I’m no longer the old me.
I know better than anyone how terrifying Li Liushui is.
If I really can’t beat Li Liushui, I guarantee that I won’t push myself.”

Hearing this, the Sword Sect’s sect master’s mind paused, and then he examined Li Changsheng again.

The reason why he did not want Li Changsheng to attack was because he was afraid that Li Changsheng would push himself.
If he could not defeat Li Liushui, he would end up being defeated by Li Liushui.

However, at this moment, when he met Li Changsheng’s eyes, he could tell that Li Changsheng was no longer obsessed.

This was because he saw confidence and stability in Li Changsheng’s eyes.

This young man had really changed.

Although he did not know who had changed Li Changsheng or why Li Changsheng could change, at this moment, he felt that Li Changsheng was worthy of his trust.

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He looked at Li Liushui not far away and took a deep breath.

“Alright, in that case, I’ll let you fight him.
However, if you’re in any danger, I guarantee that I’ll definitely interfere.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Lin.”

Li Changsheng cupped his hands in thanks, but the Sword Sect’s sect master waved his hand.

“Silly child, there’s no need to thank me.
I’ll get the others to leave now.”

Then, he immediately ordered everyone to retreat and give up the Azure Lotus Sword Sect’s square for Li Changsheng and Li Liushui to fight.

Soon, only Li Liushui, Li Changsheng, and Zhuge Zuqiong were left.

Li Liushui glanced at Zhuge Ziqiong and could not help but let out a disdainful voice.

“Why? Do you need someone to help you out?”

Li Changsheng was not ashamed at all.

“Li Liushui, you’re a Saber Emperor, best among your generation.
Your strength is so powerful.
If I don’t find some helpers, how would I dare to fight you?”

Li Liushui raised his eyebrows slightly.

He could sense that Li Changsheng had gone through a huge transformation.

If it were in the past, Li Changsheng would have been too arrogant and would have never allowed such a thing to happen.
He only needed to say a few words before Li Changsheng would angrily come over and fight him one-on-one.

Now, even though he had spoken to humiliate him, Li Changsheng only laughed it off.

However, this brat was still somewhat righteous.
He knew that too many people from the Azure Lotus Sword Sect would die here.
Therefore, he made a good choice by sending the people from the Azure Lotus Sword Sect away.

If he had been shameless and ignored the lives of these people from the Azure Lotus Sword Sect, it would be a different story.
If Li Changsheng wanted the entire Azure Lotus Sword Sect to help him attack together, then Li Liushui would really look down on him.

In fact, Li Changsheng also knew very well that the hot shots were not ordinary people.
Anyone who encountered the hot shots or became enemies with them would basically not have a good end.

This was the reason why Li Changsheng did not let the Azure Lotus Sword Sect interfere.

In the past, he had already owed the Azure Lotus Sword Sect a lot.
He naturally could not let the Azure Lotus Sword Sect suffer any more losses.

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Moreover, dealing with Li Liushui was originally a task given to him by his master.
Why should he drag others down?

After everyone left, Li Changsheng finally turned his gaze to Li Liushui.

Li Liushui acknowledged softly and only said a single word.
He couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath.

The two of them had been enemies for so many years and already knew each other’s background.
They did not need to say anything fancy.

After a simple conversation, they directly took out their Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

Without any simple probing or superfluous words, the two of them directly pushed the battle between them to the climax.

In the air, the two of them instantly disappeared.
One could only see two lightning bolts flash quickly in the square before constantly colliding.

An explosion suddenly exploded on the ground and the entire square of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect was destroyed.
The rocks two meters deep below all exploded.
Even the Saint Realm defensive formation inside was completely unable to resist and was shattered.

The people from the Azure Lotus Sword Sect who were watching from afar could not help but exclaim when they saw this scene.

“When did Changsheng become so powerful? What fortuitous encounter did he encounter this time?”

“Isn’t Changsheng holding a Martial Monarch Realm weapon? He even has a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
This child’s luck is really impressive!”

The elders who watched Li Changsheng grow were all excited.

However, the few existences with extremely deep cultivation in the Azure Lotus Sword Sect, including the Sword Sect’s sect master, had extremely solemn expressions.

“Don’t be happy too early.
Have you all forgotten how terrifying Li Liushui is?”

“Li Liushui can fight those at a higher level!”

As soon as he said this, everyone immediately trembled.
They were suddenly reminded of the strength Li Liushui displayed back then.

At that time, despite only being at the Essence Realm, he had barged into the Azure Lotus Sword Sect with only a saber.

Then, he killed Li Changsheng’s parents, the Sword Sect’s sect master and his wife, who were already Emperor Realm experts back then.

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