Five minutes later, a group of figures quietly approached the Blazing Mountain to the west of the Primordial Mountain Range.

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The temperature here was abnormally high.
Even at night, a raging fire burned, illuminating the surroundings as if it was daytime.

“Master, the Blazing Flame Mountain is ahead.
There’s a demon with the bloodline of the Azure Phoenix and Fire Phoenix inside.
Like me, its cultivation is at the Martial Monarch Realm.”

The Azure Ox and the other Supreme Realm demons looked at the Black Tortoise in front of them who was leading the way for Lu Xiaoran in all seriousness and could not help but be speechless.

As demons, they still resisted when they were subdued by Lu Xiaoran.
They were initially unwilling when Lu Xiaoran asked them to deal with their own kind.

However, despite being a Martial Monarch Realm demon beast, this Black Tortoise actually ignored the dignity of the demon race and brought Lu Xiaoran to deal with the demon race.

This simply refreshed their worldview.

No wonder they were not Martial Monarch Realm experts.
It turned out that they were not shameless enough.

Lu Xiaoran opened the Trinity True Eyes and swept his gaze into the Blazing Mountain.
Indeed, he could clearly sense a ball of hot flames.

The demon beast wrapped in the flames was definitely the Martial Monarch Realm Fire Phoenix with the Azure Phoenix bloodline.

This time, Lu Xiaoran would not use baiting methods.

It would be too slow.
He could not keep baiting Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts.
It would take too long.

Moreover, he had already subdued the Black Tortoise.
Coupled with himself, his combat strength had already surpassed that of two Martial Monarch Realm experts.
He definitely had to take down the Fire Phoenix in one go.

In any case, the Black Tortoise’s blood essence and soul had already been put into the Body Modeling Mark by him.
He could let the Black Tortoise scout the way.
It was fine even if it died.
He could still revive it.

“Black Tortoise, go and take it down.
In the future, if there are divine beast eggs, I’ll give them to you first.”

Hearing this, the Black Tortoise naturally flew over without saying a word.

This old bastard had lived for more than ten thousand years and was very smart.

Knowing that it could not resist Lu Xiaoran, it simply did not resist and listened to Lu Xiaoran’s orders.
In any case, it was fine as long as it could bring benefits.

It immediately flew to the entrance of the Flame Mountain and shouted,

“Sister Fire Phoenix, I’m being pursued by humans.
Quickly open the door and let me go in to hide.
Save me.”

The next moment, the entrance to the Flame Mountain suddenly opened.

“Brother Black Tortoise, come in quickly.”

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The Black Tortoise crawled in quickly.
A moment later, a scream suddenly sounded from inside the Flame Mountain.

“Black Tortoise, what… what are you doing? You’re shameless! Let go of me.
Don’t come over… Ah!”

Boss Ox and the other demons :”…”

“Master, could this old bastard be taking advantage of the situation?”

“I don’t think so.
One is a turtle and the other is a bird.
They’re not compatible.”

“However, as the saying goes, a toad lusts after a swan’s flesh.”

“Stop talking.
I’ll go take a look.”

Lu Xiaoran immediately flew into the cave.
It was still early and there was no inappropriate scene.
This old bastard had only bitten one of the other party’s wings.

It used its demon power to freeze the other party in the cave.

Then, Lu Xiaoran used his usual methods to subdue the other party.

The Azure Ox and the other demon beasts waiting outside could not help but fall silent again when they saw that Lu Xiaoran had also entered and was silent.

“Could it be that this Fire Phoenix is too beautiful?”

“That’s not necessary.
That old bastard Black Tortoise and the Fire Phoenix are already not compatible.
Master and the Fire Phoenix are probably even ;ess compatible.”

“That’s right.
If they were to do it, Master would have to stuff his whole body in.
It would be like stuffing a bean sprout.”

However, just as the demons were discussing, an azure light suddenly shot from the distant sky.

“Hiss ~! What a powerful aura.”

“This aura, is it also a Martial Monarch Realm demon beast? Could it be a reinforcement invited by the Fire Phoenix?”

“We’re doomed.
With two Martial Monarch Realm experts appearing at the same time, can Master and the others still defeat them?”

“It doesn’t matter.
In any case, let’s stay away.
If he doesn’t die, we’ll continue to be our slaves.
If he dies, we’ll be able to escape from his control.
In any case, no matter what we do, we won’t lose out.”

At the same time, in the cave…

The Black Tortoise smiled and said, “Sister Fire Phoenix, do you understand? I didn’t scam you, right? Following Master is really good for you.
You definitely won’t lose anything.”

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The Fire Phoenix’s expression was cold as she retorted angrily.

It had to be known that not all demon beasts wanted to become Lu Xiaoran’s servants.

Even though Lu Xiaoran had the divine beast egg as bait, some demon beasts were still unmoved.

For example, the bloodline of the Fire Phoenix was much stronger than that of the Black Tortoise.

Although the divine beast egg was useful, it was not cost-effective for her.

The Black Tortoise also knew that it was in the wrong and smiled awkwardly without replying.

However, at this moment, a powerful aura suddenly descended.

“Fire Phoenix, I just sensed that your aura was somewhat chaotic.
Are you in danger?”

The Fire Phoenix’s expression changed.

The Black Tortoise was overjoyed.

“Master, this is the Golden Lion.
It’s also a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
It has long admired the Fire Phoenix.”

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.
Without waiting for the Fire Phoenix to signal for the Golden Lion to escape, he directly activated Soul Force Control to control the Fire Phoenix.

“I’ve gone berserk with qi deviation.
Come and help me.”

“Alright! Fire Phoenix, don’t panic.
I’ll be right down.”

In the next second, the Golden Lion entered quickly.
However, what awaited it was a ruthless blow.

The Mountain God Pillar had the might of a divine weapon.
With it, Lu Xiaoran knocked out the golden lion with a single strike.

After another incense stick of time, the Fire Phoenix said apologetically, “Golden Lion, I’m sorry.
It’s all my fault.”

“It’s fine, Fire Phoenix.
It’s not your fault.
If I have to blame someone for this, I’ll only blame the old bastard.
It’s too shameless.”

The Black Tortoise: “???”

“What does that have to do with me? I was also forced to come here after being subdued by Master.”

“Why are you so calm and composed despite being ordered to do so? You don’t seem to be mentally injured at all.
How shameless.”

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The Black Tortoise knew that it would probably never be able to rise up again in its life.
It would forever become a traitor of the Demon Race.

However, this also increased its desire to capture all the demon beasts in one go.

As long as everyone was its master’s servant, there would naturally be anyone to call it a traitor.
It was simply shameless.

Therefore, in the following time, the Black Tortoise almost did its best to help Lu Xiaoran subdue everyone.

Therefore, under the night sky, loud voices sounded from the Primordial Mountain Range from time to time.

“Old friend, open the door.
I’m Black Tortoise…”

“Old friend, open the door.
I’m here to deliver something good to you.”

“Old friend, open the door.
I really only have good intentions.
I definitely won’t hurt you.”

“Old friend, open the door.
If you don’t open the door, don’t blame me for being ruthless! I have several Martial Monarch Realm experts here!”

“Come, brothers, I’ll count to three and we’ll pry open the mountain gate.
Hey, you guys… I know you were just subdued by Master, but don’t stand there foolishly.
Go to the back of the mountain and block the gate.
Don’t let it escape from the back of the mountain.”

“The Nameless Sect recruits various Martial Monarch Realm, Saint Realm, Supreme Realm, Emperor Realm, and King Realm experts.

“If you have ambitions that you haven’t realized, if you have passion that you can’t implement, please join our Nameless Sect.

“You don’t need to pay any spirit stones, resources, or money… It’s absolutely free to join.

“At our sect, you can enjoy the treatment of an emperor after entering.
Not only will you be rewarded with divine beast eggs, but you will also receive a large number of Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pills.

“If you’re at the Martial Monarch Realm.
As soon as you enter, you will be given a divine beast egg.
If you are not a Martial Monarch Realm expert, you can also receive medicinal pills to help you cultivate quickly.

“The Nameless Sect is a sect that specializes in serving powerful demons.
Treat yourself and join now!”

In this way, after working for nearly half a month, Lu Xiaoran recruited all the nearly twenty Martial Monarch Realm demons in the Primordial Mountain Range.

Of course, that was not all.

This was because every Martial Monarch demon beasts had countless Demon Saint, Demon Venerable, Demon Emperor, and Demon King subordinates.

All in all, these numbers were not inferior to Su Chen’s Hall of Gods at all.

With these demons, Lu Xiaoran could finally heave a sigh of relief.

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At this moment, no matter how powerful Su Chen was, he still stood a chance.

During this period of time, the disciples also cultivated diligently and increased their cultivation by a few more realms in the Mountain and River State Painting.

Originally, because Zhuge Ziqiong had absorbed Zhuge Fei’er’s essence, she had already broken through to the Saint Realm.
Now, with the help of the Martial Monarch Realm blood extracted from the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill and the divine beast egg, she had already advanced to the eighth level of the Saint Realm.

After her cultivation increased to the Martial Monarch Realm, Lu Xiaoran would be able to let her absorb the divine blood essence in the Divine Blood Pill.
At that time, her cultivation speed would probably still not be slow.

Li Changsheng and Song Xinian’s cultivation levels were no longer that high.

The two of them were only at the fifth level of the Saint Realm.

After all, the two of them had not absorbed a large amount of essence energy from a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
They were still much inferior to Zhuge Ziqiong.

Fang Tianyuan was not bad either.
He had broken through to the first level of the Saint Realm.

Ji Wuxia was currently at the seventh level of the Emperor Realm.

Every time he saw Lige’s cultivation, Lu Xiaoran always felt as if he was looking at a stock that was constantly balanced.
He could barely see the stock price rising.

Fortunately, the cultivation of the other disciples increased very quickly, making Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation increase rapidly.

Now, he had already increased from the third level of the Martial Monarch Realm to the fifth level.

For Martial Monarch Realm experts, the difference in every realm level was huge.

Even if the disciples’ cultivation increased rapidly, the enhancement to Lu Xiaoran was still far inferior to before.

Lu Xiaoran estimated that after reaching the eighth or ninth level of the Martial Monarch Realm, he might need a few more disciples with first level Martial Monarch Realm cultivation before he would have a chance to advance by another realm level.

However, after they advanced to the Martial Monarch Realm and could withstand the energy intensity of the Divine Blood Pill, they could also begin to eat medicinal pills like the Divine Blood Pill.

In this way, he would probably be able to increase his cultivation even more.

At this moment, Wang Cai also woke up.

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