rey to the strong, morals were not that important.

Lu Xiaoran was already a super expert now.
He could completely choose not to save the Heaven Demon Sect.

Even if Li Daoran knew that it was possible that Fang Aotian only came here because of Lu Xiaoran, he knew that Lu Xiaoran could still choose to kill Fang Aotian later to avenge the Heaven Demon Sect.

However, Lu Xiaoran still took the initiative to send his disciple over.
This meant that Lu Xiaoran was still thinking about his old friends from the Heaven Demon Sect.

At this moment, the battle in the sky was becoming more and more intense.

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Fang Aotian roared and used his full strength to blast Yun Lige and the other two away.

“Get lost! Do you really think I, Fang Aotian, am a weakling?”

Hearing this voice, the expressions of the people from the Heaven Demon Sect below immediately changed.

“Fang Aotian! Heavens! I didn’t expect the one who attacked our Heaven Demon Sect to be Fang Aotian? Our Heaven Demon Sect has nothing to do with him.
Why did he attack us?”

Some elders immediately asked in confusion.

At this moment, a robust woman beside Elder Huang frowned and said with a solemn expression,

“This Fang Aotian was originally the son of the previous chief of the Ancient Ape Tribe.
Because his body was weak at birth, he was abandoned.
However, later, he rose from nowhere and returned to snatch the position of the Ancient Ape Tribe’s chief, becoming the new chief of the Ancient Ape Tribe.
Before I married Huang, his cultivation seemed to have already reached the Essence Realm! Now, looking at his aura, even the elders with Spirit Realm cultivation will tremble in front of him.
I’m afraid he has already broken through to the King Realm.”

The people from the Heaven Demon Sect were immediately dumbfounded.

Fang Aotian was actually such a ferocious person?

Wasn’t this too unbelievable?

No one doubted her words because she was previously an elder of the Acacia Faction.
The Acacia Faction’s intelligence department was the best in the entire Great Zhou.

“Sect Master, I’m afraid our Heaven Demon Sect is in big trouble now.
Fang Aotian is so powerful, who can defeat him?”

“That’s right, Sect Master.
What should we do now?”

The Heaven Demon Sect Master took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression,

“Perhaps it’s time to carry out the Patriarch’s words.
Relay my orders! Get everyone to escape from the back of the mountain and return after they finish fighting!”

Everyone’s bodies trembled as they recalled the divine might of their patriarch that night!

Since it was the patriarch’s words, it was definitely not wrong.

They had to escape first!

“Gather all the disciples and retreat! Retreat immediately!”

“Core disciples, help the new disciples retreat.
The elders of the various peaks are in charge of maintaining order.
Remember not to push around recklessly to avoid a stampede!”

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With the safe operation of the Heaven Demon Sect’s elders, the people from the Heaven Demon Sect quickly escaped.

The entire Heaven Demon Sect instantly became an empty mountain.
No matter how powerful the aftershock from the battle was, it was impossible for it to injure them.

Only when they were 50 kilometers away did everyone heave a sigh of relief.

“We’ve finally left the range of their shock wave.
This distance should be relatively safe for us.”

“Speaking of which, which of them is stronger?”

The First Elder stroked his beard and said with a solemn expression,

“I don’t know.
Although that Fang Aotian is powerful, the other party has three people.
As the saying goes, two fists can’t beat four hands.
I’m afraid…”

However, at this moment, the sect master shook his head.

“That might not be the case! I heard that this Fang Aotian has been in the limelight recently and has taken in many sects.
It’s said that he even has the intention to become independent from the Great Zhou Empire.
Even if it’s a one-on-three battle, he has no reason to fear!”

Another elder also said, “During this period of time, our Heaven Demon Sect has always been under the orders of the patriarch to enter seclusion to cultivate.
You guys don’t know this.
A few days ago, I came out of seclusion because I had something to do and heard that this Fang Aotian is now an extremely powerful celebrity.
In fact, he’s even wanted by the Great Zhou Imperial Family, along with the Acacia Faction’s sect master and another super genius.”

“It’s said that he even defeated the Demon Sect and the Demon Venerable!”

“Hiss ~! He wants to gain independence from the Great Zhou Empire!”

“He even defeated the Demon Sect’s Demon Venerable?”

At this moment, almost everyone was certain.

Fang Aotian was definitely going to win!

Who could defeat such an expert? Who could kill him?

His enemies would only be killed by him!

At this moment, the battle in the sky was becoming more and more intense.
Fang Aotian seemed to have swallowed a Martial Monarch Realm pill that could increase his attack power for a short period of time.
Every time he attacked, the might was extraordinary.
He forcefully took back the upper hand after being surrounded by the three of them for a long time.
At this moment, he forced the three of them back step by step.

His sword was extremely fast.
As he slashed repeatedly, Ji Wuxia, Fang Tianyuan, and Yun Lige’s clothes were already somewhat tattered, revealing the Martial Monarch Realm armor inside.

Seeing that Martial Monarch Realm armor, Fang Aotian was so furious that his eyes turned red.

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