At the moment of life and death, Fang Aotian immediately summoned out of the Ancient Bronze Hall.

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He wanted to escape into the Ancient Bronze Hall and run into the void.
Then, he would use the medicinal pills in the Ancient Bronze Hall to repair his body.

At that time, he would still have a chance to survive.

Moreover, he was very smart to summon the Ancient Bronze Hall in front of him.
At this moment, Yun Lige and the others’ attacks would be blocked by the Ancient Bronze Hall and would be unable to injure him.

Unfortunately, Yun Lige had long been prepared for this.

His master had said many times that the hot shots always had a chance to avoid death at the moment of death.

They could be saved by experts or escape with secret techniques.

Therefore, when Fang Aotian only had one head left, Yun Lige immediately attacked.
He took out his other Martial Monarch Realm weapon and threw it out in a lightning-like manner.

After experiencing the battle just now, the Battle God Art was constantly circulating.
At this moment, Yun Lige’s actual combat strength was already comparable to the first level of the King Realm.

The strength of the Martial Monarch Realm weapon was boundless.

The Martial Monarch Realm weapon attacked and directly shattered the Ancient Bronze Hall.

Fang Aotian’s eyes widened in extreme fear.

He had never expected Yun Lige to have a second Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

This mistake had completely cost him his life.

Ji Wuxia flew up from below and slashed out.

“Have a taste of a sword attack at the second level of the Essence Realm.
I wonder if it is enough to kill you?”

With a slash, a cold beam spread for a thousand meters.
The powerful sword beam directly destroyed Fang Aotian’s head.

After losing his soul embodiment body, Fang Aotian’s soul was also unable to resist.

Before he could escape, Fang Tianyuan’s Void Shattering Hammer had already pressed down on his head.

After a loud bang, the void collapsed.
Fang Aotian’s soul was directly shattered into pieces.

At this point, Fang Aotian had completely died.

The three of them looked at each other and immediately smiled.

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Although their cloaks, masks, and coats had been blasted into pieces and they looked like three beggars, the three of them were especially happy.

It had not been easy.
They had finally killed a hot shot.

At this moment, the three of them felt that their bodies were wrapped in a warm force and were especially comfortable.

“Could this feeling be the power of luck?”

The three of them closed their eyes and felt the benefits of the luck.

They felt that something seemed to have changed in their bodies.
They could not explain why their cultivation did not increase, but they felt that they had gained more confidence.

They were confident that as long as they worked hard, they could do anything.

If Wang Cai was here, he would probably be furious.

For no reason, Wang Cai’s meal had been stolen.

However, there was nothing Wang Cai could do about it.
After dying, the luck of others would also dissipate.
As this luck dissipated, it would find the closest lifeform and fuse with the lifeform’s luck

It would not stay for long.
Otherwise, wouldn’t it be possible to find luck everywhere in the world?

After the three of them finished sucking up Fang Aotian’s luck, they opened their eyes and smiled.

“Master probably won’t scold us when we return this time.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, you’ve finally done it.”

Yun Lige placed one hand behind his back and waved his hand.

“You’re too polite.
There’s still Fang Aotian’s bronze ancient hall below.
Let’s quickly move away and help Master and the others.”

The three of them immediately landed and moved the Ancient Bronze Hall.

As the three of them worked together to move away the Ancient Bronze Hall, Sect Master Chen, who had rushed back to investigate, happened to see this scene.

At that moment, he was dumbfounded.

“Aren’t those three Xiaoran’s three disciples?”

On the other side, seven figures had also arrived in the sky above the Great Zhou Imperial City.

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“Is this the Great Zhou Imperial City?”

“That’s right.
This is the Great Zhou Imperial City.
That guy below is Lu Xiaoran.”

“Hongyu, you’re the one who said that this brat has many Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
If you dare to lie to us, the six of us will definitely make you regret it for the rest of your life.”

Nalan Hongyu placed her hands behind her back and smiled indifferently.

“Do you think I, a Supreme Realm expert, would put my life at stake just to joke with you? Everyone here should know how difficult it is to cultivate to the Supreme Realm, right?”

“I just want to kill Lu Xiaoran with my own hands and avenge my son.
As for his Martial Monarch Realm weapons, I guarantee that I won’t take a single one.
You guys can at least get one Martial Monarch Realm weapon each.”

Hearing this, everyone nodded.

“Alright! Just because of what you said, we’ll help you today.”

As they spoke, the six of them erupted with their auras at the same time.

In an instant, the world changed.
Wind and clouds surged in the entire Imperial City, and lightning flashed.
A powerful aura pressed down, directly making countless cultivators in the Imperial City of the Great Zhou tremble in fear.

It was even to the extent that almost 70% of the citizens knelt on the ground and were unable to raise their heads.

Those below the Master Realm were simply unable to resist this pressure.

The corner of Nalan Hongyu’s mouth curled up slightly.

She did not expect these people to be able to kill Lu Xiaoran.

As the chosen one, Lu Xiaoran already had the ability to kill enemies at a higher level.

He could easily take on multiple enemies at once.

If he were to be killed by a few cultivators of the same level, wouldn’t he, Lu Xiaoran, be too worthless?

What she wanted to do was let these people stall for time.
After Fang Aotian and Li Liushui killed Lu Xiaoran’s disciples and greatly reduced his luck, they would then teleport over and accompany her to send Lu Xiaoran on his way.

As for Lu Xiaoran’s Martial Monarch Realm weapons… Hehehehe… they would naturally be hers!

At this moment, the Great Zhou Imperial Family Elder Group had also sensed this force.
Everyone was shocked.

“Heavens, what powerful strength! Every one of them is at the Supreme Realm.
What is happening? Why are there so many Supreme Realm experts in our Great Zhou?”

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“It’s over! The Great Zhou is finished!”

“Could this be the end of the world?”

In a newly established imperial palace in the Great Zhou Empire, Ji Tianming and the others stopped what they were doing and looked towards the sky, shocked until their hearts raced.

“Father, what a powerful pressure.
Where did so many Supreme Realm experts come from? What’s happening?”

The previous Emperor of the Great Zhou had already become a member of the Elder Group and was no longer the emperor.

At this moment, he placed his hands behind his back and narrowed his eyes.
He stared at the figure in the sky and gritted his teeth.

“They’re all here to find you, right? This time, even you have no choice but to reveal your strength! I can’t wait to see who you are!”

The moment the other party killed Lin Fei, he was already somewhat puzzled.

And when Ji Wushang killed his beloved daughter, Ruyang, in the battle for the throne, he had already confirmed it.

The person behind the Purple Peace Imperial Palace was definitely the person behind Ji Wuxia.

He was not stupid.
The other party was able to make the three of them so powerful and even get the Grand Elder to confirm the status of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

This was enough to prove that Lu Xiaoran’s strength was very, very powerful!

However, he was unwilling to accept this.
He wanted to see how powerful Lu Xiaoran was!

He wanted to see if the other party was powerful enough to make him stay as a mere member of the Elder Group.

Or could it be that in a year from now, it would be Lu Xiaoran’s death anniversary?

Two minutes before this, Lu Xiaoran, who was waiting for Nalan Hongyu, had gotten bored.
Since he had nothing to do, he decided to accept Yun Lige’s advancement gift bag and open it to pass the time.

Divine Dao Spirit Stone x1000.

Mid-grade God Realm Exquisite Tower x1.

High-grade God Realm divine beast egg x1.

Low-grade God Realm Taiyi Lightning Hammer x1.

After opening more than ten gift boxes in a row, an unfamiliar and powerful aura suddenly came from the sky.

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This made Lu Xiaoran’s eyes immediately light up.

Without much hesitation, he immediately activated all the array formations in the Great Zhou Imperial City.

These array formations could resist the shock wave produced by the battle and stop it from entering.
This way, it could prevent the Great Zhou Imperial City from being destroyed by the shock wave.

Then, Lu Xiaoran activated the array formation outside the Imperial City to prevent these people from escaping.

After doing these two things, Lu Xiaoran heaved a sigh of relief.
He took out two top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapons, one saber and one sword.

It couldn’t be helped.
His current strength was already very powerful.
He had reached the seventh level of the Supreme Realm and had many means.
It was completely not a problem for him to fight those at a higher level.

If he took the divine weapon again, he was really afraid that the heavens would strike him with divine lightning.

The moment he took out the Martial Monarch Realm weapon, the other party’s auras also discovered him.
Without wasting any time, one of them directly pressed down on his head.

“Are you Lu Xiaoran? You’ve actually stepped into the Supreme Realm at such a young age.
Your talent is indeed monstrous.
If you were given a bit more time, it’s also very likely for you to step into the Saint Realm in the future.”

However… unfortunately, you’re too arrogant and don’t know how to restrain yourself.
You killed the wrong…”

Before he could say the word “person”, a shockingly fast cold light suddenly attacked.

He had thrown the Martial Monarch Realm sword in his hand.

The light pierced mercilessly through the other party’s shoulder, leaving a huge bloody hole.

The person who spoke immediately had an extremely cold and ugly expression.
He berated angrily and was about to kill Lu Xiaoran when Lu Xiaoran had already arrived in front of him.

The shocking speed instantly suppressed his furious mood, and what replaced it was dense fear.

How did Lu Xiaoran get here so fast?

Why was his speed so fast?

Sensing the killing intent coming from Lu Xiaoran, he did not dare to be careless at all.
He immediately took out his weapon, a quasi Martial Monarch Realm weapon and a sword above the top-grade Saint Realm to resist Lu Xiaoran.

However, just as he pulled it out, Lu Xiaoran raised his hand and slashed.

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