ust that alluring.

It was so alluring that the Grand Imperial Sire did not hesitate to risk his life!

“In that case, there’s nothing to discuss.”

The Grand Imperial Sire smiled coldly and stomped his foot.
His body immediately turned into a stream of light and instantly disappeared from his spot.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of the old king.

The old king hurriedly threw a move to resist the Grand Imperial Sire.
The two of them were both forced back.
The Grand Imperial Sire only retreated a few steps, but the old king was forced back dozens of steps.
His face was even red, and his blood surged violently, almost unable to help but cough.

He was not stupid and knew that he was not Ji Shangrong’s match.

“Zining, quickly bring Wushang to the Great Zhou Imperial Mausoleum.
There are members of the Elder Group there.
As long as he gets there and has the Elder Group holding the fort, no matter how bold this guy is, he won’t dare to injure Wushang at all.”

“That’s not possible.
When I first arrived, I discovered that the array formation of the Imperial Palace had already been activated.
No one can leave.”

The old king’s pupils constricted.
He had already guessed that it was the Emperor of the Great Zhou who did this!

The Great Zhou Emperor controlled all the array formations in the entire Imperial City.
Only he was able to remotely control the array formations of the imperial palaces.
Moreover, they would be unable to undo them from the imperial palaces.

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“Are you very surprised? Do you think I would have come directly if I didn’t have a plan? After all, this is the Imperial City.
If anything happens, the Elder Group will discover it.”

The old king spat and was filled with contempt.
However, it also made him covet that position even more.

He had to obtain the throne!

“Zining, go and protect Wushang.
No matter what, we can’t let anything happen to him.
Even if the Purple Peace Imperial Palace has already been sealed by the array formation, the Elder Group will still discover something abnormal over time.
We just have to hold on for a while.”

King Zining immediately turned around to protect his son.

“It’s useless.
Since I’ve come here, I’m naturally already prepared.
Today, I definitely have to kill Ji Wushang!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his right hand and summoned a long sword with a dragon mark on it.

The moment he saw the sword, the old king’s pupils suddenly constricted.

It was one of the five Martial Monarch Realm weapons left behind by the Founding Emperor of the Great Zhou.
It was the Mad Dragon Sword.

The other party’s cultivation was originally above his.
Now that the other party was wielding the Mad Dragon Sword, the old king was afraid that he would really be doomed this time.

However, even so, he still had to protect Ji Wushang with his life.
He had to protect the Purple Peace Imperial Palace and his descendants.

To him, obtaining the throne was more important than his life.

Even if he was already an Emperor Realm expert!

Just as King Zining retreated to the other courtyards and arrived beside his son, a dazzling light erupted from his back.
Then, a storm surged as a shock wave spread crazily.

Originally, if the shock wave spread in all directions, the force would have been a little weaker.
However, because the entire Imperial Palace was surrounded by the array formation, the shock wave was contained.

Therefore, after the shock wave encountered the array formation, it would bounce back and not a trace of aura would be able to escape.

This was also why the Grand Imperial Sire had his son, the Great Zhou Emperor, activate the array formation of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

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He had done this to prevent this matter from being discovered.
He wanted to completely destroy the Purple Peace Imperial Palace and kill Ji Wushang without anyone knowing.

The violent wind was wanton and the powerful shock wave even made King Zining, a King Realm expert, unable to resist.
His body shook incessantly in the storm.
He could only grit his teeth and endure.
The spirit energy in his body flowed crazily, and the circulation speed of his cultivation technique reached the peak.

Emperor Realm experts were simply too terrifying!

Just the shock wave from the battle alone was already too much for King Zining to endure.

Of course, the main reason was that he was standing too close!

At such a close distance, the fluctuation was basically at its strongest.
It was already very lucky for him to not vomit blood.

As a King Realm expert, it was already somewhat difficult for King Zining to resist, let alone the others from the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

Many people with low cultivation were swept into ashes by the shock wave on the spot, not even leaving behind a trace of blood.

As for the buildings, they were directly destroyed by the battle between the two Emperor Realm experts.

Ji Wushang looked forward from his father’s side.
The two Emperor Realm experts were so fast that their figures could no longer be seen.

However, he could sense that his grandfather was currently at a disadvantage.

They could not just continue to wait like this.
The Grand Imperial Sire was too powerful.
If this continued, the Purple Peace Imperial Palace would not be able to last until help arrived.

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth as if he had made an important decision.

“Father, bring me to my sister’s courtyard immediately.

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