an cultivators would not be able to sense its main body.

Could it be that this brat is a Saint Realm expert? ”

A moment later, two more bubbles appeared in the pool.

“No, he probably isn’t.
His bone age is rather young among humans.
He doesn’t seem to have lived for thousands of years at all.
How could he have cultivated to the Saint Realm?!”

Moreover, what kind of Saint Realm expert would come to such a remote place? ”

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran, who was originally setting up the array formation, seemed to have sensed something and swept his gaze over again.

“Something seems to be wrong.”

Although Lu Xiaoran knew that he was somewhat crazy and his sixth sense was too sensitive, he also knew that the first rule of caution was to immediately take action if he had any doubts.

Just as Cao Asi had said, it was better to kill a thousand innocent people than to let a single guilty person off.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran directly used the Trinity True Eyes.

The creature in the water could not help but be somewhat surprised when it saw Lu Xiaoran’s eyes change.

“Eh, this brat’s eyes can actually take on a different state.
Not bad, this is some kind of eye technique, right?

“Unfortunately, no matter how good your eye technique is, it’s useless.

“I have already cultivated to perfection.
When I am in the water, 99% of my entire body will be made of water.
No matter what eye technique you use, it’s impossible for you to see through my main body.

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“Hmph, just you wait.
In a while, when you’re not around, I’ll launch a sneak attack and directly blast you into the sky.

“Speaking of which, ever since I was born, I had always been living in this small pool.
I had never left and had never eaten anyone.

“I had heard from the small demons I had eaten in the past that human flesh was the most delicious food in this world.
I wonder if it’s true.

“No, no.
I want to live ignobly until I transcend the tribulation and become a divine beast.
How could I think of eating people? I have to sever this desire and live ignobly!

“It is not a good thing for me to accumulate karma.
If I kill him and attract his mother, his father, and then his entire family, wouldn’t I be doomed?

“Eh, why did this brat take out a sword? What is he trying to do?

“Eh, why does he seem to have started circulating his energy?

“Eh, why does it feel like he’s facing my location?

“No way? It shouldn’t be possible for this brat to see me, right? Could it be that he wants to hack the mountain behind me?”

However, when Lu Xiaoran’s sword really slashed down, the creature in the water finally understood that it had really been exposed.

“Damn it, he’s really attacking me!”

Sensing the powerful killing intent on Lu Xiaoran’s sword beam, the other party did not dare to delay at all.
It immediately used its movement technique with all its strength to escape from the pool.

In the next second, the entire pool was blasted into the sky by Lu Xiaoran’s sword beam.

Li Changsheng, who had already spread the mountain path halfway up the mountain, suddenly turned around.

“Eh, Master seems to be in trouble?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Tianyuan and Zhuge Ziqiong pulled out a cane from both sides.

“Get to work.
Don’t think about being lazy.”

Li Changsheng, whose strength had been sealed by Lu Xiaoran, grimaced in pain, his handsome face distorted.

“I’m not trying to be lazy.
I’m just afraid that Master will be in trouble.”

“Master? Trouble? Ridiculous.
Master is a God Realm existence.
If there’s trouble, it’s him finding trouble with others.
What are you worried about?”

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“That’s right.
Hurry up and work.
If you work slower, Master will blame us and punish us too.”

At the foot of the mountain, an antelope-like creature covered in blue scales was panting by the water.

“Damn it, that was close.
This brat actually saw through my hiding place! Is there a mistake? He’s so young, but his cultivation is already at the tenth level of the Supreme Realm? When did the human race become so abnormal?”

Not far away, Lu Xiaoran said with a cold expression,

“I was indeed right.
There’s something in the pool.
However, I didn’t expect it to be a strange demon beast like you.”

“You’re the one who’s strange.
Your entire family is strange! I have the dignified Qilin bloodline.”

However, when it spoke, its voice turned into a strange cry.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown.

“You have the Qilin bloodline?”

“You can even understand the demon beast language?”

The blue demon beast immediately widened its eyes and looked at Lu Xiaoran in disbelief.

Originally, he did not know the demon beast language.
However, because the Beast Control Divine Art he obtained from the gift bag was a God Realm cultivation technique, his disciples were unable to cultivate it.
Therefore, Lu Xiaoran took some time to cultivate it and spent two days cultivating it to the perfected realm.

The current him could naturally understand the demon beast language.

The blue demon beast recovered its coldness after a short shock.

“Hmph! Since you can understand the demon beast language, it’s much easier.
This territory belongs to me.
Take your people and get lost quickly.
Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran directly slashed down.

A powerful force smashed fiercely onto its head, smashing it into the ground on the spot, causing the ground to crack.

It made it dizzy and its soul almost left its body.

“Shameless human, no morals.”

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