However, although he did not know the other party’s level, he still had to do what he needed to do.

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Then, the recruitment process began.

Of course, according to Lu Xiaoran’s character, it was necessary for him to prepare in advance.

After all, the other party was a dignified Martial Monarch Realm expert.
What if the other party came out and he was unable to defeat the other party?

Even if he could win, what if the other party escaped?

Even if the other party did not escape, what if it found reinforcements?

Even if the other party did not find reinforcements, what if it was unwilling to be subdued by him?

Moreover, the other party’s territory was underwater.
Who could guarantee that there would not be a second Martial Monarch Realm demon beast underwater? What if the other party was married?

Or perhaps the other party had set up some traps that were enough to finish him off.

In any case, Lu Xiaoran would not be so stupid to not prepare himself before going on someone else’s home ground.
Moreover, if he had to make a move, he would do it on his own home ground or in an unfamiliar home ground.

Therefore, in view of this, Lu Xiaoran quickly set up two Eight Trigrams Sky Sealing Formation, two Starfall Emperor Formation, three Primordial Dragon Formation, seven Spacetime Deceleration Formation, and several other Martial Monarch Realm formations around the lake.

In any case, when he was raiding the Acacia Faction, he had obtained a large number of top-grade spirit stones from Nalan Hongyu.
At this moment, Lu Xiaoran did not lack spirit stones at all.

After arranging all of this, Lu Xiaoran kicked the Earth Tiger Bear.

“Go and lure that guy out.”

The Earth Tiger Bear trembled.

“Ah? Master, I can’t.
I’m just a Supreme Realm trash.
I’m simply unable to deal with this old guy.
If you let me go, I definitely won’t be able to return.”

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over the other demon beasts, and the demon beasts also retreated.
Lu Xiaoran immediately raised a finger.

“Whoever goes will be given ten Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pills.”

The demons’ eyes lit up, but they still shook their heads and refused.

After all, one had to be alive in order to enjoy those benefits.

That was a Martial Monarch Realm demon beast big shot.
A casual sneeze from the other party could blast them until not even their souls were left.
Who would dare to go against it?

Moreover, they were luring it out so that Lu Xiaoran could subdue it.

This was simply worse than digging up eighteen generations of the other party’s ancestors.

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Lu Xiaoran raised his second finger.

The demon beasts clearly had some desire as they swallowed their saliva.

However, the demons still did not agree.

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before starting to count down.

“Master, you’re too much.
Why is it getting lower?”

“Stop, Master.
Stop shouting.
Twenty pills.
I’ll go.”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape hurriedly stopped Lu Xiaoran.
Boss Ox and the others stared fixedly at it.

“Don’t look at me.
I don’t have a choice either.
I’m about to break through.
I need medicinal pills.”

“Monkey, you’re a ruthless person!”

“I, Old Niu, am willing to respect you as the bravest!”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape took a deep breath and then carefully approached the lake.

It turned around and looked at Lu Xiaoran to silently boost its courage.

“It’s fine.
Master is also a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
There’s no need to be afraid.
As long as you lure it out, make a run for it.”

Thinking of this, it immediately released its “weak” divine sense to contact the big demon at the bottom of the lake.

“Hello, is anyone there?”

The other party said this word indifferently, but it was mixed with an unquestionable order.

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape immediately nodded.

Then, it immediately turned around and ran back.

The Golden-Winged Eagle :”…”

The Earth Tiger Bear :”…”

“Does your father know that you’re so cowardly??”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape wiped the cold sweat from its forehead.

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“My father probably doesn’t know because I only know who my mother is.
I don’t know who my father is at all.
I think my father also doesn’t know who I am.”

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment.

“Then you won’t be getting any medicinal pills.”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape immediately raised its hand.

“Don’t, Master.
I was just warming up.
Let me do it again.”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape performed a set of monkey fists on the spot.
After emboldening itself, it ran to the lake again.

This time, before it could speak, the cold and extremely dignified figure’s voice had already sounded in its ear.

It was still a faint word.
The other party seemed to be a man of few words.

However, although it was only two words, the pressure contained in it was not low, making the dignified Golden-Armed Divine Ape tremble in fear.

“Senior, is that really you?”

“Senior, it’s me.
I’m the husband of your distant cousin’s son’s eldest cousin’s friend’s sister-in-law’s husband.”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape vaguely felt that something was wrong.

It had to be known that the other party was a Martial Monarch Realm demon.
If the other party was really annoyed by it, the other party would have long attacked and killed it or chased it away.

How was it possible for the other party to keep shouting the words “get lost”?

Moreover… Why did this voice feel like it was coming from beside it?

Thinking of this, the Golden-Armed Divine Ape lay on the ground and listened.
Then, its expression was somewhat strange.
Then, it directly punched the ground.
In the next moment, a dark green figure suddenly exploded from the water and fell beside it.

“Get lost… get lost… get lost… get lost…”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape’s face darkened.
So it was actually a Heaven Peal Frog.

This was an extremely small and low-level demon beast.
The ape could kill a large group of them with a single fart.
Its main function was to leave messages.
If one set a message for it, it would keep repeating the message.

Damn, it turned out that it had been fooled by this small Heaven Peal Frog for a long time.

Extremely furious, the Golden-Armed Divine Ape immediately raised its iron fists to end the other party’s life.

However, in the next moment, an extremely dignified voice suddenly sounded from under the water.

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“What do you want to do to my subordinate?”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape suddenly trembled, and the hair on its entire body stood up.

It knew that this time, it was really that big shot who appeared.

Even though it was covered in sweat, it did not dare to be careless.
This was because it knew that if anything went wrong at this moment, it might die.

With a gulp, it swallowed hard and said, “Senior, you’re mistaken.
I just wanted to see you and thought that it was messing with me.”

“Why did you ask to see me?”

“It’s like this.
I picked up a Heaven Mountain Snow Lotus.
I wonder if Senior dropped it?”

Behind him, Boss Ox and the others immediately could not help but secretly raise their hooves.

What a powerful excuse.
It could even attract the other party like this.

Moreover, the Heaven Mountain Snow Lotus was an excellent natural treasure that could increase one’s demon power by a lot.
It was also rather tempting.

Unfortunately, the other party did not even look at it and directly said, “Put it down.
You can leave.”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.
Was it all for nothing?

“Senior, actually, I also picked up a Heaven Mountain Blood Lotus.
I wonder if it belongs to you.”

“Yes, just throw it into the lake.
Then leave.”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape :”…”

Was this really a Martial Monarch Realm demon beast?

Why did it feel like there were so many tricks up its sleeve?

The other party was even better at this than its master.

It would not refuse anything but was not willing to come out.
How ignoble!

If it really gave it to the other party, it would really be for nothing.

“Senior, I’ve never seen a Martial Monarch Realm demon beast in my life.
I’ve always wanted to see how powerful one is.
I wonder if Senior can satisfy my wish?”

The other party was silent for a moment before continuing, “I don’t want the items.

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The Golden-Armed Divine Ape :”…”

If not for the fact that it had stayed in the Primordial Mountain Range for thousands of years and had brought Lu Xiaoran here with Boss Ox and the others, it would even begin to wonder if there was a true Martial Monarch Realm expert under the lake.

Helpless, it could only take a deep breath and say, “Alright, then.
I originally wanted to take Senior as my master, but since Senior is unwilling, I can only forget it.
Looks like the Emperor Hidden Snow Lotus I spent so much effort to find will be wasted.”

As soon as it finished speaking, the originally calm lake suddenly began to surge with gushing waves.

In the sky, the clouds surged and rolled incessantly.

A moment later, as several explosions sounded quickly from the water, a huge turtle figure slowly rose from the water.

To be precise, it was a Martial Monarch Realm Black Tortoise with the Black Tortoise bloodline.

Its huge body was already more than a few hundred meters long.
It could even be said that it had already become an independent island that could provide a living environment for many small demon beasts.

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape was simply like a small flea in front of it.

“Where is the Emperor Hidden Snow Lotus?”

The Black Tortoise spoke slowly.
Hearing this, the Golden-Armed Divine Ape was immediately dumbfounded.

How would it know where it was?

If it knew, wouldn’t it immediately eat it? Would it really run over and foolishly give it to other demons?

Lu Xiaoran did have one, but Lu Xiaoran had to be willing to give it to him.

Seeing that the Golden-Armed Divine Ape was silent, Black Tortoise’s expression turned cold and he immediately erupted with an extremely powerful aura.

“How dare you lie to me!”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape’s heart skipped a beat.
Sensing the despairing pressure, it immediately collapsed.

If the other party attacked, wouldn’t he be slapped into ashes on the spot?

Fortunately, at this moment, Lu Xiaoran’s voice sounded at an appropriate time.

“That guy doesn’t have the Emperor Hidden Snow Lotus, but I do.”

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