entrance on the cliff, an old woman leaned on a rock and narrowed her eyes as she looked in the direction of the Great Zhou Empire.

“The huge wheel of fate has already begun to turn.
The reincarnation of fate is about to begin.
In this life, I wonder if you can break through the curse and restriction.”

Obliteration and eternal life, the supreme and eternal will be obliterated.

After chanting softly, the old woman looked up at the sky, her deep gaze seeming to be able to reach the nine heavens.

“Master, will we be able to succeed this time?”

A moment later, a figure quietly arrived and arrived at the edge of the cliff.
He cupped his hands towards the old woman.

“Greetings, Elder Tianji.”

“Reporting to Elder Tianji, the Nalan family has dispatched some disciples and elders.
They seem to be heading to the Great Zhou.”

“This is very normal.
Nalan Hongyu stole the Nalan family’s secret treasure.
That is a special Dharma treasure made from the bones of the Nalan family’s ancestor.
Even a Martial Monarch Realm weapon is unable to break it.
Now, it has been shattered by that child.
It’s impossible for the Nalan family to let the matter rest.”

“Then, Elder Tianji, should we make a move?”

“No need.
Let them go.
Only by killing more and more people can that child use his blood and luck to wash away the filth on his body and unlock his true potential.
Let the Nalan family do whatever they want.”

“In addition, go to the Great Qin Empire and the Great Zhou Empire and do what you need to do.
The hot shots of the Great Zhou have already been killed.
It’s time to send Zhuge Fei’er over.”

When Lu Xiaoran and the others returned to the Imperial City, it took a few days for Lu Xiaoran to learn that Yun Lige and the others had lost Fang Aotian’s Ancient Bronze Hall.
After learning about this, Lu Xiaoran was furious!

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“That’s the treasure of a hot shot.
How could you guys lose it just like that?”

“Uh… Master, to be precise, it was sent flying by Li Liushui.
It has nothing to do with us.”

“If you didn’t use it to hit Li Liushui, would that happen in the first place?”

“Get it back immediately.
If you don’t, I’ll beat your asses up.”

Lu Xiaoran kicked Yun Lige’s butt, and Yun Lige hurriedly left.

Lu Xiaoran, who was furious, turned his gaze to the remaining few people.

Ji Wuxia hurriedly said, “Master, I’ll help you keep an eye on Eldest Senior Brother to prevent him from being lazy.”

With that said, she quickly left and chased after Yun Lige.

Fang Tianyuan coughed lightly and said, “Master, my back has been hurting recently.
Master, I’ll go to the National Pill Hall to take a look.
They’re doing an activity today.
I can get ten ointments for free.”

Only Li Changsheng and Zhuge Ziqiong were left.
Their eyes widened and looked completely innocent, making Lu Xiaoran feel rather helpless.

“Master, this has nothing to do with us.
The two of us aren’t involved.”

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before saying,

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before saying, “Have your Martial Monarch Realm armor been destroyed?”

“Sigh, it looks like the two of you don’t cherish your equipment at all.
You caused us to suffer such a huge loss.
Get down.
I’ll personally educate the two of you.
Get down.”

“Master, if your hand is itchy and you want to hit someone, just say it.
Can we not beat around the bush?”

“Nonsense, am I that kind of person? Get down!”

A moment later, their screams sounded from the courtyard.

Lu Xiaoran was very ruthless because he was really angry.

These stupid disciples had actually lost the heaven-defying item of a hot shot.
How could he not be angry when such an important thing had been lost?

It was not that his heart ached for the items in the Ancient Bronze Hall and the Ancient Bronze Hall itself.

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After all, he also had those things.
He did not lack Martial Monarch Realm weapons at all.

However, a hot shot was already very terrifying.
If the heaven-defying item of a hot shot fell into the hands of others and created another hot shot, the outcome would be terrible.
After all, he didn’t want to hide for dozens of years and become a top expert just to be slapped to death by that hot shot.

If that happened, wouldn’t he be wronged to death?

Just as Lu Xiaoran was focused on teaching his disciple, a servant quickly ran in.

“Senior Lu, someone is looking for you outside.”

“Someone’s looking for me? Did they say who he is?”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat stunned.
Who in the capital would come and find him?

Lu, the other party said that they came from the Heaven Demon Sect.”

Lu Xiaoran’s expression could not help but be somewhat strange.

Could it be the sect master and the others?

However, why would the sect master and the others suddenly come?

“Let them wait in my study first.
I’ll go over after cleaning up.”

Lu Xiaoran “taught” Li Changsheng and Zhuge Ziqiong well before heading to his study.

Soon, he saw the sect master, the First Elder, and Li Daoran in the study.

“Sect Master, First Elder, why are you guys here? Why didn’t you inform me? I could have prepared in advance to welcome you guys.”

The sect master immediately waved his hand with a somewhat reserved expression.

“How can that be? You’re busy every day and just finished a huge battle.
You must be very tired.
How can we let you welcome us?”

Lu Xiaoran was stunned.
The sect master was clearly implying something.

Could it be… that the sect master knew his secret?

He swept his gaze over Li Daoran.

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