Back then, Lu Xiaoran had supported the Imperial Family for this matter.

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If some external enemies arrived, he would let the Imperial Family deal with them.

For example, the Nalan family of the Eternal Forest.

It was not like he could not defeat them.
However, the problem was that they were not hot shots.
So what if he killed them?

If he could not earn a single cent, it would be a waste of energy to fight.

Moreover, the other party would fight them endlessly.
They were like flies that kept disturbing him.
He would be unable to cultivate.

He wouldn’t be able to have the good life he currently had.
He wouldn’t be able to cultivate peacefully with his disciples in the Nameless Sect and increase their cultivation.

Sigh, it was quite carefree.

Lu Xiaoran roughly swept his gaze over the letter.
The battle between the Great Zhou Imperial Family and the people from the Nalan family was not bad and the Imperial Family basically had the upper hand.

After all, the battle took place on their homeland and the Imperial Family also had many experts.

For example, King Zining and the old king had both been cleansed by the Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill, and their talent had also increased a lot.
Their current cultivation levels were also not low.

It was said that the old king had just broken through to the Supreme Realm.

With a third level Supreme Realm Grand Elder holding the fort, the Imperial Family’s lineup was not bad.

However, Lu Xiaoran felt that this was still not safe enough.

After all, the Nalan family had only sent a small group of people this time.
If another group of stronger experts came, wouldn’t they be doomed?

No, he still had to think of a way to increase the strength of the Imperial Family.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran opened the Mountain and River State Painting, which he had already forged into a top-grade divine weapon.

Because there were too many treasures inside, they had already begun to emit a dense golden light that was dazzling.

Lu Xiaoran casually took out three bottles of medicinal pills, a bottle of Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill, a bottle of Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill, and a bottle of Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pills.

These things had already become common goods in his eyes.
Lu Xiaoran did not care at all.

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It was perfect for him to increase the strength of the Imperial Family and indirectly create a powerful combat subordinate group for himself.

“Master, what are your orders?”

“Go to the Imperial City and help me deliver something.”

Buttface transformed into a stream of light and quickly left the Nameless Sect, flying towards the Imperial City.

The reason why it was sent away was because its cultivation had already reached the third level of the Supreme Realm.
If it encountered someone from the Nalan family, the medicinal pills would not be snatched away.

Lu Xiaoran, who had always been cautious, had always done things flawlessly.

At this moment, an abnormality suddenly sounded from Lu Xiaoran’s body.

This made Lu Xiaoran narrow his eyes slightly.

“Wang Cai has finally completed his advancement.”

With a flash of light, a petite figure appeared in front of Lu Xiaoran.
However, it was no longer a puppy.
Instead, it was a cute little girl who looked to be about two to three years old.

However, she was clearly different from ordinary girls.
This was because her ears were on the top of her head and were a pair of furry dog ears.

There was also a furry tail on her butt that kept wagging.

“Dang dang dang, did Master miss me? Is my new form nice to look at?”

“Have you become a demon?”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat stunned.
He did not expect Wang Cai to be able to transform into a human.

“Hehehe, of course.
After advancing again, I now have the ability to transform.
Not only can I transform into a human, but I can also transform into other things, such as a big bun.”

With that said, Wang Cai snorted and transformed into a huge bun.
It looked white and was even emitting hot air.
It was indeed very realistic.

“How is it, Master? Isn’t my transformation technique great? Praise me, praise me, quickly.”

Lu Xiaoran stared at the extremely conspicuous dog tail that kept shaking behind the bun and was silent for a moment.

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“Wang Cai, promise me that you won’t casually use your transformation technique in front of outsiders in the future, alright?”

“I’m afraid you’ll be killed.”

A moment later, Wang Cai returned to his dog form.
He seemed to have grown a little bigger than before.
He was originally two to three months old, but now, he could already be considered a three to four-month-old puppy.

Seeing Wang Cai like this, Lu Xiaoran immediately felt much more used to it.

“Did you gain any new memories after your advancement this time?”

“Master was killed and slashed miserably.
Your entire body was slashed into pieces.
Then, Master died.”

“Can you give me some useful memories? For example, what’s my name? Who am I? Where am I from?”

“I don’t know.
The memories I received were all visual and there was no sound at all, so I couldn’t determine Master’s true identity.
Moreover, Master fought in the chaos, so I also don’t know Master’s location.”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but have a headache.

It seemed that he had been too tragic in his previous life.
Not only had he been beaten up by a crowd, but he had also been slashed to death and turned into dust.

It was even to the extent that he had been locked in a small black room and killed without even knowing where he died.

Could it be that he had been too arrogant in his previous life? Was that why he had been careless? Was that why his entire personality had become so ignoble after he reincarnated?

Other than this, Lu Xiaoran indeed could not think of a better explanation.

It seemed that he had to be more careful in this life.

At this moment, Wang Cai suddenly spoke again.

“However, Master, I also obtained some memories when I absorbed Li Liushui’s luck.
They don’t belong to us.”

“The power of luck seems to be searching for something.
Therefore, the power of luck will help the hot shots and also cause them to have conflicts with other people.
Moreover, the people they find conflict with are mainly geniuses or experts.”

Lu Xiaoran was even more puzzled.

The power of luck was a blessing of the heavens.

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Since he was doted on by the heavens, he was basically backed by the heavens.

The heavens had given the hot shots luck to deal with various geniuses.
This was really interesting.

Lu Xiaoran did not believe that the heavens was trying to temper those geniuses.
This was because the hot shots were basically ruthless to their enemies.
If the other party did not agree, these hot shots would directly send them to the afterlife.

Looks like this god was not a good person either.
He was probably doing something shameful behind the scenes.

Moreover, he was actually considered a genius.
Could it be that he was born to oppose the hot shots?

Otherwise, would the hot shots also come to kill him sooner or later?

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran suddenly felt his urge to kill hot shots become stronger.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this.
Lige and the others have advanced again.
They should have accumulated a lot of gift bags.
Give me the gift bags.”

After Wang Cai gave the gift bag to Lu Xiaoran, it flashed and disappeared into Lu Xiaoran’s body again.

Lu Xiaoran began to open his gift bags.

Top-grade Martial Monarch Realm… top-grade Martial Monarch Realm… top-grade Martial Monarch Realm… low-grade God Realm… mid-grade God Realm… high-grade God Realm… top-grade God Realm…

Basically, there was another pile of good stuff.
Lu Xiaoran accepted all of it and put them all into the Mountain and River State Painting.

Then, he took out Fang Aotian’s hacking device from a storage bag, the Ancient Bronze Hall from the ancient times.

He had been busy recently and did not have the time to manage it.

Now that he was free, it was time for him to repair it.

The artifact spirit in the Ancient Bronze Hall sensed someone entering.
The void flashed and its figure appeared.

“Lu Yi, you’ve spent a little too much time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he and Lu Xiaoran looked at each other.
The air was silent for a while.

A moment later, Lu Xiaoran slowly spoke.

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“I didn’t expect this Ancient Bronze Hall to have actually nurtured an artifact spirit that’s already close to the level of a quasi-divine weapon.
If I gave you some suitable materials to devour, wouldn’t it immediately increase you to the level of a divine weapon?”

No, it was not appropriate to call it a divine weapon.
This was because the Ancient Bronze Hall had not taken an orthodox advancement path.

It seemed to have already deviated from the path.
Although an orthodox artifact spirit had its own consciousness, it still mainly served its master mechanically and would firmly carry out orders completely.

As for the artifact spirit in front of him, its eyes were filled with craftiness.
It was clearly not a proper artifact spirit.

Or rather, it had already undergone a demon transformation and was similar to Buttface.
It was equivalent to a demon beast.

Demons were not only limited to demon beasts.
Weapons, flowers, trees, and even corpses… As long as these beings grasped a cultivation technique… they could become demons.

Although the bronze artifact spirit did not have a physical body and did not break out in cold sweat, its spirit body still trembled slightly.

As a pure spirit body, its perception of danger was countless times stronger than ordinary people.

It could tell at a glance that the man in front of it was not human.

The aura emitted from his body was filled with destruction.
It felt as if it could be easily suppressed by the other party!

The arrogance and despotic attitude it had displayed in front of Fang Aotian, Lu Yi, and the others had completely disappeared at this moment.
What replaced it was fear and trepidation.

The artifact spirit couldn’t help but think that Lu Yi was really a piece of trash.
In its eyes, it had given her so many good things, but she was still killed by Lu Xiaoran’s disciple and lost the bronze hall.
Why was she so useless?

No, now was not the time to think about that.
The real problem now was for the artifact spirit to think of a solution.

It had actually encountered such a powerful enemy.
If the other party killed it with a single slap, its tens of thousands of years of bitter cultivation would all be wasted.

There was no other way.
In this moment of urgency, it could only risk its life in exchange for a chance to live.

After making up its mind, the artifact spirit of the Ancient Bronze Hall immediately condensed all of its strength.
Then, it poured all of this divine power it had accumulated after cultivating for tens of thousands of years into its knees.

With a violent explosion, the artifact spirit of the Ancient Bronze Hall directly knelt on the ground, creating cracks on the ground of the Ancient Bronze Hall.

“I’ve been silent for tens of thousands of years, since ancient times, and wandered alone bitterly on the continent.
Now, I’ve finally met a wise master! The artifact spirit of the Ancient Bronze Hall greets its master!”

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