“Based on this situation, I reckon that if Su Chen is given another half a month, he will be bold enough to attack the Eternal Forest!”

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Lu Xiaoran did not dare to underestimate the other party.

Moreover, Wang Cai had just swallowed Zhuge Fei’er’s power of luck and was starting to advance again.

He would not even be able to obtain anything good for a while.

The other party’s hack had allowed him to rope in countless experts.
On the other hand, his hack was still being updated and could not be used for a short period of time.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran grabbed a few Golden Luck Dragons and used the Martial Monarch Realm spear to pierce through their buttholes.
Then, he stabbed them all the way until the spear exited from their throats.
He smeared oil, roasted them, sprinkled cumin, sprinkled salt, and sprinkled chili powder…

He would eat a few Golden Luck Dragons first and see if he could get any good luck.

Before he could finish eating the Golden Luck Dragons, the Body Modeling Mark suddenly lit up.
Then, Buttface was resurrected from the Body Modeling Mark.

In the previous battle, Buttface had been killed by Zhuge Fei’er’s subordinate.
Now that it had been revived by the Body Modeling Mark, it immediately felt relaxed.

“Master, it’s great to see you.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and finished the last mouthful of the Golden Luck Dragon Meat before putting the spear back into the Mountain and River State Painting.

It seemed that eating some Golden Luck Dragon Meat was not very useful.
It only sped up the revival of Buttface.

It was not like Buttface was a Martial Monarch Realm demon beast.

Lu Xiaoran was suddenly stunned on the spot, and his eyes lit up.

Even if the Hall of Gods had countless top-notch experts, he still had nothing to worry about.
This was because he was backed by the Primordial Mountain Range.
There were countless powerful demon beasts there.

For example, the Azure Ox Supreme and the others were actually only a small portion of the demon beasts in the Primordial Mountain Range.

Their boss was not the only Martial Monarch Realm demon beast.

In fact, there were many other Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts in the Primordial Mountain Range.

Thinking of this, the corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up.

“Buttface, go and call the Azure Ox and the others over.”

Soon, the green bull and the other demons were called over by Buttface.

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Lu Xiaoran saw the few demons arrive and immediately smiled.

“The few of you have all contributed a lot in the battle this time.
Not bad.
You did very well.”

The Azure Ox and the others immediately replied humbly,

“Master, you’re too kind.
We’re actually very ordinary.”

“Yes, yes, everything is for Master’s needs.”

“That’s right.
The fact that you guys have such intentions proves that I didn’t give you so many medicinal pills to increase your strength for nothing.”

After a pause, he took out a divine beast egg.

When the Azure Ox and the others sensed the aura on the divine beast egg, their pupils suddenly constricted.

“Hiss ~! This… this aura! Could this be a divine beast egg?”

Although these demon beasts had demon beast bloodlines, in fact, strictly speaking, they were only a group of dabblers.

Not to mention anything else, the divine beast bloodline in their bodies was completely impure and was rather chaotic.
Moreover, it only accounted for a portion of the overall bloodline.
Most of them still had ordinary bloodlines.

However, a divine beast egg was different.
It was a pure egg with only the bloodline of a divine beast.

It was even to the extent that although this was only a small divine beast egg that had yet to hatch, its aura had already suppressed all their greater demons.

“That’s right, this is indeed a divine beast egg.”

Hearing Lu Xiaoran admit it personally, the demons could not help but shudder.

“Heavens, this is really a divine beast egg.”

“I can even sense how powerful the Azure Phoenix bloodline in its body is.
If it can hatch, it will at least be a Martial Monarch Realm existence in the future!”

“Stop talking nonsense.
Do you think that’s you? This is a divine beast egg! After hatching it, it will definitely be able to cultivate to the God Realm in the future.”

Lu Xiaoran frowned and interrupted the conversation of the few demons.

“Alright, cut the crap.
What’s the point of discussing so much? I’m prepared to give you this divine beast egg to consume and then increase the bloodline power in your bodies.
Are you willing?”

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The few demons immediately gasped and were shocked.

“Master, you can’t do that.
We’re only ordinary demon beasts with a little divine beast bloodline.
How can we really eat a pure divine beast egg?”

“You guys don’t want to eat it? If you don’t, I’ll add some chives and leeks later and prepare it for myself.
This is great.
It can even increase one’s cultivation.
Tsk tsk, what a rare treasure.”

Hearing this, the few demons immediately swallowed in unison and looked eagerly at Lu Xiaoran, who took out a Martial Monarch Realm weapon and was prepared to shatter the divine beast egg.

The moment Lu Xiaoran reached out with his hand, the demons suddenly said,

Master, we think that we’re actually already your servants now.
We should listen to your orders.
How can we still stick to the ways of demon beasts?”

“That’s right, that’s right.
If Master wants us to die at midnight, we won’t dare to wait until morning.
It’s just a divine beast egg.
We’ll just eat it.
At most, when we see other demon beasts in the future, won’t it be fine if we don’t tell them that we ate a divine beast egg?”

“That’s right.
The Golden-Winged Eagle is indeed the smartest.”

Lu Xiaoran retracted his Martial Monarch Realm weapon and smiled.

“Alright, in that case, tell me.
Where are the other demon beast groups located in your Primordial Mountain Range? Where can I find a Martial Monarch Realm demon beast?”

Hearing this, the demons who were originally prepared to obtain the divine beast egg suddenly began to be vigilant.

“Master, what are you trying to do?”

“It’s nothing.
I just want to meet your demon race’s big shot and chat.
I want to have a cup of tea.”

The demons immediately rolled their eyes.

Forget it.
There was no other person in the world who was more scheming than their master.

Their master’s tricks were especially cunning.
Nothing good could come of this.

The few of them were not stupid and did not want to help the person who subdued them.

“Master, we don’t want to eat the divine beast egg anymore.”

“That’s right, Master.
We thought about it and felt that we shouldn’t eat the divine beast egg.
After all, we have to have a certain level of piety towards divine beasts.”

“Alright, I originally planned to give you guys another divine beast egg after this matter is done.
Since you say so, since there’s no more divine beast egg, I’ll directly use the Beast Control Divine Art to forcefully control you and get you to lead the way.”

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The Golden-Winged Eagle :”…”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape :”…”

The Earth Tiger Bear :”…”

They knew that Lu Xiaoran was simply too cunning.

He would use the soft approach first and use the hard approach later.
In any case, they would still have to lead the way.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran was very cunning.
He did not directly try to force them to lead the way.
Instead, he wanted them to admit that they chose to lead the way on their own will.

However, thinking about it carefully, the owner of a demon pet like Buttface was probably not any better, right?

Moreover, these demon beasts could also obtain divine beast eggs if they agreed.

If they did not agree, not only would they not be able to receive the divine beast eggs, but they would still have to be forcefully controlled by Lu Xiaoran to lead the way.

Even a fool would know what to choose.

“Master, we’re willing to bring you to find demon beasts.”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up.

Actually, he was just scaring them.
Although the Beast Control Divine Art was powerful, a forceful order would damage the soul of the demon beast and affect the other party’s growth.

Perhaps the guy who created this cultivation technique back then also had a bigger heart.

Therefore, unless there was no other choice, Lu Xiaoran would definitely not be willing to use it to force them.

After all, he still had to go to Su Chen’s Hall of Gods and definitely needed a large number of experts.

At this moment, he decided to save as much manpower as he could.

“Alright, then bring me to the Martial Monarch Realm demon beast now.”

“Then, Master, please hand over the divine beast eggs.”

“You guys work first.
After you’re done, I’ll pay the rest.”

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“Master, you won’t scam us, right?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not that bad.”

The demons were silent for a moment and were deeply suspicious of Lu Xiaoran’s words.

However, they had no choice.
After all, they were others’ slaves.

Without a choice, it was useless to think too much.

Therefore, while it was dark, the demon beasts immediately brought Lu Xiaoran to the Primordial Mountain Range.

The Primordial Mountain Range was very large, but Lu Xiaoran had already completely ignored this wide area when searching for Martial Monarch Realm experts.

He still had the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle that he had already forged into a divine weapon.
As long as he had the coordinates, he could go wherever he wanted.
He would not need to worry about navigation at all.

Soon, the few demons brought Lu Xiaoran to a place not far from a lake in the Primordial Mountain Range.

“Master, the Martial Monarch Realm demon beast’s hiding place is right ahead.”

“However, Master, you better be careful.
That demon is very powerful.
If you don’t handle it well, you might die.”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but be somewhat curious.

“It’s not just powerful.
A thousand years ago, a Demon Ape reached the Martial Monarch Realm and was arrogant in the Primordial Mountain Range.
It wanted to become a king and make us submit to it.
In the end, the big shot of this lake directly swallowed it.
I heard that the next day, a demon in the distance saw that big shot taking a dump by the lake which contained the bones of that Demon Ape.”

“It’s tragic.
I heard that the female apes of the Demon Ape were even snatched away by other demon races.”

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes slightly and swept his gaze over the water.
It seemed that there was indeed an extremely powerful energy cultivating at the bottom of the lake.

However, he did not know what kind of demon beast this guy was or what special abilities it had.

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