At this moment, thunder rumbled.
A moment later, rain fell.

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Zhuge Fei’er raised her eyebrows.

The rain was filled with the smell of blood.

Almost everyone present was experienced in the battlefield and was especially familiar with this smell.

Almost in an instant, Zhuge Fei’er gave the order.
Everyone instantly disappeared from their spots.
In the next moment, a dazzling light suddenly erupted from their spots.

A mushroom cloud rose from the ground and rushed into the sky.

The shock wave swept out, causing the ground in a radius of hundreds of kilometers to explode endlessly.

“Enemy attack! Be vigilant.”

In the sky, a cold wind blew, and Lu Xiaoran directly became chaotic in the clouds.

He looked at Song Xinian beside him in confusion and said, “Why did you throw the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill?”

Song Xinian touched his head and said in confusion, “I was thinking that since the attack power of the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill is comparable to an ordinary attack of a Martial Monarch Realm expert, we can just throw them out.
If we can directly kill a portion of them, it will be very beneficial for us!”

“Are you a fool? In that case, wouldn’t it be fine if I just threw out a large pile of Martial Monarch Realm Core Pills? Would I still need to study tactics?”

“The activation of the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill required time.
As long as one’s strength was above the King Realm, their perception would be extraordinary.
They would be able to sense danger far before the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill detonated.

“Moreover, there’s a group of Supreme Realm, Martial Monarch Realm, and even Martial Monarch Realm experts below.
Other than alerting the enemy, what’s the use of throwing the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill?”

The correct way to use the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill was usually to use it when the enemy was severely injured or when the enemy was very close.

Because Lu Xiaoran had put on three layers of Martial Monarch Realm armor for his disciples, when he detonated the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill at a close distance, he could almost completely avoid the damage of the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill.

This was the true use of the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill.

In the end, Song Xinian directly used a Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill.
Not only did he not kill anyone, but he also alerted the enemy and let them know that they had Martial Monarch Realm Core Pills.

Oh, it was not that none of them were killed.
At the very least, a few horses were killed.

However… this seem to have made Song Xinian seem even more idiotic.

“Alright, cut the crap.
Get down quickly and don’t let anyone escape.”

Wang Cai’s voice sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s ear.

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“Master, please kill the hot shot.
There will be a reward.”

Clearly, Wang Cai had already sensed that Zhuge Fei’er had already begun to take action.

Below, Zhuge Fei’er stood a hundred meters away.
No matter how the shock wave flowed past her, it was unable to injure her at all.

The four heavenly kings were gathered beside her.
There was also the man who had been following her.

As for the other attendants, their speed was not fast, so they had yet to approach.
However, they were also quickly arriving.

“Could this attack be from a Martial Monarch Realm expert?”

“It’s not a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
The attack power of a true Martial Monarch Realm expert wouldn’t be so inferior.
This can at most be considered a normal attack of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.”

“It’s a Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill.”

After Zhuge Fei’er explained, everyone immediately stopped discussing, but their expressions were even more solemn.

“Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill! There’s actually such a medicinal pill? It’s rumored that this is refined from the ashes of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
It contains an extremely powerful force.”

“Looks like the other party has ill intentions.”

As soon as they finished speaking, several figures suddenly fell from the sky.

The other party did not waste his breath at all and directly attacked.
They directly attacked with hundreds of moves.

Zhuge Fei’er’s expression changed as she said sternly,

As for her, she directly slashed out.

The saber beam quickly spread, tearing through space and facing hundreds of attacks with extremely powerful strength.

The saber beam detonated one of the attacks.
Immediately after, the other attacks also exploded because of this.
In the sky, countless huge light balls were released like fireworks.

As soon as the explosions happened, three figures fell straight into the crowd.

In the next moment, sword lights flashed as a huge battle directly erupted.

Zhuge Fei’er did not participate.
Since the other party dared to set up an attack on her, it was impossible for there to only be a few pure Supreme Realm experts in the team.

There was definitely a higher level existence.

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Another thing was that these subordinates were all people she had carefully chosen and had accompanied her in battles for many years.
Zhuge Fei’er was confident in their cultivation and did not need to worry at all.

However, she also felt admiration for her enemies.

Without saying much, the other party immediately attacked.
This was a classic case of fighting to kill.

If the other party was from the Great Qin Empire, she might even make an exception and recruit the other party into the Battle God Army.

Unfortunately, the other party was not.

Just as she was thinking, suddenly, with a violent explosion, Zhuge Fei’er saw her subordinate, one of the four heavenly kings, Ouyang Han, fly back.

Zhuge Fei’er’s expression changed.

Ouyang Han wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a solemn expression,

“They have Martial Monarch Realm armor on them.
Moreover, the weapons they use are also Martial Monarch Realm weapons!”

Zhuge Fei’er’s pupils immediately constricted.

It was not that the Battle God Army did not have Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
However, even so, only the four heavenly kings of the Battle God Army had Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
Moreover, they only had combat Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
They did not have the luxury of having Martial Monarch Realm armor.

Was the other party that extravagant?

Could it be someone from the Hall of Gods?

However, thinking about it carefully, it did not seem right.

The people from the Hall of Gods had just completed a round of sweeping through the demon beasts and had killed countless demon beasts.
It was definitely impossible for these demon experts to cooperate with the Hall of Gods.

Who had such terrifying combat execution ability and so many Martial Monarch Realm weapons?

Just as she was distracted, an invisible power of laws pressed down on her head.

The power of laws did not have any unpredictable factors, unlike ordinary attacks that might produce astral aura, sword lights, and so on.

The power of laws was only a simple and invisible force.

Only Zhuge Fei’er, who was also a Martial Monarch Realm expert and had also grasped the power of laws, could resist it.

Sensing the power of laws fall, Zhuge Fei’er snorted.
She raised her hand and pushed Ouyang Han away.
Then, she punched out and also resisted with the power of laws.

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The two power of laws collided without any shock wave.
However, the powerful force directly shattered the spatial barrier.

However, after throwing that punch, Zhuge Fei’er did not have much time to resist.

As the void distorted, a long sword had already slashed out.

Zhuge Fei’er’s reaction speed was very fast, but she was still a beat slower.
Half of her arm was directly severed from her elbow.

The intense pain made her pupils shrink.
In an instant, she summoned her Martial Monarch Realm saber—the Shadow Severing Saber.

She waved the Shadow Severing Saber horizontally in front of her chest and blocked the other party’s long sword.

This time, a sound that was enough to shatter one’s eardrums erupted.
The shock wave directly sent Zhuge Fei’er flying.

When she stabilized her body, Zhuge Fei’er’s expression was extremely solemn.

Her arm was somewhat numb.

The other party’s cultivation was also at the Martial Monarch Realm!

Moreover, what was even more terrifying was that Zhuge Fei’er knew her own strength.
To her, it was easy for her to surpass one or two Martial Monarch Realm experts.

However, at this moment, the other party was still able to injure her.

This meant that the other party’s strength was either enough to fight those at a higher level or… it was possible for him to be at the third or even the fourth level of the Martial Monarch Realm.

In terms of combat strength, the other party was stronger than her!

Another extremely terrifying thing was… a small dent had appeared in her Shadow Severing Saber.

The Shadow Severing Saber was a Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

Moreover, it was a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

However, she was unable to block the other party’s sword and a dent even appeared on her weapon.

Just what was the other party using?

Without waiting for her to think, Lu Xiaoran had already begun to prepare for the next wave of attack.

As he attacked, Lu Xiaoran instantly picked up Zhuge Fei’er’s severed arm and threw it into the Mountain and River State Painting.

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This was an extremely good pill refinement material.
How could he waste it?

Zhuge Fei’er questioned fiercely.
Unfortunately, she only received a world-destroying sword attack from Lu Xiaoran.

The Xuanyuan Sword stirred the power of rules, making the clouds in the sky surge.
Violent winds raged, and the surrounding mountains began to hum.

As the sword fell, Zhuge Fei’er did not dare to be careless at all.
The Shadow Severing Saber in her hand slashed out horizontally.

The power of laws erupted and collided with Lu Xiaoran’s sword beam.

The spatial power shattered, and another void black hole exploded in the world.

Before Zhuge Fei’er could speak, Lu Xiaoran had already attacked again.

Zhuge Fei’er’s heart became heavier.

This Lu Xiaoran was not only powerful, but he was also domineering and did not hesitate at all.

After one move, he quickly followed with another move, not giving her any chance to breathe.

She was even unable to divert her attention to take care of her subordinates.

For the first time in her life, Zhuge Fei’er felt that death was so close to her.

At this moment, the space in front of her suddenly began to distort.
Zhuge Fei’er’s reaction speed was extremely fast.
In an instant, she completed a spatial jump.

In an instant, Zhuge Fei’er arrived at a height of tens of thousands of meters.

Her severed arm had also been regenerated at this moment.

However, before she could heave a sigh of relief, she saw that her feet were stained with a faint golden flame.

Zhuge Fei’er was immediately shocked.

This was because she discovered that her strength was actually unable to expel this flame!

In fact, the flames released by the Trinity True Eyes increased with Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation.

If Lu Xiaoran was only at the Emperor Realm, he would not be able to injure Zhuge Fei’er at all.
The other party would be able to circulate the power of laws.

However, Lu Xiaoran had long advanced to the Martial Monarch Realm.
The might of the flames was also enough to make a Martial Monarch Realm expert feel fear.

Just as Zhuge Fei’er was shocked, a cold light suddenly appeared in front of her chest.

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