This was basically what Li Changsheng and Zhuge Ziqiong thought at the same time.

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The moves between experts always seem to take a long time.
In fact, this was only because experts’ perception of time was sufficiently sharp.
To them, a second felt like a few minutes.

In reality, once the move was activated, the attack would only take an instant.

It actually took less than half a second for Li Liushui to prepare his move and unleash his move.

At this moment, it was useless even if they used Shadowless Gale.

They were completely unable to escape the range of Li Liushui’s saber beam.

However, at this moment, the sky suddenly distorted.
Immediately after, a small house-sized bronze ancient hall smashed towards Li Liushui.

“Wait, your little darling Aotian has brought you the bronze ancient hall!”

Li Liushui was just about to use a sword move when he was smashed to the ground by the Ancient Bronze Hall.

The mountain trembled violently again, and thick smoke surged towards the surroundings.

Li Changsheng and Zhuge Ziqiong were overjoyed and immediately jumped away.

In the sky, Yun Lige and the others also landed at the same time.

The five of them gathered.
Yun Lige immediately used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to treat the two of them.

His current cultivation was at the perfected tenth level of the Essence Realm.
Compared to Zhuge Ziqiong, who was at the first level of the Essence Realm, he was stronger and faster at repairing injuries when he used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art.

“Junior Brother Li, Junior Sister, are you alright?”

“Fortunately, you arrived in time.
If you were a second slower, the two of us would probably have died.”

Yun Lige was just about to say something when a furious roar sounded from below.
Immediately after, Fang Aotian’s Ancient Bronze Hall was pushed out from the ground by a huge force before fiercely rushing into the sky.
The few of them immediately avoided it.
After that, the Ancient Bronze Hall fell in an arc and disappeared into the distant horizon.

Before the few of them could react, Li Liushui roared and rushed out of the ground.

At this moment, his entire body was blood red, and there was a huge pit on his head.
It was probably there because he had been smashed by the Ancient Bronze Hall just now.
At this moment, he looked extremely tragic.

However, at the same time, the strange red light in his chest throbbed more and more urgently, as if it had gone crazy.

“All of you have to die!”

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After saying these words indifferently, Li Liushui flipped his left wrist, and another Martial Monarch Realm saber appeared.

Ding… dual-blade mode activated.
Extreme Speed saber intent effect doubled, attack power increased by 200%, berserk effect increased, system charging…

The people in the sky suddenly felt the pressure from Li Liushui increase.

Yun Lige’s expression suddenly changed as he said coldly, “Go, don’t give him a chance to breathe.
Try to stall for time before Master arrives.”

Everyone replied and the five of them attacked at the same time.

Fang Tianyuan was the first to bear the brunt.
He jumped down and used the Indestructible Golden Body with all his strength, forming a golden wall in front of Li Liushui and blocking Li Liushui’s bloodthirsty and violent saber.

To be more precise, he had only blocked half of it because half of Li Liushui’s saber beam had avoided the golden wall.
However, it was still stuck in the wall Fang Tianyuan created after circulating his cultivation technique with all his strength.

Li Changsheng took the opportunity to attack from the left.
He slashed out, and the sword beam mixed with the power of lightning was unleashed.

Li Liushui shouted angrily and slashed with his left hand, colliding with Li Changsheng’s sword beam.

The powerful force directly severed Li Changsheng’s sword beam and did not lose its momentum.
The aftershock continued to slash towards Li Changsheng’s body.

Li Changsheng resisted with the Martial Monarch Realm sword and was sent flying on the spot.
The blood in his body surged, and the web between his thumb and index finger was ripped.
Blood flowed, and his entire arm seemed to be crippled.

“His attack power has actually increased again!”

Li Changsheng could not help but spit.

The hot shots were really too terrifying.

If the opponent was Fang Aotian, he could still successfully kill him with the help of his junior brothers and sisters.

However, he was really helpless against his old enemy, Li Liushui.

These hot shots seemed to have endless trump cards.

Li Liushui had clearly been beaten to death by him, but the more Li Liushui fought, the more energetic Li Liushui became.
His attack power even increased.
It was simply infuriating.

Yun Lige’s spear stabbed straight at the space between Li Liushui’s eyebrows, attempting to pierce through it and kill him.

However, to his surprise, Li Liushui’s speed at repelling Li Changsheng was a little too fast.

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After forcing Li Changsheng back, he swung his left hand and slashed at his spear.

The spear did not penetrate the other party’s forehead, but only pierced through one of Li Liushui’s arms.

Li Liushui roared and raised his hand to slash Yun Lige again.
However, Ji Wuxia and Zhuge Ziqiong both used their full strength to unleash their attacks.
Under the enhancement of the Martial Monarch Realm weapon, they hit Li Liushui’s arm and stopped him from slashing.

As the wind and clouds surged, Yun Lige directly spun the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear in his hand.
As the astral aura surged out, he immediately attempted to detonate Li Liushui’s arm.

However, before he could succeed, Li Liushui’s foot kicked out from the dust.
Astral winds erupted and hit him in the chest, sending him flying on the spot.

Yun Lige spat out a mouthful of blood in midair.

Li Changsheng caught him, and the two of them were sent flying by this force.

“Damn, why is he so powerful?”

“He’s at the first level of the Emperor Realm.
Moreover, his cultivation seems to be increasing continuously in the battle.
Even with the Battle God Art Master imparted to me, my attack speed is still slower than his.”

What was the point of fighting?

They were simply no match for him.

If not for the other party being a hot shot, they might have had a chance to delay until their master arrived.

However, the other party was a hot shot.

Moreover, it also depended on the situation.

For example, they could still fight someone like Fang Aotian who was not that much stronger.

As for Li Liushui, who was much stronger, it was simply impossible! Li Changsheng was at the tenth level of the King Realm and could at most resist for a few dozen breaths.
Moreover, this was even when he had the Martial Monarch Realm armor to protect himself.

There was even less of a need to mention others.

Yun Lige shouted and the five of them immediately attacked at the same time, causing an explosion in Li Liushui’s location.

Immediately after, the five of them activated the teleportation formation on their clothes at the same time in an attempt to teleport away.

As for the Azure Lotus Sword Sect, Li Changsheng did not have to worry too much.
They had already run very far.
After he returned to find his master, he would probably be able to return in a few seconds.
It was unlikely for Li Liushui to go and threaten Li Changsheng’s relatives and old friends of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect.

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However, just as they were about to escape, a Martial Monarch Realm saber suddenly shot out from the smoke and dust.
Before it arrived in front of them, it was directly detonated.

“Do you think you can escape?”

The moment the white light shot out, their pupils constricted, and their scalps turned numb.

Yun Lige roared loudly.
Fang Tianyuan immediately arrived in front of everyone and used the Indestructible Golden Body.

The others did their best to transfer all their spirit energy to Fang Tianyuan.

In the next second, the entire world was illuminated by a white light.
Even the light of the sun seemed to be overshadowed.

The people from the Azure Lotus Sword Sect in the distance had already fled even further when the Martial Monarch Realm weapon exploded the last time.

At this moment, as they fled collectively, they heard the commotion and suddenly turned around.
When they saw this, they were all petrified on the spot.

The white light illuminated everything.
Even the light of the sun had somewhat faded.

The mushroom cloud even soared into the sky like a heavenly pillar, supporting the distance between the heavens and the earth.

Although they were already very far away, when the powerful shock wave arrived, the elders and sect master still had to use their cultivation techniques to defend and protect the disciples of the Sword Sect.

Otherwise, just the shock wave hundreds of kilometers away would have killed countless Sword Sect disciples.

“Is Changsheng’s current combat ability already at this level?”

“No wonder Changsheng didn’t let us participate in his battle.
It’s too terrifying.
A battle of this level is simply not something we can endure.”

“Too powerful.
Changsheng might really be able to kill that Li Liushui this time.”

At this moment, on the battlefield, Li Changsheng and the others were all blown up and fell to the ground in confusion.

At this moment, everyone’s bodies were in pain.
It was unknown how many bones had been broken.

Yun Lige and Zhuge Ziqiong immediately used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to treat themselves and the other three.

“Isn’t this guy too powerful?”

“Are you guys still alive?”

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“Not bad, just a few broken bones.”

The few of them could not help but feel bitter.

As expected, the more talented the hot shots were, the stronger they would be.

Their methods would also be endless and shockingly powerful.

“Can we still use the teleportation formation?”

“Not now.
The other party has just detonated a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
The spatial power is somewhat chaotic now.
It’s not possible for us to use the teleportation formation.”

Right at this moment, an extremely powerful aura suddenly surged from the direction of Li Liushui.

The five of them were shocked and immediately looked in that direction in unison.

As the dust dissipated, they saw Li Liushui raise his hands high.
In his hand was a Martial Monarch Realm long saber.
The terrifying aura was emitted from the long saber.

“This move is called Absolute Kill—Asura Hell!

“I used nearly half of my blood essence to unleash this move.
The strength it contains is enough to destroy a Saint Realm expert!

“Originally, I saved this move to use on your master.
However, it now seems that it’s better for the few of you to taste it first.

“As for your master, I’ll use another move to send him on his way.

Li Liushui’s plan was very good.
As long as he killed Lu Xiaoran, he would be able to complete the system mission and directly ascend to become a god.

Therefore, he was not afraid at all even if his body was greatly injured.

When he ascended to become a god, everything would be made up for.

Everyone’s hearts turned cold.

They were really doomed this time!

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