Everyone watched as Eldest Senior Brother followed behind Master like a puppy.

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Everyone was silent for a long time.

Only then did Song Xinian speak.

“Has Eldest Senior Brother always been so good with words?”

The others nodded silently.

Fang Tianyuan said, “That’s not entirely true.”

Song Xinian heaved a sigh of relief.
In the next second, Fang Tianyuan continued, “Sometimes, Eldest Senior Brother can be a lot more skillful with his words.”

At this moment, he finally seemed to understand why Eldest Senior Brother had so many treasures even though everyone cultivated together.

Eldest Senior Brother spoke nicely and was good-looking.
He was very good at pleasing his master.

For the first time in his life, Song Xinian felt that being a bootlicker was also a skill.

When the sun set, fiery red light illuminated the entire Eternal Forest.
At the edge of the Heaven Secrets Cliff, the air distorted.

A moment later, a figure appeared beside Elder Tianji and cupped his hands towards her.

“Elder Tianji, the Nalan family has already been completely destroyed.
All the Nalan clansmen were killed by us.
All the blood has been gathered by us.”

With that said, he handed over a small porcelain bottle.
This small porcelain bottle was filled with blood.
Some of the blood even emitted a faint golden light.

It was the blood of some experts who had already stepped into the Emperor Realm and above.
Their bloodlines had already become stronger.

After one’s cultivation reached the Emperor Realm, their bloodline power would change.

Back then, the reason why the descendants of the Great Zhou Emperor were stronger than the descendants of the imperial palaces was because the Great Zhou Emperor was an expert at the Emperor Realm.
As his children, they could directly enjoy the enhancement of this bloodline power.

Elder Tianji put away the small porcelain bottle with a calm expression and continued, “How’s the arrangements for the Great Qin Empire?”

“The Great Qin Empire has already been set up.
Zhuge Fei’er once left a bloodline in the Zhuge family.
We’ve already dealt with this bloodline.
At this moment, Zhuge Fei’er has probably already received the news and is on the way to the Zhuge family.”

“Is that so? Then what about the other one in the Great Qin Empire?”

“Are you talking about Su Chen?”

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“According to our understanding, the scale of the Hall of Gods Su Chen established has expanded again.
There are already twenty Saint Realm experts.
In addition to that, there are also a few Saint Realm experts who seem to be interested in joining.
As for Supreme Realm experts, Emperor Realm experts, and King Realm experts, there are countless of them.
There are even secret reports that Su Chen seems to be discussing with a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
If the discussion goes well, Su Chen will have a Martial Monarch Realm expert as his subordinate.”

“Hmph! That bastard is quite generous.
He’s actually willing to split out so much Primordial Purple Qi to change the luck of these mortals.
However, no matter how many hot shots he recruits, it’s still useless.
After all, Master has been planning for hundreds of thousands of years.

“No one can stop that child.

“He will definitely return to his former position.”

“Then, what should we do now?”

“Get a few Emperor Realm experts to sneak in.
Since he wants to recruit people, let him.

“However, remember that he’s a hot shot.
It’s very likely that he has some special abilities that can help him detect disloyalty.
I’ll use the Heaven Secrets Pavilion’s secret technique to do something to them so that they’ll avoid being detected by the hot shot.

However, even so, tell them to be careful and not expose their identities.

The other party quickly retreated to carry out her mission.

Elder Tianji turned around and walked into the cave.

In the cave was actually a huge blood pool.
In the blood pool, a lot of different types of blood were surging.
Among them, there was also some blood that was also pale golden.

It was even to the extent that some blood was actually emitting a pure gold color.

That was the color of blood that would only appear when an existence had already stepped into the Martial Monarch Realm.

Elder Tianji guided the blood in the small porcelain bottle into it.
This lively blood of an expert from the Nalan family originally wanted to struggle.

However, the blood could only be destroyed in the blood pool.

Elder Tianji threw away the porcelain bottle and looked at the blood in the blood pool.

“The blood of these living beings alone is not enough to block the detection of the Heaven Gate.
If I want him to successfully step into the Divine World, I still need more blood.
Looks like I have to think of a way to kill some more experts.”

On the other side, south of the Primordial Mountain Range at the Great Zhou border.

A figure in a robe stood under the shade of the tree at the cross street and looked at the brightly lit inn opposite.
His eyes shot out cold lights.

A moment later, a figure quietly appeared behind her.

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“Asura, we’ve already investigated.
The person who killed Young Master is Young Master’s beloved, Ling Huayu.
She was originally a prostitute that Young Master took a fancy to.
He redeemed her and married her.
I didn’t expect her to actually work with the four great families of Linglong City to kill Young Master and seize the Zhuge family’s assets.
Tonight, they will hold an auction in the inn to auction the precious jade you left for Young Master.”

The woman called Asura’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Ling Huayu, how dare you kill my son.
Are you prepared to die with him?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she stepped into the inn.

Sensing those extremely domineering words, the man’s heart trembled, and his eyes revealed a trace of high admiration.

She was always so domineering.

No wonder she could control the Battle God Army and become a legend of the Great Qin Empire!

Asura walked straight to the inn.
Just as she arrived at the door, a rich young master beside her leaned over and pretended to be a gentleman as he smiled.

“This lady looks unfamiliar.
I wonder which family you’re from?”

Asura did not even look at him and only said a word indifferently.

As soon as she said this, the other party’s expression immediately became somewhat ugly.
However, he still pretended to be a gentleman and said,

“Miss, there’s no need to misunderstand.
I just want to get to know you.
I don’t have any ill intentions.
Moreover, I’m the eldest son of the Li family in Linglong City.
Li Qing, I believe you’ve heard of our Li family’s status in Linglong City, right?”

With that said, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly, and his face was filled with confidence.

This was his method of picking up girls.

The Li family was a mid-level family in Linglong City.
They were rich and powerful.
Moreover, Old Master Li was an expert at the first level of the Master Realm.
It could be said that he was rather respected.

Unfortunately, he had miscalculated this time.

Just as he finished speaking, Asura directly punched through his chest.

He looked at Asura’s side profile in disbelief, as if he did not expect anyone to dare to attack him in Ling Long City.

As for Asura, she did not care at all.
She pulled her hand out and stepped into the inn.

In the inn, there was a commotion.
The auction was ongoing, but when everyone saw her enter, the commotion immediately became much smaller.

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It was because Asura’s aura was really too outstanding.

Even in this martial world, where all women had fair skin, Asura’s appearance and aura was especially beautiful.

Moreover, the cultivation of the women in Ling Long City was very weak, so their appearances were naturally not as translucent as hers.

“Which family is this girl from? Why is she so beautiful?”

As they discussed, Asura had already walked to the auctioneer’s side.

The auctioneer could not help but frown.

“Miss, if you want to participate in the auction, I suggest you find a seat and bid instead of…”

Before he could finish speaking, Asura directly killed him with a saber.

The moment the auctioneer’s head fell to the ground, the crowd was in an uproar.

“That’s right.
Which family are you from? How dare you cause trouble in Linglong City? Do you have no regard for the law?”

Asura did not even look at them.
She only caressed the precious jade that was being auctioned, her eyes revealing a trace of sadness.

Then, she cast her gaze to the private room on the second floor.
A woman in a yellow dress was sitting there.

The moment their eyes met, the other party immediately felt her heart tremble.

Asura’s eyes were too sharp, making her unable to resist.

After taking a deep breath, she stood up and cupped her hands towards Asura.

“Senior, where are you from? Why did you attack me? I didn’t do anything to offend you, right, Senior?”

Asura did not answer her and only said indifferently,

“Tell me, Zhuge Xun loves you so much.
Why did you harm Zhuge Xun?”

The woman in the yellow dress had a cold gaze.

“Are you here to cause trouble?”

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Asura still did not answer and continued, “I’ll ask you again.”

The woman in the yellow dress swept her gaze below and many people began to discuss.

Her gaze became even colder.

The other party wanted to ruin her reputation.

However, she was not afraid.
Instead, she sneered.

“So what if I killed him? If not for him killing my parents, would I have ended up in a brothel? He said that he loved me because he coveted my body.
If I were old and ugly, he wouldn’t have taken a second look at me, right?”

Asura immediately shook her head.

“Even so, you shouldn’t have killed him.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Asura did not waste any more time.
She picked up the precious jade and turned to leave.

Ling Huayu immediately shouted,

“Don’t let her escape.
That precious jade is a low-grade Heaven Realm treasure.”

As soon as she said this, everyone immediately attacked to snatch it.

However, Asura’s movement technique was extremely strange.
In two flashes, she actually easily walked to the entrance before anyone could stop her.

After saying these words indifferently, she completely disappeared from her spot.

“Don’t let that slut off.
I’ll give 2,000 high-grade spirit stones to whoever takes back the jade.”

As soon as she said this, everyone immediately prepared to chase after him.
However, at this moment, a burly figure wearing white silk gloves slowly walked in.

“Two things.
First, she’s not a slut.”

“Second, I’ll give you five breaths to leave your last words.”

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