They were only three ordinary trash.
How could they have such powerful strength just because they had become disciples of Lu Xiaoran? They even had so many pieces of equipment!

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Even if he was inferior to Lu Xiaoran, why was he inferior to his disciples?

His eyes had already turned scarlet red!

He wanted to kill all three of them and everyone in the Heaven Demon Sect below!

He wanted to blast everyone into the sky!

Of course, Fang Aotian would not detonate his Martial Monarch Realm weapon again.

Although the Ancient Bronze Hall was a treasure vault of an extremely powerful ancient sect, it was still only a sect no matter how powerful it was!

Therefore, he still had a limited number of Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

Previously, when he was dealing with Ling Xinyue, he had already exploded two to three weapons.
Later, when he dealt with Fang Tianyuan and the others, in order to break Lu Xiaoran’s two Martial Monarch Realm attack formations, he had shattered several more.

He did not have much left.

However, although he did not have many Martial Monarch Realm weapons left, he still had many Saint Realm and Heaven Realm weapons.

Although the quality of these weapons was inferior to Martial Monarch Realm weapons, as long as there were enough of them, it was not a problem for their explosive strength to match Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

Without much hesitation, Fang Aotian directly took out 14 Saint Realm weapons, 69 Heaven Realm weapons, and 193 Earth Realm weapons from the Ancient Bronze Hall.

Seeing the weapons that suddenly appeared, Yun Lige’s expression suddenly changed.
At this moment, each weapon began to emit a faint golden light that was filled with a destructive aura.

“Something’s wrong.
He’s going to detonate his weapon again.”

“Does this pervert like to play with firecrackers so much?”

“Don’t be afraid.
Hide behind me.”

Fang Tianyuan used his Indestructible Golden Body with all his strength.

The current him had already reached the peak of the tenth level of the Essence Realm.
The Indestructible Golden Body he used was not just a little stronger than before.

The moment he used it, a golden giant phantom more than a hundred meters tall immediately formed in the sky.

Seeing this cultivation technique, Fang Aotian suddenly trembled.

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“This cultivation technique… It’s you! You actually didn’t die? How is this possible? I don’t believe it!”

“How could I die before killing you?”

Hearing Fang Tianyuan’s voice, Fang Aotian completely collapsed at this moment.

He did not expect Fang Tianyuan to still be alive!

However, Li Liushui’s saber had clearly killed Fang Tianyuan!

He had confirmed it with his own eyes!

Could it be Lu Xiaoran again?

His body trembled.
At this moment, Fang Aotian was extremely afraid of the Lu Xiaoran he had never even met before.

That guy could even revive a dead person.
How many more tricks did he have?

After his mental breakdown reached the limit, Fang Aotian had already gone crazy.

He had to kill Fang Tianyuan!

There was also Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia.
After bringing them down, he could also damage Lu Xiaoran’s luck.

Only in this way could he cooperate with Li Liushui and Nalan Hongyu to completely kill Lu Xiaoran.

It could be said that although Fang Aotian had never met Lu Xiaoran before, Lu Xiaoran had already become the greatest nightmare of Fang Aotian’s life!

As killing intent surged, Fang Aotian roared.
All the weapons instantly transformed into dazzling golden lights that bombarded Fang Tianyuan’s Indestructible Golden Body giant phantom mercilessly like cannonballs.

Explosions sounded one after another.
The powerful explosion energy made the world tremble.
Even the people from the Heaven Demon Sect who had escaped more than 50 kilometers away felt their hearts palpitate when they heard this explosion.

“Too terrifying.
Is this Fang Aotian’s combat ability?”

“This is already on a completely different level from us.
I’m afraid even our Heaven Demon Sect’s patriarch might not be his match!”

Elder Huang could not help but sigh.

“No wonder he dared to break off relations with the Great Zhou.
With such a powerful strength, not to mention him, if I were in his shoes, even I would want to establish my own sect!”

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The Sect Master was silent for a moment before saying, “Elder Huang, when these experts leave, I want to have a good chat with you.”

Elder Huang’s face immediately turned pale.

“Don’t… don’t say that, Sect Master.
I was just joking.”

Unfortunately, Sect Master Chen could not be bothered with him.

This immediately made Elder Huang want to cry.
Only his beautiful wife, Dazhuang, beside him, caressed his back and gave him a trace of comfort.

“Husband, don’t cry.
The sect master is a man, and you’re also a man.
At most, he’ll just beat you up.”

The explosions in the sky above the Heaven Demon Sect became more and more intense.
The golden giant phantom was somewhat unable to endure it and began to slowly fall, trembling.

“Junior Brother, don’t panic.”

Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia immediately rushed forward.
At the same time, they circulated the spirit energy in their bodies and crazily transmitted it to Fang Tianyuan to maintain his Indestructible Golden Body.

At the same time, Yun Lige also used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to constantly treat Fang Tianyuan’s injuries to repair his organs.

In the sky, seeing that his weapon was about to explode, Fang Tianyuan still gritted his teeth and endured.
Blood had already seeped out of the corner of his mouth, but the golden giant was still not destroyed.
Fang Aotian’s scarlet eyes had already lost their rationality.

“Go ahead and try your best to stop! Let’s see if you can stop this!”

As he spoke, Fang Aotian took out a Martial Monarch Realm weapon from the Ancient Bronze Hall.
With a roar, he directly detonated the Martial Monarch Realm weapon and threw it at Fang Tianyuan.

At this moment, he no longer wanted to conserve his Martial Monarch Realm weapons.
As long as he could kill Fang Tianyuan, he would do so at any cost!

The entire world kept changing color because of this explosion.
It was flickering.
The spatial barrier was also somewhat unstable and began to produce some distortions and turbulence.

When the last of the Saint Realm weapon exploded, a huge hole finally appeared in Fang Tianyuan’s Indestructible Golden Body.

A smug expression flashed in Fang Aotian’s eyes.
He directly controlled the Martial Monarch Realm weapon to explode on the huge hole.

Another shocking bang sounded, and the shock wave directly began to distort the space.

At this moment, Fang Tianyuan’s incomparably hard Indestructible Golden Body was finally torn and swallowed mercilessly by the spatial power of the spatial turbulence.

In the sky, Fang Aotian immediately roared with laughter.

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“Hahaha… I want to see how you plan on surviving this time! The top-notch bloodline of the Ancient Ape Tribe will ultimately be mine to develop!”

Just as he said this, the space on his left suddenly distorted.
In the next moment, a cold light was like a dragon as it instantly pierced through one of his arms.

Before he could react, the other party’s wrist exerted strength, and the powerful astral aura directly shattered his arm.

Fang Aotian was sent flying, his face filled with disbelief as he stared fixedly at Yun Lige who had sent him flying.

“How is this possible? I clearly caused an explosion.
It’s impossible for you to be unscathed.”

“You only shattered my cultivation technique defense and a layer of Martial Monarch Realm armor.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Tianyuan’s familiar voice sounded in his ear, accompanied by Fang Tianyuan’s hammer.

The Void Shattering Hammer smashed Fang Aotian flying again.
This time, a total of five ribs were broken on his back.

Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Fang Aotian immediately turned around and stared fixedly at Fang Tianyuan, his pupils constricting.

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

A huge hole had already been blasted into Fang Tianyuan’s Martial Monarch Realm armor.
However, there was still a Martial Monarch Realm armor inside the armor!

On top of that, Li Liushui had previously destroyed Fang Tianyuan’s other Martial Monarch Realm armor.
Just how many Martial Monarch Realm armors did he have?

This damn Lu Xiaoran.
He actually had so many more Martial Monarch Realm weapons and armors than him!

Just as his mind was in chaos and jealousy, another sword beam attacked from behind Fang Aotian.

He held his sword in one hand and swung it to receive the attack.

“A mere second level Essence Realm expert, get lost!”

The sword beam swept away Ji Wuxia’s sword beam and mercilessly blasted away Ji Wuxia’s phoenix phantom.

The sword beam did not lose its momentum and directly slashed Ji Wuxia’s clothes apart.
He originally thought that this move could at least heavily injure Ji Wuxia.
Unfortunately, Ji Wuxia only coughed twice and did not have any traces of being seriously injured.

Fang Aotian immediately looked into the crack in the coat.
When he saw the corner of the Martial Monarch Realm armor that was revealed, his cerebral vessels were about to explode!

Another Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

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Not long ago, he had been proud of obtaining the Ancient Bronze Hall and possessing more than ten Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

In the entire world, there was definitely no one who could compare to him in the lower realms.

However, today, under the repeated attacks of Lu Xiaoran’s disciple, his mind had already completely collapsed and he was on the verge of going crazy.

“I want to kill all of you.”

Fang Aotian could no longer care about anything.
His jealousy and possessiveness made him no longer stingy with his remaining Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

He had to kill Lu Xiaoran’s disciple and then kill Lu Xiaoran.

Unfortunately, because he had been distracted by Ji Wuxia,Yun Lige and Fang Tianyuan were given enough time to attack.
The two of them took the opportunity to attack.
Just as he took out the Martial Monarch Realm weapon, Yun Lige shot at his temple, making him dizzy.

Fang Tianyuan took the opportunity to fiercely smash his hammer at Fang Aotian’s crotch!

His master had said that living to the end was the most important.
The despicable moves could be said to be righteous!

This was because the right to speak was in the hands of the winner.

The pain of this attack reached Fang Aotian’s soul, making his mind rumble.
All his consciousness fell into a stagnation and the blood in his brains was unable to circulate at all.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yun Lige avoided his Martial Monarch Realm armor and pierced through his neck.

Fang Aotian’s head spun in the air.

Without the control of his head, his body was unable to activate spirit energy, and the Martial Monarch Realm armor was also unable to unleash its effects.

In front of Fang Aotian, Yun Lige’s spear quickly pierced through the armor, and Fang Tianyuan smashed down with his armor.

Seeing this scene, Fang Aotian completely collapsed.

“No, I… I can’t die.
If I die… what will happen to my royal hegemony?”

“What will happen to my harem?”

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