l really be dead if I go against him.”

“But how am I supposed to find Lu Xiaoran? Do I just go and beat him up?”

“No, Lu Xiaoran is cautious by nature, has outstanding strength, and has many methods.
If we fight on his home ground, Host will very likely die without a burial place.”

“Is it that dangerous? Can’t I just not fight him?”

“Sorry, the host’s body is under my control now.
This is not up to the host.”

Li Qingfeng’s heart instantly surged!

This damn system had ill intentions and had actually tricked him.

He did not have control of his body now and could only listen to the system.

In short, he was now a puppet.
He could be moved according to the system’s will.

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Then, the system controlled Li Qingfeng to set up various array formations on the entire small hill.
Then, it sent a message to invite the old master of the Jun family and then bring him over as a guest.

The old master of the Jun family was frustrated because he had offended Li Qingfeng previously.

Now that he had received Li Qingfeng’s invitation, he was naturally crazy.
Without thinking, he directly brought Jun Bujian to the small hill.

He had always yearned to eat Li Qingfeng’s delicious food to increase his martial comprehension and work hard for his next breakthrough.

Three days later, the Nameless Sect received a letter.

When he saw the contents of the letter clearly, Lu Xiaoran was in a mess.

The Jun Family’s patriarch and Jun Bujian had both been captured by Li Qingfeng.

Moreover, Li Qingfeng even wanted to get Lu Xiaoran to save them personally.

Otherwise, Li Qingfeng would blame Lu Xiaoran for the death of the Jun Family’s patriarch and Jun Bujian.

Wasn’t this Jun Bujian supposed to be smart? Why were these two idiots being played like monkeys?

Also, wasn’t this Li Qingfeng too unconventional?

He had actually kidnapped his disciple.
This was simply impossible to guard against.

He even wanted to push the blame to him and let the entire Jun family attack him?

Damn, this shameless method was comparable to his.

However, there was nothing he could do about it.
Although he could revive Jun Bujian and resolve the suspicion, it would take too long for him to create a Martial Monarch Realm expert with the Body Modeling Mark.
If the other party immediately informed the Jun family to deal with him after killing Jun Bujian, it would be a headache.

This time, even if Lu Xiaoran did not want to attack, he still had to.

When this matter was known by the entire Nameless Sect, everyone could not help but feel indignant.

“This Li Qingfeng is really bold! He actually dares to ambush our junior brother.
He’s simply courting death!”

“Master, Lige requests permission to kill him and burn his bones to ashes to save Little Junior Brother.”

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Lu Xiaoran hurriedly waved his hand.

“Forget it.
It’s safer for you to stay at home.”

Yun Lige was silent for a moment.

“Master, are you looking down on me?”

Lu Xiaoran took out a long whip.

“Master, I understand your good intentions.
You want to protect me from harm so that I can cultivate better and have a bright future.
Lige will always love you.”

“This time, although the other party said that it was a battle, in fact, whether it was a true battle or not, we still have to consider whether there will be an ambush.
In short, there are many factors involved.
Therefore, although I’ll bring a lot of people with me, most of them will be placed in the Mountain and River State Painting.”

“At that time, it doesn’t matter if he ambushes us or really challenges us.
In any case, our goal is still the same as before.
We won’t fight him one-on-one.
If we have the chance, we will definitely fight him in a group.
We will also use all kinds of dirty tricks to directly attack him.
You don’t have to care about our reputation at all.”

“Master, let me be the main attacker.”

Song Xinian was the first to ask to be the main attacker.
However, immediately after, Li Changsheng was unwilling.

“Why should I let you be the main attacker? My cultivation has increased a lot recently.
My moves are stronger than yours.
No matter what, I should be the main attacker.”

Zhuge Ziqiong also said at the same time,

“Master, why don’t I be the main attacker? I have a zombie body.
Ordinary attacks won’t easily injure me.
It’s definitely safer for me to be the main attacker than the two senior brothers.”

“Junior Sister, women can’t be the main attacker.
How can the two of us men endure this?”

Seeing that the few of them were about to quarrel, Lu Xiaoran slapped the table.

“What’s with the commotion? What main attack and secondary attack? Once the battle begins, everyone has to listen to my orders.
There’s no main attack.
In fact, everyone will be the main attack.
As long as you’re a Martial Monarch Realm expert, charge forward and kill them in one round.
Don’t stop.
Pick your strongest skills and run after fighting.
Don’t stop.”

“I, Lu Xiaoran, have killed so many hot shots.
I’ve always been the one to scheme against others.
No one has ever dared to scheme against me.
I can’t tolerate this.”

“Also, I have dozens of Martial Monarch Realm experts under my command.
I have never fought such a rich battle in my entire life!

“This Li Qingfeng, I’ll screw his ancestors! ”

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