“Hiss, I didn’t expect the battle outside to be so intense.
Fortunately, I brought everyone to the Nameless Sect to hide and cultivate.
Otherwise, I would have been implicated.”

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Lu Xiaoran could not help but sigh.
At the same time, he was glad for his foresight.

If he were still in the Imperial City, he would inevitably be implicated.
Otherwise, how could he cultivate quietly?

Of course, these big events were more or less related to him.
However, Lu Xiaoran did not plan to take the blame.

What did the matter of the Nalan family, Nalan Hongyu, and the demon beasts have to do with him? What did Song Xinian’s old enemy, the rich hot shot, have anything to do with him?

After all, he could not just allow others to attack him, right?

In this way, he let the people outside fight as they pleased.
On the other hand, he continued to cultivate with his disciples and did not let anyone disturb him.
If he continued to live ignobly, he estimated that in another two years or so, he would probably successfully step into the Martial Monarch Realm and become a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

At that time, even if he really faced a Martial Monarch Realm expert, he would still have the strength to fight.

Moreover, he already knew the what Zhuge Fei’er, Zhuge Ziqiong’s old enemy, was capable of.

She was an invincible battle god and had a large number of powerful existences under her.

However, now that the demon beats were somehow provoked and rioting, it should also be able to stop their advancement during this period of time.

Hot shots usually leveled up after the battle, not during.

At that time, he would take the opportunity to attack when the other party had just finished a big battle.
He would make a move before the other party could use the resources in her hand to increase her strength.

In addition, from this matter, Lu Xiaoran felt that his luck had improved a lot.
He had unintentionally caused the other party to suffer a huge loss.

Perhaps because he had eaten the Golden Luck Dragon, his luck had clearly changed.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran also took out the three Golden Luck Dragons he had previously opened from the Mountain and River State Painting.

It was still the same old method.
He took out the Martial Monarch Realm spear and pierced it through the dragons until the spear reached the throat.
Then, he greased it and started a fire to roast it.
Then, he greased it again, roasted it again, and greased it again… This cycle repeated until the Golden Luck Dragon was roasted until it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
Then, he sprinkled sesame salt, chili powder, and pepper powder…

In the Eternal Forest, in the Nalan family hall, the patriarch, Nalan Tingtao, had an extremely gloomy expression.

“Our Nalan family’s inheritance treasure has been lost.
Now, we’ve lost several powerful experts in a row.”

Where is the dignity of the grand Nalan family? ”

The expressions of the Nalan family elders were also not good.

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It had to be known that tens of thousands of years ago, Martial Monarch Realm experts had appeared in the Nalan family.

Moreover, there was more than one of them.

Now, even though the Nalan family had declined, it was still a faction in the Eternal Forest.

Although there were no Martial Monarch Realm experts in the family, there were still Saint Realm experts.

It was because of this that the Nalan family had a place in the Eternal Forest where experts were as common as trees in a forest.

However, such a powerful Nalan family had actually been killed by a small empire outside.

Who could endure this humiliation?

If news of this spread, how would the famous families in the entire Eternal Forest view their Nalan family?

“We have to punish the Great Zhou Empire.”

“There’s no need for too much nonsense.
This time, let’s directly destroy the Great Zhou Empire.”

Nalan Tingtao’s eyes flickered with heart palpitating killing intent.

“Looks like it’s time to ask the elder of the Nalan family to make a move.”

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

Was the patriarch really going to ask the elder to make a move?

Heavens, the patriarch had gone overboard this time.

It had to be known that that elder was the most important trump card of the entire Nalan family.
Unless it was absolutely necessary, they would not ask him to make a move.

This was because the other party was a Saint Realm expert!

The word Saint was enough to explain everything.

There was no need for any praise.

To them, a Saint Realm expert was an existence that they could only dream of becoming.

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This time, their plan would become a lot more stable.

On the other side, in the Nameless Sect, another year passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past half a year, the strength of the entire Nameless Sect had increased in a straight line.

Song Xinian’s improvement was rather impressive and he had already officially stepped into the perfected first level Supreme Realm.

Because his talent was originally very powerful, his cultivation soared.
Previously, he was unable to increase his cultivation to a sufficiently powerful level because he had not encountered Lu Xiaoran and did not have such a powerful medicinal pill reserve.

It could be said that the stronger one’s talent was, the faster their cultivation would increase.

With abundant resources, his improvements would almost be several times or even dozens of times higher than the improvements of disciples from other sects.

Li Changsheng had reached the perfected second level Supreme Realm and could step into the third level Supreme Realm at any time.

After all, his talent was not bad.
Moreover, his cultivation was much stronger than Song Xinian’s, so the increase was naturally greater.

However, at this rate, it would probably not be long before Song Xinian surpassed him.

Fang Tianyuan and Zhuge Ziqiong improved very quickly.
One of their cultivation levels had increased to the eighth level of the Emperor Realm, and the other had increased to the fifth level of the Emperor Realm.

Although it was not as good as Li Changsheng and Lu Xiaoran, it was still impressive and they had also increased their cultivation by a lot.

Ji Wuxia was slightly inferior, but she had already broken through to the second level of the Emperor Realm.

“Speaking of which, this brat Lige ate another one of my divine beast eggs.
His cultivation has to increase again, right?”

However, when Lu Xiaoran saw Yun Lige’s cultivation, he fell silent again.

First level Emperor Realm.

This cultivation level was neither high nor low.

It would also be sufficient if he had not eaten the divine beast egg.

After all, Lige’s talent was very low.

However, after eating the divine beast egg, he still did not surpass Ji Wuxia.
There was nothing Lu Xiaoran could do.

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Actually, Lu Xiaoran also knew very well that if he wanted Yun Lige to become stronger, he had to at least wait until Lige stepped into the Divine World and perfectly unleash the special effects of his divine soul.

Only by devouring more divine souls could he increase his talent and become stronger.

On the continent, Lige simply could not find any divine souls to devour.

With the help of his disciples’ cultivation, Lu Xiaoran’s own cultivation also increased to the ninth level of the Saint Realm.
He was only a small level away from the Martial Monarch Realm and was about to completely break through.

Lu Xiaoran had also opened many good things from the gift bags.
Basically, they were all top-grade God Realm items.
They were almost piled into a small mountain in the Mountain and River State Painting.
As a result, the Martial Monarch Realm weapon now became trash in his eyes.

At this moment, it was said that the Great Qin Empire had also suppressed the demon beast rebellion.

Zhuge Ziqiong’s sister was indeed capable.

As a woman, she forcefully chased back the extremely arrogant demon beasts that gave the five armies of the Great Qin Empire a headache.

This made Lu Xiaoran not dare to be careless.
He had no choice but to speed up and urge his disciples to cultivate faster.

Otherwise, he was afraid that he would not be able to defeat the other party.

He originally wanted to hide for a few more months.
However, one day, an accident happened.

On this day, not long after the battle in the Great Qin Empire stopped, an extremely powerful force suddenly appeared in the Great Zhou Empire.

This force was so powerful that it made one’s heart palpitate.
Even a Supreme Realm expert would find it difficult to withstand it.

When the other party’s pressure arrived in the sky above the Great Zhou Empire, no one in the Great Zhou Imperial City dared to move.

It was no longer an aura of suppression.
It was as if the sky had collapsed, making it impossible for others to resist at all.

Facing him, they could only submit and choose to die.

He could not even escape.

Several elders of the Great Zhou Imperial Family and Supreme Realm experts suppressed the fear in their hearts and flew into the air for the sake of the Great Zhou Imperial City.

In the void, clouds rolled over.

Lightning surged and flickered, and the pressure made people at a loss.
Even Supreme Realm experts were frightened as if they had become children.

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At this moment, the other party had yet to arrive, but the entire Imperial City and even the heavens seemed to have fallen into the other party’s control.

A moment later, a figure walked over from the clouds.

With every step he took, he seemed to be walking like an ordinary mortal.
However, in fact, his speed simply exceeded everyone’s imagination.

All the experts of the Great Zhou Imperial Family could not help but narrow their eyes, their hearts beating faster, and their breathing froze.

An existence that had already transcended the mortal world.

To them, the other party was already a symbol comparable to a god.

The other party did not need to use any powerful and complicated moves.
With just a thought, a gaze, and a word, it was enough for him to cause a destructive blow to them.

The moment they noticed the other party, the other party had already arrived in front of them.

With just a glance, he made everyone tremble uncontrollably.
Their hair stood on end, and they felt as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

Among them was an Imperial Family expert who had just stepped into the Supreme Realm.
At this moment, because he could not withstand the other party’s pressure, he directly knelt on the ground and could not resist at all.

The other party spoke indifferently and spat out these four words.
These four words were like thunder that directly exploded in the minds of everyone in the entire Imperial City.

Those with low cultivation levels immediately had their eyes turn scarlet red from the trembling, and their nostrils and eardrums bled.

Those with slightly higher cultivation also felt their souls tremble.
They gritted their teeth and persisted, completely unable to endure.

At this moment, facing a Saint Realm expert, the so-called Supreme Realm expert who could protect an entire empire seemed so small and helpless.

They were like fish on a chopping block, waiting to be slaughtered.

After reaching the Saint Realm, not only did the other party completely suppress a Supreme Realm expert in terms of aura, but he had also grasped the power of laws.

His words and actions were law.
With the power of laws, he could forcefully obtain victory!

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