However, although the power of laws would injure their own people, neither of them held back.

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This was a life and death battle.
It was a battle of life and death.

Neither of them had second chances if they lost.

Lu Xiaoran did not waste much time.
The two of them only exchanged a single move in a breath, but the power of laws had already collided more than ten thousand times.

The spatial barrier that was already like duckweed in the rain and falling leaves in the wind was even more shaken.

Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation was still above the other party’s.
Therefore, the moment they collided, Su Chen’s body trembled because of his cultivation disadvantage.

In this moment, Lu Xiaoran took the opportunity to use the eternal flames to instantly devour Su Chen.

Su Chen was swallowed by the flames and naturally did not dare to be careless.
He immediately tried to use the power of laws to extinguish the flames.

However, although the power of laws was powerful, it was unable to extinguish the eternal flame.

This was because the eternal flame was already an existence that surpassed the laws of this world.

Su Chen was not stupid.
After sensing that this flame could not be extinguished, he did not panic.
Instead, he directly charged forward to resist Lu Xiaoran.

He was wearing a divine armor!

The divine armor could resist the eternal flames outside the armor.
Although it would damage the armor, it was enough to protect Su Chen for a short period of time and not injure him.

As long as he killed Lu Xiaoran, the flames would naturally be extinguished.

The two of them fell into a crazy entanglement again.
It was as if two small suns were colliding in the sky.

Su Chen could clearly sense that he was being suppressed by Lu Xiaoran in every aspect.

However, he did not panic.
Instead, as he used his move, Su Chen summoned the system in his body.

“System, activate the ultimate Boss System’s Emperor Mode.”

Activate the Emperor Mode and sacrifice a Martial Monarch Realm expert to increase your combat strength by ten times in the next attack.”

The corner of Su Chen’s mouth curled up slightly.
This was his hidden killing move.

He had never used this move before, but once he used it, it was enough for him to kill the enemy.

When he arrived in front of Lu Xiaoran, a Martial Monarch Realm expert from the Hall of Gods who was fighting suddenly exploded into a bloody mist.

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Lu Xiaoran, who was paying attention to the entire battlefield with his divine sense, suddenly narrowed his eyes.

At the same time, he sensed that Su Chen’s strength had suddenly increased.

With his cautious character, Lu Xiaoran did not dare to be careless.
He used the Trinity True Eyes with all his strength and used the illusion technique to the limit.

The Supreme Profound Dipper was activated, and the spatial power imprisoned Su Chen’s attack speed.
However, even so, Su Chen’s attack speed was still several times more terrifying than before.

In the next second, in everyone’s eyes, Su Chen’s attack mercilessly shattered Lu Xiaoran’s body and slashed him into two.

The corner of Su Chen’s mouth curled up slightly, and the entire battlefield instantly fell silent.

Yun Lige and the others’ expressions changed drastically.
The Martial Monarch Realm experts and Martial Monarch demon beasts on the battlefield also tacitly stopped fighting at this moment.

Everyone was in disbelief.
However, they knew that it was true.

This was because the flames on Su Chen’s body had already disappeared.

This meant that Lu Xiaoran was already dead.
Otherwise, the flames would not have disappeared.

With Lu Xiaoran’s death, they had already lost this battle.

The few elders of the Jun family looked at each other and had already begun to prepare to escape with Jun Bujian at any time.

Only a Martial Monarch Realm expert from the Gods Hall suddenly shouted angrily.

“Su Chen, what did you do? Why did Patriarch Fuquan explode just now?”

Su Chen glanced at him coldly.

“Didn’t you see? He sacrificed himself for the glory of the Hall of Gods.”

“Bullsh*t, you were clearly the one who controlled him and caused him to self-destruct.
You bastard! I’ll kill you!”

The Martial Monarch Realm expert was about to attack when he suddenly discovered that his body had escaped his control.

This immediately frightened him to the extreme.

“Su Chen, what’s going on?”

Su Chen sneered.
“Do you think my money is so easy to obtain? From the moment you joined the Hall of Gods, you’ve already been my slaves.
Slaves of money! This is what you get for being greedy and betraying yourselves.”

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“This is impossible.
We didn’t give you any blood essence or soul.
How can you control us?”

“Who said that controlling you requires blood essence and soul? Without those two, I can still control you.”

“Doesn’t make it any less true!”

As Su Chen’s eyes moved, the remaining Martial Monarch Realm experts in the Hall of Gods actually instantly trembled.

At this moment, they could clearly sense that their bodies had been controlled by Su Chen.

Su Chen held the Square Heaven Halberd in his hand and swept his gaze coldly over Jun Bujian and the Martial Monarch demon beasts.

“Your leader is already dead.
If you know what’s good for you, kneel obediently and surrender and become my subordinates.
Otherwise, none of you will leave today!”

Before everyone could speak, a fluctuation suddenly appeared in the void.

In the next second, Lu Xiaoran suddenly appeared with his sword.
He slashed out from behind and attempted to slash Su Chen’s body into two.

Su Chen’s pupils constricted.
He did not dare to be careless or hesitate at all.
He sacrificed another Martial Monarch Realm expert of the Gods Hall and repaired his body again before escaping from Lu Xiaoran’s area of effect.

The other Martial Monarch Realm experts were furious, but they were helpless.

They could not even control their bodies now, let alone resist Su Chen.

On Su Chen’s side, he stared fixedly at Lu Xiaoran, his expression extremely ugly.

“I clearly killed you.
Looks like you have some special revival technique.”

Lu Xiaoran still did not answer.
He took out another divine weapon—the Netherworld Saber!

The void soul in his body also began to circulate crazily.

The Sword Soul characteristic and Saber Soul characteristic he absorbed were also unleashed to the limit.

Taking a deep breath, he suddenly tapped his foot and pressed his body against Su Chen again.

Lu Xiaoran first swung with his sword before slashing with his saber again.
The saber beam crossed with the sword beam.

With the enhancement of the saber and sword, its might doubled.

Su Chen snorted and did not dare to take it head-on.
He could only sacrifice another Martial Monarch Realm expert.

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With another explosion, another Martial Monarch Realm expert exploded into a bloody mist.

Su Chen’s strength also increased again.

Su Chen slashed fiercely at the intersecting saber lights with his halbert.
It was another divine weapon attack that was ten times stronger.
Even with the enhancement of the divine soul, Lu Xiaoran’s attack was completely destroyed after a pause.

The might of the halberd did not lose its momentum and slashed at Lu Xiaoran again.

Lu Xiaoran was killed again in an instant.

However, in the next second, Lu Xiaoran appeared from the void again.
He slashed down again, forcing Su Chen to raise his halberd to block.

As the two collided, the power of laws began to shatter the void.

It was the second dimension barrier behind the spatial barrier that shattered this time.
At this moment, it was also somewhat unable to resist the battle between the two of them.

Lu Xiaoran casually slashed at Su Chen’s waist.

The divine weapon slashed at the divine armor and no longer emitted divine lightning, but the power of laws.

At this moment, the Golden Lion, which was closest to the two of them, was instantly devoured by the power of laws.

It let out a tragic cry.
Lu Xiaoran immediately used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art.

The Azure Thearch Longevity Art had already been refined into a God Realm cultivation technique by Lu Xiaoran.
Its repair speed was abnormal and it repaired the golden lion in the blink of an eye.

“Brothers, kill the Martial Monarch Realm experts of the Hall of Gods.”

With a soft whistle, the Martial Monarch demon beasts joined forces and began to fight again.

Su Chen relied on detonating Martial Monarch Realm experts to increase the strength of his attack by tenfold.
If they killed all the Martial Monarch Realm experts, Su Chen would be unable to detonate the Martial Monarch Realm experts.
Naturally, by then, he would die without a doubt.

The battle continued.
Lu Xiaoran did not press forward step by step.
Instead, he slowly asked indirectly.

He did not need to anger Su Chen and make him detonate his subordinates in exchange for the tenfold increase.

As long as his subordinates dealt with Su Chen’s subordinates, it would be enough for Su Chen to walk towards destruction.

As time passed, Su Chen felt more and more that he had been forced to a dead end.

There was no other way.
He had to obtain enough energy at once.

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He needed to completely kill Lu Xiaoran.

As long as Lu Xiaoran died, no one here would be his match.
At that time, if he forced them to sign the agreement, he would still obtain a lot of subordinates.

Thinking of this, Su Chen immediately communicated with the system.

“System, detonate the remaining Martial Monarch Realm subordinates.
I want to destroy everything here in an instant.
I don’t believe that he can still be revived after that.”

In the next second, five of the ten Martial Monarch Realm experts exploded.
One of them was Shangguan Liuli.

The pitiful her did not know how stupid she was until the moment of her death.

For a little money, she let Su Chen play with her.
However, in the end, she was still sacrificed.

If she had known earlier, she would have died directly from the beginning!

At the very least, her body would not have been sullied.

However, although she was dead, five Martial Monarch Realm experts were still alive.

This immediately made Su Chen’s pupils shrink, and his face was filled with disbelief.

Why were the five of them not sacrificed?

They were also his subordinates!

Taking advantage of the other party’s wandering thoughts, Lu Xiaoran suddenly attacked.
He gathered all his strength and slashed at Su Chen’s wrist.

Su Chen’s expression suddenly changed drastically.

The halberd had already condensed dozens of times the combat strength he had obtained from sacrificing five Martial Monarch Realm experts.

After being hit by Lu Xiaoran on the wrist, the power of the halberd directly exploded.
It was not released in the way Su Chen wanted it to be released.
Instead, the explosion even enveloped him.

Without any hesitation, Su Chen immediately used all his defensive divine weapons and Martial Monarch Realm weapons to block in front of him.

In the next second, the energy on the halberd went completely berserk.

The world was suddenly enveloped by a light.
Everyone closed their eyes and did not dare to look directly at the light that was filled with a destructive aura.

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