eat to him?

“According to what you’ve told me, that Lu Xiaoran seems to be very powerful.

“Hehehehe… Host, don’t worry.
My array formations are all God Realm array formations from the Divine World.
In the entire world, if I dare to say that I’m second, no one will dare to say that they’re first.
Even if Lu Xiaoran is a god, he can forget about easily breaking my array formation.”

Host only needs to wait calmly for the mission reward.

Li Qingfeng swallowed hard, his eyes revealing a yearning expression.

The reward for the system’s mission this time was a direct advancement to the Divine World.
After receiving this reward, he could become a God Realm cultivator!

Such a reward was simply too generous.

As for whether Lu Xiaoran had a grudge with him or not, it did not matter.

Humans die for wealth, and birds die for food.

In order to advance to the Divine World, so what if he needed to kill Lu Xiaoran?

At the same time, at the foot of the mountain, Lu Xiaoran heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.

“It’s finally done.
Now, Li Qingfeng’s array formations have all failed.
We can launch a sneak attack.”

Lu Xiaoran’s array formation skills were really too powerful.
As a result, even after dismantling so many of Li Qingfeng’s God Realm and Martial Monarch Realm formations, it still did not cause a single fluctuation.

In fact, Lu Xiaoran had not only disabled all the array formations, but he had also set up some new array formations on the foundation of Li Qingfeng’s original array formation.

Since Li Qingfeng wanted to scheme against him, how could he not teach Li Qingfeng a lesson?

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After all, courtesy demanded reciprocity.

His eyes gradually became firm.
He took out the Mountain and River State Painting and released all his disciples and demon beasts.

“We’ve been nurturing our troops for a long time.
The time has come for you guys to shine.”

Everyone shouted in unison, their voices shaking the sky and making the clouds in the sky tremble.

“Why are you shouting so loudly?”

Everyone and the demons were dumbfounded.

“Isn’t it good to have a monstrous aura?”

The reason why he came and acted like a minesweeper was because he did not want to cause a commotion and wanted to catch Li Qingfeng off guard.

In the end, these idiots were directly exposed after shouting.

If not for the fact that the battle was imminent, Lu Xiaoran really wanted to throw dozens of explosive Martial Monarch Realm Core Pills at them.

Sensing that an aura had already begun to spread on the hill, Lu Xiaoran did not dare to delay at all and immediately ordered, “Stop talking nonsense.
We’ve been discovered.

As soon as he said this, all the disciples and Martial Monarch demon beasts attacked the mountaintop at the same time.

On the peak of the mountain, when Jun Bujian heard this voice, he was immediately overjoyed.

“It’s my master! My master is here.”

Li Qingfeng was dumbfounded and surprised.

“System, didn’t you say that your array formation is invincible?”

“We miscalculated.
This Lu Xiaoran is too powerful.
Immediately carry out the second plan.”

Although Li Qingfeng wanted to complain very much, he was now under the control of the system and was naturally unable to resist.

Therefore, under the control of the system, Li Qingfeng immediately released all the hens, fish, and snakes in his courtyard.

After losing the suppression of the system, the hens immediately became phoenixes that spread their wings.
The fish and snakes also became giant pythons and flying fish.

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Their auras were not inferior to a Martial Monarch Realm expert!

However, just as these Martial Monarch Realm demons flew out of the small wooden courtyard, they were greeted by countless extremely powerful beams of light.

The demon beasts under Lu Xiaoran lined up and used their full strength to attack.

Li Qingfeng’s demon beasts did not expect this situation at all.
For a moment, they were bombarded by the explosions and were in chaos.

It was even to the extent that because the attack was too powerful, the void barrier was shattered, and several Martial Monarch Realm demons were severely injured on the spot.

Lu Xiaoran’s demon beasts had all basically eaten at least two divine beast eggs in the past.

Therefore, their bloodline was definitely far purer than these old hens.

Their strength also greatly surpass the other party.

Almost in an instant, the demons were blasted back to the small wooden house.
At the same time, the small wooden house was also shattered on the spot.

In an instant, everything was enveloped in the void.

“Lu Xiaoran, do you really think you can bully me?”

Li Qingfeng, who was controlled by the system, was immediately furious.

Lu Xiaoran was simply too shameless.

Li Qingfeng was the one who had set up the array formation and waited for the other party to tire himself out.
In the end, this Lu Xiaoran just had to play some tricks to turn the situation around.
He did not even trigger a single array formation and even ambushed his demon beasts in advance, making Li Qingfeng seem like an idiot.

This made Li Qingfeng feel that his intelligence had been insulted.

He wanted to kill Lu Xiaoran and clear his name.

He wanted Lu Xiaoran to kneel in front of him and submit.

Without wasting any time, Li Qingfeng raised his hand and slashed.

In an instant, everything in the world seemed to have stopped.
Only this cold light was left, shocking everyone until their souls turned numb.

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