victory is well-deserved.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran directly killed him with a slash and turned him into ashes.

The moment he turned to ashes, a red light suddenly shot out, as if it was trying to escape.

That red light did not seem to be an existence of this world.
Even Lu Xiaoran’s attack with the divine weapon was unable to injure it.

However, just because Lu Xiaoran could not injure it did not mean that he could not do anything to it.

The moment the light wanted to escape, Wang Cai instantly flew out of Lu Xiaoran’s body before transforming into a stream of light and capturing it.
Then, he bit it and ate it alive.

At this moment, Wang Cai’s voice sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s ear.

Ding… congratulations, Master, on killing the hot shot successfully.
Reward: realm advancement x1.

Ding… congratulations, Master, on killing the hot shot successfully.
Reward: top-grade divine beast egg x1.

Ding… congratulations, Master, on killing the hot shot.
Reward: top-grade God Realm Emperor Brush x1.

Ding… congratulations, Master, on killing the hot shot.
Reward: top-grade God Realm Earth Emperor Book x1.

There were a lot of notifications.
In any case, they were all rewards.
Lu Xiaoran did not care too much.
He would wait until going back before checking out the good stuff he had obtained.

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After Wang Cai devoured Li Liushui’s luck, he also returned to Lu Xiaoran’s body.

“Master, I’ll be going through another upgrade now.
It might take a while before I can be available.
Master, you have to miss me.”

“Don’t worry and go upgrade.
I won’t miss you.”

Lu Xiaoran ignored the other party and turned around to look at his precious disciples.
As he circulated the Azure Thearch Longevity Art, he instantly helped Yun Lige and the others recover from their injuries to their peak states.

Everyone stood up and bowed deeply to Lu Xiaoran.

“You guys have worked hard too.
Fortunately, we won this time.”

Hearing this news, everyone was overjoyed.

“We’ve finally eliminated Fang Aotian and Li Liushui.”

“Not only that, we even destroyed Nalan Hongyu.
That old hag had caused Senior Sister so much misery.”

Nalan Hongyu was indeed the worst.

If not for her forcing King Zining to send her to the small city the Lin family lived in to be a poor little beggar, she wouldn’t have encountered Lin Fei and wouldn’t have had to deal with so many things later.

It could be said that Nalan Hongyu had basically controlled the first half of her life.
Moreover, Ji Wuxia was only treated as a small pawn this entire time!

She was the kind of pawn that would be thrown away after being used.

This made Ji Wuxia feel like she was a puppet.

However, everything was fine now.
Her master had already killed the other party.

Moreover, she had also encountered his master, his senior brothers, junior brothers, and junior sisters.
With this new family, it was enough to make up for the tragic end of his previous life.

“Alright, now that we’re done, it’s time for us to return.”

Lu Xiaoran was about to leave when a shout immediately sounded from afar.

He stopped moving.
In the next second, he saw the Sword Sect’s sect master rush over in a flash.

It could be seen that his speed was very fast.
He probably moved back from hundreds of kilometers away in less than three breaths.

Even though the other party was a Supreme Realm expert, his aura was somewhat chaotic.

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“Are you that senior expert who guided Changsheng?”

The Sword Sect’s sect master had long guessed that someone was definitely guiding Li Changsheng from behind the scenes.

Therefore, he confirmed it immediately when he saw Lu Xiaoran.

Seeing him confirm, the Sword Sect’s sect master immediately bowed deeply.

“I thank Senior on behalf of Changsheng’s parents.”

“You’re welcome.
Changsheng is my disciple.
It’s only natural for me to teach him.”

“I watched Changsheng grow up.
He’s like my biological grandson.
Back then, I wasn’t able to protect his parents or him well.
If not for you, I probably wouldn’t even know where he is now.”

After a pause, he continued, “Senior, can you tell me which sect you’re from? This way, in the future, I can visit Changsheng.”

He knew that Li Changsheng would definitely not stay in the Azure Lotus Sword Sect now.

Moreover, even if Li Changsheng was willing to stay, he would not let Li Changsheng stay.

With a good master like Lu Xiaoran, wouldn’t he be harming the child’s future if he asked Changsheng to stay in the Azure Lotus Sword Sect?

However, Li Changsheng was still someone he treated as his grandson.
In the future, he would definitely want to visit Li Changsheng again.

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“I’m used to being secretive and don’t like to tell others my identity.
However, if Changsheng wants to come back and take a look in the future, it’s still possible.”

“Alright, in that case, we’ll do as you say, Senior.”

With that said, the Sword Sect’s sect master arrived in front of Li Changsheng and took out a storage ring.

“Changsheng, this is my personal storage ring.
There are 2 billion top-grade spirit stones inside.
It’s my savings that I accumulated for a thousand years.
Take it and use it.”

Li Changsheng’s eyes were somewhat sour.

However, he did not receive it.
Instead, he looked at Lu Xiaoran as if he was asking for his master’s opinion.

A teacher for a day, a father for life.
He naturally needed to listen to Lu Xiaoran’s arrangements.

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