Fang Aotian raised his doubts again.

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Nalan Hongyu pursed her lips and smiled, crossing her long legs.
The moment she raised her leg, Fang Aotian’s eyes could not help but twitch.

This scene naturally did not escape Nalan Hongyu’s eyes.
However, she did not expose him.

“The so-called hot shots are people who have great luck.
These people might have ordinary talent, low status, or tragic fate.
However, they usually have extremely powerful luck accompanying them.
Luck will change their fate.

For example, a hot shot can jump off a cliff and still survive.
In fact, he might even be able to find treasures under the cliff.

Fang Aotian’s heart skipped a beat.

Wasn’t this referring to him?

However, he did not jump off a cliff.
Instead, he was thrown off a cliff and coincidentally hung on a tree branch.
Then, he was lucky to survive and obtained the Ancient Bronze Hall.
Only then did he rise to prominence.

Nalan Hongyu did not stop.

“Other than that, there are also those who rose up in defiance of the heavens because of their engagement being canceled, those who rose up in defiance of the heavens because of humiliation, those who were reborn as experts, those who made up for their regrets, and so on… In any case, they will become stronger in a way that ordinary people can’t understand.

“When a hot shot casually encounters a street stall, he might find a hidden Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
When a hot shot explores an ancient tomb, he will definitely obtain a Martial Monarch Realm inheritance.
Just to list a few examples…”

The more Fang Aotian listened, the more shocked he became.

He did not expect the so-called hot shots to be so powerful.
Moreover, he did not expect to also be a hot shot!

However, after taking a deep breath, Fang Aotian continued, “Since you said that I’m a hot shot, why should I work with you?

“I can completely leave the Great Zhou first and avoid Lu Xiaoran.
I can increase my strength outside.
When my cultivation increases to a certain level, I can return and kill Lu Xiaoran.
Wouldn’t this be a more reliable plan?”

Nalan Hongyu smiled gorgeously.
Her bell-like laughter and the undulating lights made Fang Aotian dizzy.

After laughing for a moment, Nalan Hongyu finally slowly stopped.
However, a trace of a smile still hung on her face.

“You’re right.
You’re a hot shot after all.
You have some brains.
However, what I want to tell you is that although you’re a hot shot, you’re not the only hot shot in this world!”

“Moreover, there are also people like Lu Xiaoran who specialize in killing hot shots.

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“If not for Lu Xiaoran, your cultivation would indeed have far surpassed ordinary people.
There would be few people in the world who could compare to you in terms of cultivation.

“Unfortunately, with Lu Xiaoran around, the speed of your advancement will simply be unable to keep up with the speed of his killing.

“Only with my help can you surpass Lu Xiaoran in the shortest time possible.

Fang Aotian clenched his fists slightly.
This woman was determined to rope him in.

“Then… why should I believe that you will help me? What if you’re a spy sent by Lu Xiaoran? What if you want to use me to obtain treasures?”

“Regarding this, don’t worry.
Because Lu Xiaoran and I have an irreconcilable grudge.
My son, Lin Fei, has just been killed by Lu Xiaoran.
With this alone, I will never work with Lu Xiaoran.”

Hearing this, Fang Aotian took a deep breath and finally believed Nalan Hongyu.

With such a grudge, there was no need for him to worry.

“Alright, in that case, I agree to ally with you.”

“Alright! Chief Fang is indeed a straightforward person.
Then from today onwards, the three of us will be partners.”

Nalan Hongyu stood up and shook hands with Fang Aotian.
Fang Aotian reached out and shook Nalan Hongyu’s hand.
At the moment of contact, a few words could not help but flash in his mind.

Fang Aotian could not help but tighten his grip.

However, what he did not expect was that the moment he let go, Nalan Ruyu’s index finger actually scratched his palm lightly.

That feeling made Fang Aotian’s heart suddenly beat violently.

Damn, this Nalan Hongyu was really a deadly demoness.
No wonder she was able to open the most popular service-type sect in the entire Great Zhou, the Acacia Faction.

Unfortunately, she was already married and had a son.
She was already someone else’s wife and mother.

No, why did he feel that the temperature of his blood seemed to have increased faster?

A moment later, he immediately circulated his cultivation technique to suppress the somewhat restless blood in his body.

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This scene naturally fell into Li Liushui’s eyes.
His eyes could not help but flash with disdain.

Was this trash even worthy of being called a hot shot?

This guy was just an idiot whose knees went weak when he saw a woman.

The heavens were really blind to let him be on the same level as such a despicable person.

As for Nalan Hongyu, she did not think so.

The hot shots came in all shapes and sizes.
There were cold and handsome ones like Li Liushui, and there were also lustful ones like Fang Aotian.

It had to be said that in comparison, she actually preferred Fang Aotian, the type who had flings here and there.

Li Liushui was a relatively cold and arrogant man who only kept one or two women by his side.
Moreover, he was a man who only knew how to cultivate and become stronger.
He was a man who did not have any feelings at all.
He was really too boring.

People like Fang Aotian were easy to seduce and even easier to manipulate.

Of course, Nalan Hongyu also knew very well that Li Liushui was someone that was more suitable to marry.
After all, this was a world of experts.
Cultivation was the prerequisite for all safety.

As for Fang Aotian, he was more suitable to play with.
His moves were complete and one would not feel bored.

If she could obtain both of them, her safety would be guaranteed.

Speaking of which, it was not bad to be a female Venerable expert.
After all, wouldn’t gathering a bunch of hot shots as her playthings make her stronger?

“Alright, let’s get to the point.
We won’t fight Lu Xiaoran for the time being.
Let’s do our best to increase your strength.
The two of you have the ability to fight those at a higher level.
Even if you increase your cultivation to the Supreme Realm, it will still be enough to kill Lu Xiaoran.”

“It’s definitely impossible for you guys to rely on getting treasures from street stalls.
There are too many markets in the Great Zhou market, so it’s impossible for you guys to go through the street stalls one by one.

“The auctions won’t do either.
There are so many auctions being held in the entire Great Zhou every day.
It’s also impossible for you guys to go through all of them.”

“The best way is for you guys to enter the ancient tomb.

“I’ve already used the Acacia Faction’s methods to investigate the locations of all the tombs in the Great Zhou above the King Realm.
The two of you are both hot shots.
You will definitely be able to obtain something after entering the ancient tomb.
You will definitely be able to greatly increase your strength in the shortest period of time.”

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“Fairy Hongyu is indeed extraordinary.
With this move, even if Lu Xiaoran is a god, he will be helpless.”

“In that case, the two of you can start working now.
I’ve prepared two coats for the two of you.
There’s a connection formation engraved on them.
It’s a spatial teleportation formation.
You can maintain contact with me at any time and also teleport to my side at any time.
If there’s any trouble, I can also help you escape.”

Fang Aotian received the coat and touched the material on it before nodding.

“Good quality.
This coat is made of more than 3,000 years of Heaven Silk.
The array formations engraved on it are also extremely profound.”

Turning it over, he saw the word “justice” embroidered on the back of the coat.

Nalan Hongyu pursed her lips and smiled.

“The alliance Lu Xiaoran established is called the Avengers Alliance.
We naturally can’t be inferior to them.
Therefore, I took the initiative to name our alliance the Justice Alliance!

“Of course, don’t think that this is very childish.
In fact, even a simple name can help us increase our luck and resist Lu Xiaoran.

However, both Li Liushui and Fang Aotian did not believe this.

A name could increase one’s luck?

Did this woman have some strange hobby?

However, in fact, Nalan Hongyu indeed had some special thoughts.

In this strange world, anything was possible.

Just like how she had created Lin Fei, she wanted to define Lu Xiaoran as a villain while making herself the righteous one.

Although she did not know if this could create a luck effect like the one she created for her son, it didn’t hurt to try.

What if she could really increase her luck?

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran had already brought his disciples back to the Imperial City, the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

The Purple Peace Imperial Palace was currently undergoing repairs.
Everyone was busy.

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Fortunately, because of the protection of the Martial Monarch Realm formation, Ji Wuxia’s courtyard was not damaged.
Lu Xiaoran directly brought everyone back and arranged for them to start cultivating.

The hot shots were all stronger than the other.
If he still did not increase the cultivation of the disciples, they could only be beaten passively.

After getting his disciples to enter the Mountain and River State Painting to cultivate, Lu Xiaoran began to plan.

Nalan Hongyu was definitely already in the Great Zhou now.
This could already be considered to be a done deal.

However, it was really difficult for him to determine if this woman was hiding in the dark.

He felt more and more like a villain.

This was because normally speaking, the protagonists were the ones hiding and ended up shocking everyone when they appeared.

However, now, he was the one in the open and Nalan Hongyu was in the dark.

The only good thing was that he had supported the Great Zhou Imperial Family and made Ji Wushang and the others carry out his orders openly.
At the same time, he hid in the dark to avoid being targeted at.
This way, he could also secretly observe and find out where Nalan Hongyu was.

Then, he would seize the opportunity to directly give her a beating.

However, Lu Xiaoran was not stupid to simply hide here.
Ordinary people could hide and develop.
This was because their opponent’s cultivation speed was not fast, so they had a chance to surpass the other party.

However, he was facing a hot shot.

The other party’s speed of improvement was very fast.
It was impossible for him to surpass the other party.

In that case, since he could not surpass them, why not… attack and hinder them? If the other party was unable to increase his strength, or if their strength increased very slowly, it would also give Yun Lige and the others a chance to overtake them.

“There were only a few ways for the hot shots to advance.
Street stalls, auctions, ancient tombs, cliffs…”

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