In the northeast direction of the Great Zhou, Han Zhen was so furious that he vomited blood.

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After being defeated three times in a row by the Great Zhou Empire, he was about to move to a new location and run to the Great Qin Empire in the north to see if there were any new opportunities.
In the end, as soon as he arrived, he encountered a large group of ships before he could cross the Primordial Mountain Range.

What was even more exaggerated was that there were actually several Martial Monarch Realm experts hidden on this ship!

The other party did not say a word and did not give him a chance to explain at all.
They immediately beat him up.
No matter how powerful Han Zhen was, he was still beaten until his head was dizzy.

Helpless, he could only run again.

Before leaving the Eternal Forest, he had once thought that the Eternal Forest was the most dangerous place in this world because there were endless top-notch experts there.

However, Han Zhen suddenly felt inexplicably homesick.

Be it the Great Zhou or the Great Qin, he could not be bothered to think about them.

The outside world was too dangerous.
It was better for him to return to his Eternal Forest obediently.

In the Great Zhou Imperial City, Su Chen had already arrived with the Hall of Gods.

The vanguard troops had hundreds of thousands of spirit energy ships.
Their auras were monstrous and covered the sky.

The entire Great Zhou Imperial City and the land in the north were enveloped in dark clouds.

On the ship, Su Chen was dressed in a dragon robe.
Beautiful maidservants stood beside him, making him look even more extraordinary.

This made Su Chen sigh in his heart.

He still remembered that a year ago, he was only trash.

A piece of trash that could be stepped on and trampled on at will.

However, now, he was no longer that trash.

He would become the king of the entire world!

An emperor that could crush everything!

Looking down, the corner of Su Chen’s mouth curled up slightly.

“My soldiers, it’s time for you to contribute! Destroy the Great Zhou.
I want to completely burn this land!”

With a command, the battleship began to descend quickly.

Outside the Great Zhou Imperial City, several experts hid under the soil and surrounded the Great Zhou Imperial City.

The soil above their heads was engraved with array formations that could ensure that they would not be detected by the enemy.

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When they saw the ships of the Hall of Gods begin to land, everyone’s expressions began to turn solemn.

According to Lu Xiaoran’s plan, the first round of the battle would be an attack using the array formation on the ground.

However, the array formation was not enough to destroy the other party.
After the array formation was used, it would be their turn to attack.

In one of the caves, Song Xinian took a deep breath and said with a solemn gaze,

“It’s been a hundred million years.
Su Chen, are you prepared to die?”

Yun Lige and the others immediately clapped.

“As expected of Junior Brother Song, you’re so domineering.
You directly went for a hundred million years.
This time, Su Chen will definitely die.”

“Junior Brother, it’s all thanks to you this time.”

“You’re too kind.
In a while, everyone will attack together.
Try your best to help Senior Brother Li and me increase our damage output.”

Fang Tianyuan patted his chest.

“Don’t worry, leave this to me.”

He was somewhat dumbfounded and did not understand what Senior Brother Song was doing at all.

A hundred million years? How old was he?

He was probably not even as old as him, right?

After all, he was only a few hundred years old, but he actually said that it had been a hundred million years.

No, he was probably not the only one who was crazy.

He looked carefully at the others and noticed that they were all looking at Song Xinian in admiration.
He really did not understand what was going on.

“Um… Can someone tell me what’s going on?”

Zhuge Ziqiong told Jun Bujian the entire story, and Jun Bujian was even more dumbfounded.

“Does this… actually work?”

Zhuge Ziqiong nodded seriously.

However, Jun Bujian clearly did not believe them.

Could such a speech really increase the success rate?

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Moreover, this was too idiotic.

He swore that he would definitely not say this when he returned to the Eternal Forest.

It was simply too embarrassing.
It was too idiotic.
The outcome of a battle only had to do with strength, alright?

As he was thinking, the fleet in the sky had already landed to a certain extent.

However, at this moment, countless lights suddenly rose in the entire Great Zhou.

In the next moment, countless tiger and dragon roars sounded from the ground, shocking the heavens and the earth.

Immediately after, countless dragon and tiger soul essences condensed the spirit energy in the world and quickly rushed towards the ship in an unstoppable manner.

Other than that, countless huge human soul essences also rushed into the sky with the dragon and tiger soul essences.

The powerful force made the world tremble.

Before the fleet in the sky could react, the attacking forces surged forward, destroying thousands of ships on the spot.

The Primordial Dragon Formation, the Starfall Martial Monarch Realm Formation, the Nine Nether Tiger Soul Formation… These array formations were all top-grade Martial Monarch Realm array formations to begin with.
Moreover, Lu Xiaoran had mixed them with billions of top-grade spirit stones.
The strength of these array formations could be imagined.

In the sky, dazzling fireworks instantly exploded.

Those were all ships that had been detonated.

Some cultivators with low cultivation levels were blasted into ashes on the spot by this powerful explosion.

Even King Realm and Emperor Realm cultivators could not withstand the spatial chaos and were torn into pieces.

Su Chen, who was sitting on the ship, was instantly stunned.

“Your Majesty, we’re being attacked by the Great Zhou’s array formation.”

“Good brat, I haven’t even landed yet, but you’ve already started to attack.
You sure have guts.
However, unfortunately, even if you try, you won’t be able to change the final outcome.”

“Relay my orders and get the Martial Monarch Realm experts to fight and use their strength to forcefully break this array formation.”

As soon as Su Chen gave the order, five extremely powerful auras suddenly landed from the ship.

That powerful auras carried a world-shaking energy as they directly descended and suppressed everything.

The dragon, tiger, and human phantoms that filled the sky were forcefully suppressed by these few auras.

The spirit of the formation soul kept roaring, but it was unable to resist.

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Even though these were Martial Monarch Realm formations, it was still difficult for them to resist true Martial Monarch Realm experts.

Finally, a few breaths later, all the phantoms were completely shattered by the five Martial Monarch Realm experts.

However, before the five Martial Monarch Realm experts could heave a sigh of relief, several lights formed in the air again in the next second.

In the blink of an eye, countless dragon, tiger, and human soul essences formed.

The five Martial Monarch Realm experts frowned.

“No, this is the soul essence formed by the array formation.
As long as the array formation is not destroyed, they will not be destroyed.
We have to break the array formation.”

“Then break the array formation.”

A Martial Monarch Realm expert shouted and circulated the cultivation technique in his body.
At the same time, he summoned the Martial Monarch Realm weapon Su Chen had bestowed him and attacked the ground.

In an instant, a huge light lit up on the ground, and the surrounding Dragon Tiger Soul Essence also began to slowly dissipate.

The Martial Monarch Realm expert smiled in extreme disdain.

However, just as he thought that he had broken through the array formation, an accident suddenly happened.

A light rose from the ground.
In the next second, countless pillars of light suddenly shot into the sky from the ground like sharp arrows.

“Not good! There’s a chain array formation below.”

The expressions of the few Martial Monarch Realm experts changed.
Before they could escape, they were enveloped by this pillar of light.

They immediately circulated their cultivation techniques and used their Martial Monarch Realm armor to defend.

However, the beam produced by this array formation was really too powerful.

It even contained the power of laws that could cause huge damage to Martial Monarch Realm experts.

The five Martial Monarch Realm experts were blasted into ashes on the spot with furious roars.

Then, the beam of light did not lose its momentum and directly bombarded the ship in the sky.
In an instant, the ship welcomed a new violent explosion.

Moreover, this time, the explosion was even louder and more terrifying.

What was even more terrifying was that the beam could even destroy a Martial Monarch Realm expert, let alone the other cultivators.

Nearly 60% of the Hall of Gods army had been destroyed in this explosion.

In the sky, fragments of fallen ships were everywhere.
It was as if the end of the world had arrived.

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The fellows hiding in the holes were shocked and speechless when they saw this.

What was shocking was Lu Xiaoran’s array formation strength.
It was really too powerful.

This was simply destructive.

They were all speechless and wondered why Lu Xiaoran did not just set up more array formations.
In that case, wouldn’t he be able to kill everyone in the entire Divine Hall in the sky with just the array formations?

Just as they thought of this, several more array formations rose from the ground in the next second.

Then came the fourth, fifth, sixth…

Wave after wave of array formations were constantly bombarded, making the number of ships in the sky decrease.

Everyone and the demon beasts in the cave were already petrified on the spot.

How many array formations had Lu Xiaoran set up in the Great Zhou Imperial City?

“How long will these array formations last?”

“I don’t know.
From the looks of it, it’ll take a while.”

“Why don’t… I nap for a while?”

The cultivators hidden in the hole were all speechless, and the Hall of Gods in the sky completely collapsed.

“Bastard! Who is it? Who is it?”

Su Chen roared into the sky.

In this battle, almost all the members of the Hall of Gods had participated.
However, before they could even see the enemy, they had already lost nearly 90% of their troops.

How could they fight like this?

Even if he was crazy, he would not be confused.

This was definitely not the doing of the Great Zhou Empire.
The Great Zhou Empire did not have such means.

Someone must have secretly helped the Great Zhou Empire.

Which bastard was secretly helping the Great Zhou Empire?

Even if he had to die, he still wanted to know who was responsible!

At this moment, the array formations… finally stopped.

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