shang off.
I want to personally scrape him and use his flesh and bones to feed my green wolf demon beast.”

The subordinate paused and immediately said, “Hall Master, aren’t you being a little too ostentatious? I heard that some of your subordinates are already somewhat dissatisfied with you.”

“Hehehehe… Old Liu, if you had endless spirit stones and Martial Monarch Realm weapons like me, you would probably be even more arrogant than me.”

Old Liu smiled bitterly and nodded.

That’s right.
If he could have so many endless spirit stones at the age of 20 or 30, he might really be even more arrogant than Su Yang.

Everyone was like this.
When they surpassed a certain limit, it would be difficult for them to control their hearts.

However, he quickly continued, “But what about those dissatisfied cultivators?”

Su Chen’s expression was calm.

“Dissatisfied? If anyone dares to be dissatisfied, just kill them.”

Old Liu’s heart trembled.

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Since Su Chen was so crazy, there were definitely many people who had ill intentions behind his back.
Moreover, these people had originally become Su Chen’s subordinates for the sake of money.
How could they be respectful to him?

It was also very normal for them to have other thoughts.

However, Su Chen did not care.

After all, the Ultimate Big Boss System naturally had this covered.

Could it be that the system would allow him to nurture a group of wolves to stab him in the back?

Every subordinate who was subdued by Su Chen would sign a contract.

Of course, in the eyes of his subordinates, they all felt that they were protected and not be harmed by him since they were not being controlled via blood essence or soul

However, their thoughts were simply too simple.

As long as one signed the contract, they would be recorded into the system.

What these people did not know was that as long as Su Chen wanted to, he could kill them at any time.

At this moment, a group of prisoners of war were pressed down.

The leader of these prisoners was an extremely beautiful woman.

The moment he saw her, Su Chen’s pants twitched.

The two Holy Maidens who were massaging his legs and feet were shocked and thought that they had done too much.

However, when they saw what was happening, they lowered their heads with red faces.

Su Chen’s subordinates below had already begun to report.

“Hall Master, these are the elites of the Great Qin Empire’s first-rate sect, the Glazed Tile Palace.
Among them is the sect master of the Glazed Tile Palace, Shangguan Liuli.”

“There are also the other elders, Zhuge Xiong, Wang Cheng, Liu Neng, and Hu Shengyun.

Su Chen swept his gaze over everyone with interest and finally returned his gaze to Shangguan Liuli.

Shangguan Liuli took a deep breath and finally raised her head.
She was neither servile nor overbearing as she stared into Su Chen’s eyes.

After saying these words indifferently, coupled with her rather cold and arrogant aura, Su Chen’s eyes kept flickering with green light.

This was a woman who was very worthy of being conquered.

The corner of his mouth curled up slightly.

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“It’s a pity to kill such a beautiful woman.
Be my woman.
You’ll serve me tonight.”

Shangguan Liuli frowned and said coldly, “Stop dreaming.
Just kill me directly.”

The few elders of the Glazed Tile Palace also sneered, especially Wang Cheng.
He directly mocked on the spot.

“Su, why don’t you take a look at yourself? Do you really think you deserve to pursue our sect master? Our sect master is at the first level of the Martial Monarch Realm.
As a Martial Monarch Realm expert, how could she fancy a loser like you? How laughable.”

Su Chen narrowed his eyes slightly.

This elder called Wang Cheng should be interested in Shangguan Liuli.

For some reason, this scene made him feel as if he had returned to the past.

That day, his woman had also been snatched away like this.

However, later, not only did he make a comeback, but he had also killed the other party until the other party’s soul was gone.

Now, it was his turn to snatch.
He seemed to be inexplicably excited.

He was determined to get this woman tonight.
No one could stop him.

“It’s not up to you to decide whether I’m worthy of her.
She’s the one who really decides.”

After a pause, he continued, “Shangguan Liuli, be my woman.
I can give you 50 million top-grade spirit stones every month.”

Shangguan Liuli’s gaze was still firm.

Although 50 million spirit stones was a lot, it was not like she had never seen it before.
After all, her Glazed Tile Palace was a top-notch sect of the Great Qin Empire.

In fact, she herself was a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
How could she care about a mere 50 million top-grade spirit stones?

Moreover, the other party wanted her to sell her dignity for a mere 50 million top-grade spirit stones.

That was definitely impossible.

“Don’t talk to me about money.
I’m not interested in money.
Stop wasting your energy.
Just attack and kill me.”

Wang Cheng also sneered again.

“Did you see that? Su Chen, this is our Glazed Tile Palace’s palace master! A Martial Monarch Realm expert! Your stinky money is useless against her!”

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