nformation panel again.

The perfected tenth level of the Essence Realm.

Why were these people all advancing so quickly?

Why was Fang Tianyuan so many times more abnormal than Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia?

At this moment, the purple Demon Ape phantom in Fang Tianyuan’s body was much bigger.
There was naturally also one in Lu Xiaoran’s body.
Lu Xiaoran could sense that this Demon Ape Divine Soul was actually extremely powerful.
If he combined it with a God Realm cultivation technique, who knew how powerful he would be.

“Looks like the effect of the divine soul is indeed very powerful.
Now that Wuxia also has a divine soul, her cultivation speed will probably increase.
I wonder if this poor child, Lige, can still endure in the future.”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran casually opened Li Changsheng’s information panel.

As expected, Li Changsheng had already advanced to the tenth level of the King Realm.

The speed of his advancement this time was actually not fast.
The main reason was that time had been greatly accelerated by Lu Xiaoran.
Although it seemed like less than two months had passed outside, it had actually been almost a year inside.

In a year, with their talent and so many trump cards, it was already enough for them to increase their strength at this speed.

“There’s also Ziqiong, my youngest disciple.
Her cultivation is probably similar to Li Ge’s, right?”

However, when Lu Xiaoran opened Zhuge Ziqiong’s interface, he could not help but click his tongue.

Zhuge Ziqiong’s cultivation had already reached the first level of the Essence Realm.

This girl… was indeed not human.

In fact, there was a reason why Zhuge Ziqiong’s cultivation increased so quickly.

She was unlike ordinary people like Yun Lige who could only consume one Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill, Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill, Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill, and the like.

Lu Xiaoran had refined Martial Monarch Realm blood and Martial Monarch Realm marrow from those medicinal pills and gave it to her to directly consume.

Lu Xiaoran even gave her a Martial Monarch Realm heart.

The effect of a Martial Monarch Realm expert’s heart was simply too powerful.

If he let Li Ge and the others eat it, they would definitely not eat it.
However, Zhuge Ziqiong was a zombie, so she did not mind at all.

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Forget it.
Lu Xiaoran decided to not care about Lige anymore.
He didn’t care if Lige would be the weakest of the bunch.

After all, the faster his disciples improved, the faster his own cultivation would increase.

While his heart ached for Lige, Lu Xiaoran received a pile of gifts with tears in his eyes and casually opened them.

Mid-grade God Realm Wolf God Totem x1.

Low-grade God Realm Moon Shattering Saber x1.

Top-grade God Realm luck Golden Dragon x1.

Golden Luck Dragon, could be used to increase one’s luck and reduce one’s bad luck.

Mid-grade God Realm Steel Dragon Armor x1.

Mid-grade God Realm divine beast egg x1.

Top-grade God Realm cultivation technique, Beast Control Divine Art x1.

Divine Dao Spirit Stone x10000.

Lu Xiaoran already felt numb to these things.

In any case, he threw all of them into the Mountain and River State Painting.

Just as he finished working, a subordinate from the Imperial Palace rushed in from outside the next second.

“Senior Lu, there’s an urgent letter outside for you.”

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Senior Lu, I don’t know…”

With a thought, the letter immediately arrived in his hand.

Lu Xiaoran swept his divine sense again and learned the information.

To his surprise, there was a challenge letter inside.

What surprised him even more was that these people were actually old friends.

Nalan Hongyu, Fang Aotian, and Li Liushui.

“These three people actually want to fight me? Interesting.”

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However, this was more or less within Lu Xiaoran’s expectations.
After all, he had already blocked the advancement path of the three of them.
If the three of them wanted to live, they could either escape from the Great Zhou Empire or fight him head-on.

It was simply unrealistic to simply hide and cultivate for dozens of years before seeking revenge on him.

The hot shots would never submit to others.
This was the natural arrogance of the hot shots.
They were unwilling to wait for decades.

“I’ll satisfy your wish.”

Lu Xiaoran snapped his fingers.

“Tell this person who sent the letter that I, Lu Xiaoran, will accept their challenge.”

The subordinate of the Imperial Palace retreated, and Lu Xiaoran summoned the others.

The few of them bowed in unison, and Lu Xiaoran nodded slightly.

“You all did well.
You cultivated very seriously this time.”

“Thank you for your praise, Master.”

“You’re welcome.
I summoned you for serious business.”

“Please tell us, Master.”

“Nalan Hongyu sent over a challenge letter.
They have challenged us and I’ve already accepted it.
Currently, the other party is prepared to unleash some sinister moves.
I want to ask for your opinion.”

“The other party will be attacking from three different places.
They want to fight us separately.”

Li Changsheng immediately understood.

“Master, let me go to the Azure Lotus Sword Sect.
The Azure Lotus Sword Sect is the place that gave birth to me and raised me.
I know what Li Liushui wants to do there.
I have to go.”

“Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision.
Since the other party dares to challenge me, their strength must be extraordinary.
If we’re careless, we might die.”

“But Master, my family is in the Azure Lotus Sword Sect.
I can’t watch them be killed by Li Liushui.
They’re very important to me.”

“You’re just as important to me.”

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