the people around you encounter a mishap, you will lose your luck.
If your main body is attacked, your luck might also decrease.”

Nalan Hongyu’s breathing froze.
She seemed to have sensed something.

Get to the point.
How do we deal with him?!”

“Start with his disciple.

“We’ll split into three directions.
Fang Aotian will take one direction.
I’ll take one direction.
You take the other direction.

“I’ll go to the Azure Lotus Sword Sect.
There are still Li Changsheng’s relatives there.
If I go there, it’s impossible for Li Changsheng not to go.

“You will go and deal with the Great Zhou Imperial Family.
The Great Zhou Imperial Family seems to have already become Lu Xiaoran’s lackey.
I don’t believe that Lu Xiaoran will just ignore them.

“As for Fang Aotian, he will go and deal with Lu Xiaoran’s sect, the Heaven Demon Sect.

“After living in the Heaven Demon Sect for so many years, I don’t believe that he doesn’t have any feelings for the Heaven Demon Sect.

“If he goes back to save them, he would be restrained.
If he does not, the Heaven Demon Sect will be destroyed and his luck will be weakened.
No matter what, he would suffer a certain loss.

“After I kill Li Changsheng first and Fang Aotian destroys the Heaven Demon Sect, you can cause a scene in the Great Zhou Imperial City.
Even if Lu Xiaoran has three heads and six arms, he still won’t be able to handle everything.”

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Fang Aotian could not help but ask curiously,

“However, speaking of which, although Hongyu is a Supreme Realm expert, the Great Zhou Imperial Family is not to be trifled with, right? Don’t tell me that the Great Zhou Imperial Family doesn’t even have a Supreme Realm expert holding down the fort?”

“Just as you said, the Great Zhou Imperial Family has already become Lu Xiaoran’s lackey.
The Great Zhou Imperial Family will definitely not sit idly by.

“Of course, I know that.”

Li Liushui looked at Nalan Hongyu.

“Fairy Nalan, you’ve been in this business for hundreds of years.
I don’t believe that you don’t have the network that we need! I think it shouldn’t be a problem for you to find more than three Supreme Realm martial artists, right?”

Nalan Hongyu’s eyes kept flickering.
She was weighing the pros and cons.

Originally, she felt fine when she did not need to fight the Imperial Family.
However, now that she was asked to directly take on the Imperial Family, she had to consider it.

She was really not sure that Li Liushui could defeat Lu Xiaoran.
She needed to calm down now.

“On what basis? On what basis are you targeting Lu Xiaoran? What confidence do you have to completely kill him?”

Li Liushui looked at the sky at a 45-degree angle, his hands behind his back, and endless confidence flashed in his eyes.

“I have a move that can kill a Saint Realm expert!”

Fang Aotian and Nalan Hongyu’s pupils immediately constricted.

Li Liushui was only a first level Emperor Realm cultivator now.
Usually, it was already powerful enough for one’s combat strength to surpass two realms.

They did not expect that Li Liushui would say that he was actually able to kill a Saint Realm expert with a single move.

In that case, they might really have a chance to deal with Lu Xiaoran.

“Alright! I promise you.
I’ll help out with the Imperial City.”

Nalan Hongyu had already stabilized her mind.

She knew that the chance to kill Lu Xiaoran had arrived.

Her improvement speed was extremely slow, and Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation speed was shocking.
The two of them were simply not on the same level.

Now that she had two trump cards in her hand, the two hot shots, she naturally had a chance at killing Lu Xiaoran.

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Coupled with the move Li Liushui mentioned, it was really a perfect opportunity to kill Lu Xiaoran.

If she missed this opportunity, she really did not know if she could kill Lu Xiaoran again in this life.

“How long will it take before we can find enough Supreme Realm experts to cooperate with you in your attack on the Imperial City?”

“Half a month, no, ten days!”

Fang Aotian also said, “Perfect, I can also return to the Ancient Ape Tribe and gather the equipment I scattered to resist Lu Xiaoran.”

“Alright! In that case, we can post the challenge on the ninth day.”

“Remember to build a teleportation formation.
When the battle begins, we can teleport together at any time and attack Lu Xiaoran together.”

Li Liushui’s timing needed to be perfect.
After all, he needed Lu Xiaoran to release Li Changsheng and his other disciples willingly.
At the same time, he also needed Lu Xiaoran to not have enough time to prepare and set up array formations.
Moreover, he also could not have Lu Xiaoran go and protect the people from the Azure Lotus Sword Sect and the Heaven Demon Sect.

He could not afford to make a single mistake!

The three of them quickly spread out and carried out their respective plans.

On the other side, Lu Xiaoran had also returned to the Imperial City.

This huge sweep had indeed been a huge harvest for him.

Just the value of top-grade spirit stones alone had amounted to nearly 10 billion.

Other than that, there were also other top, middle, and low-grade spirit stones, as well as various weapons and Dharma treasures.

Sensing his aura of returning to the Imperial City, Ji Wushang immediately came to greet him.

“Senior Lu, you’re back.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.
Having obtained a lot, he was in a rather good mood.

“How’s the Acacia Faction doing?”

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