s talent in cultivation had always been insufficient, so I spent a bit more time studying array formations.
Thankfully, my efforts have paid off slightly.”

“They definitely paid off! Even the Grand Elder and I were unable to break through the array formation.
Thus, it can be seen that your strength is extraordinary.
By the way, Xiaoran, how is your life at Zhishui Peak? Do you want us to move you to a bigger peak?”

“There are still a few new peaks that have yet to be developed in the sect.
They’re all tall and have abundant spirit energy.
Their locations are also better and the sunlight there is more abundant.
Not to mention that the feng shui is also excellent and I’m sure the grass there is also greener.
Do you want to pick one to move to?”

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