for 30,000 years.
This guy’s strength was probably above its own, right?

Damn, as expected of Master.
He had casually acquired a servant who had cultivated for nearly 30,000 years.

Its master was really too powerful! Looks like in the future, it would have to suck up to his master more.

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However, speaking of which, although Old Tie had cultivated for nearly 30,000 years, why did it not sense any demon power?

It immediately swept its gaze over the artifact spirit and understood.

Old Tie was the natural type and had taken a long time to become a demon.

Demon beasts and humans cultivated in completely different ways.
When demon beasts cultivated, they either had to be taught cultivation techniques by higher-level demon beasts or needed to have special bloodline power in their bodies.

For example, because Buttface had the Qilin bloodline in its body, it naturally knew some water attribute cultivation techniques.

On the other hand, Old Tie did not have anyone to guide it or have any special bloodline.
It had purely existed for a long time and thus developed its own consciousness, becoming a half-demon half-Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

However, after it recognized Lu Xiaoran as its master, it would probably not be long before it obtained a demon cultivation technique.
By then, it would be able to completely unleash its strength.

At that time, it would be a big problem.

At this moment, seeing that it was silent, Old Tie could not help but be somewhat puzzled.

“Senior Buttface, what’s wrong?”

Hearing him call him senior, Buttface’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

“Cough cough… nothing… nothing.”

“That’s good.
By the way, there are some fallen leaves on this mountain path.
Why don’t I do some light sweeping to avoid dirtying our Nameless Sect’s image?”

The artifact spirit, Old Tie, felt that he had to do some chores.
However, before he could do anything, he was directly stopped by Buttface.

“Don’t move, put it down.
It’s alright.
I can handle these matters.”

“How can we hand this kind of dirty work to Senior? Won’t we be violating the rules of our Nameless Sect?”

“It’s fine.
I’m a senior.
I should take care of the juniors.
I’ll do it.
Take a rest.”

Old Tie looked at Buttface, who was busy sweeping the fallen leaves, and could not help but sigh.

“I didn’t expect this Nameless Sect to have so many good people.”

Time passed in a flash.
In the blink of an eye, another three months had passed.

The disciples’ cultivation had gradually improved again.

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Wuxia’s cultivation was not bad.
She was already at the sixth level of the King Realm.
Moreover, the egg in her body seemed to have a faint feeling of cracking, as if something was about to be born.
Lu Xiaoran could sense that there was also a powerful divine soul aura that was not inferior to Tianyuan’s aura.

Tianyuan’s strength improved even faster.
Having already awakened his divine soul, his cultivation had now reached the tenth level of the King Realm.
He was only a step away from advancing to the Emperor Realm.
The purple Demon Ape Divine Soul in his body had also become stronger.
His two arms were as thick as gorillas.

Ziqiong’s improvement was also very impressive and she had also reached the fifth level of the King Realm.
Moreover, it seemed that a divine soul had also been born in her body.
It was a Taiji Yin Yang pattern.

Her talent was actually originally between Tianyuan and Changsheng.
However, the other disciples had all eaten the Divine Concentration Pill.
After all, she was a zombie and would not be able to benefit from it even if she ate it.
Therefore, as the talent of the others soared, her talent naturally fell to the level of Wuxia.

Needless to say, Changsheng was the most talented among Lu Xiaoran’s current disciples.

His current cultivation was already at the perfected seventh level of the Emperor Realm, and he could probably advance to the eighth level of the Emperor Realm at any time.

The disciples cultivated diligently.
Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation finally broke through another realm and reached the peak of the tenth level Supreme Realm.

However, he was still a step away from breaking through to the Saint Realm.

However, although there was only a slight difference between the two realms, this gap was actually very difficult to break through.
It was even comparable to the difficulty of ascending to the heavens!

Lu Xiaoran estimated that he would have to wait for at least another month or two.

“In the end, I still have too few disciples.
It would be much better if I had a few more precious disciples.
If I could have thousands of disciples, wouldn’t I advance by one level in a day, ascend to the God Realm in half a month, pass the God Realm in a year, become an immortal in two years, and surpass Patriarch Hongjun in three years?”

Of course, these fantasies were very alluring, but reality was very harsh.
His disciples needed to have the potential to reach the Martial Monarch Realm.

How could there be that many people with the potential to reach the Martial Monarch Realm in the world?

However, at this moment, Wang Cai’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

Ding… detected a new disciple.
Master, please subdue the disciple immediately.

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.

“Damn, speak of the devil.
Wang Cai, activate Soul Guidance.”

“Now that the Soul Guidance has been activated, the other party’s soul will inadvertently advance towards the Nameless Sect.”

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