erior to Li Liushui’s.
He did not dare to be careless at all and instantly poured all the spirit energy in his body into the Martial Monarch Realm armor on his body.
He used the Martial Monarch Realm armor to release a defensive barrier.

Li Liushui was not surprised that he had a Martial Monarch Realm armor.

After all, as a saber user, he was extremely domineering and could slash through anything, even the heavens and the earth.

No matter how powerful the other party’s defense was, he was confident that he could slash through it with his saber.

The saber struck the defensive barrier.
Li Changsheng and the entire defensive barrier trembled violently.

However, this was not the end.
Instead, it was the beginning.

Immediately after, the second, third, and fourth saber moves…

This time, Li Liushui’s attack speed was even faster than before.
The saber shadows that filled the sky had already disappeared.
Only a saber beam could be seen in the air as it firmly struck Li Changsheng’s defensive barrier.

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In fact, this was because Li Liushui’s speed was too fast and every attack landed on the same spot.
Therefore, it seemed like Li Liushui’s saber had been fixed in the same place above Li Changsheng’s defensive barrier.

When Li Liushui slashed down forty-nine times, Li Changsheng’s defensive barrier finally couldn’t take it anymore.

The defensive barrier shattered with a bang, and as if glass had shattered, it reflected a dazzling light.

Li Liushui’s next attack directly slashed down and blasted Li Changsheng into the ground.

With another shocking bang, the entire peak of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect trembled violently.

A cloud of dust slowly rose.

Li Liushui transformed into a lightning beam and landed.
At the same moment, Li Changsheng instantly escaped from the pit.
In the next second, Li Liushui’s saber beam slashed out a huge ravine almost a thousand meters wide.

Li Changsheng spat out a mouthful of blood.
It was not that he had been hit by this saber beam, but that the internal organs in his body had been shattered by the saber beam he had forcefully endured from Li Liushui just now.

Without much hesitation, he immediately swallowed a top-grade Saint Realm healing medicinal pill.
Zhuge Ziqiong also flew over at an appropriate time and used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art.

Seeing the Azure Thearch phantom behind Zhuge Ziqiong release an emerald green light and quickly repair Li Changsheng’s injuries, Li Liushui narrowed his eyes.

“Looks like you brought this woman to treat your injuries.
However, since the two of you are participating in the battle, you can’t blame me for bullying the weak.”

Li Changsheng’s pupils constricted.
He immediately blocked in front of Zhuge Ziqiong and slashed with his sword.

The next moment, a violent explosion occurred.
It was Li Liushui’s attack.

However, in the next second, Li Liushui felt a spirit energy fluctuation appear behind him.
In an instant, Li Changsheng had removed the defense of the Martial Monarch Realm armor and condensed his full strength as he shot out the long sword with his left shoulder.

Accompanied by the sound of a long sword entering a body, a cold saber tip steadily stopped in front of Zhuge Ziqiong’s nose.

Li Liushui looked down.
His chest had already been pierced by the long sword, and blood was dripping from the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

Then, Li Changsheng drew his sword, turned around, and kicked Li Liushui away.

After a violent explosion, Li Liushui collided with a wall.

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Zhuge Ziqiong swallowed and immediately began to treat Li Changsheng’s injuries.

“How can a hot shot die so easily? However, my sword will probably injure his self-esteem.
Now, it will probably be a battle to the death.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Zhuge Ziqiong sensed an extremely terrifying aura constantly spreading from behind the wall.

Ding… Sensing that the host’s body has been injured, the system will supervise the host’s body in battle until the host has repaired the damage to his body.
During this period, the host will be unable to sense pain.

Ding… speed saber intent loading…

Ding… powerful attack loading… ‘

Ding… activated talent skill Enrage… ‘

A series of voices sounded in Li Liushui’s mind.
At the same time, Li Liushui’s energy was also rising incessantly.

The five Supreme Realm martial artists relied on the might of the Martial Monarch Realm formation to unleash attacks that were comparable to a late-stage Supreme Realm expert or a peak tenth-level Supreme Realm expert.

This attack power had already surpassed the attack power of Lu Xiaoran’s basic cultivation.

In a situation where both parties had Martial Monarch Realm weapons, the five Supreme Realm experts had an advantage since they could fight those at a higher level.
Therefore, compared to Lu Xiaoran, the other party’s strength was not low at all.

The Supreme Realm martial artist in the lead shouted softly.
An energy ball condensed in his hand and quickly expanded.
In an instant, it was comparable to a huge sun as it directly pressed down on Lu Xiaoran.

The spatial barrier in the air was directly shattered as the energy ball pressed down.

The attack from a tenth level Supreme Realm expert and a Martial Monarch Realm weapon was already something that the spatial barrier could not easily withstand.

What was even more terrifying was that after this attack, there was a second attack, a third attack, and a fourth attack…

Every Supreme Realm expert’s attack was released in turn in the array formation.

One move after another, these attacks constantly bombarded Lu Xiaoran’s body.
They did not even give him any chance to escape.

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