ill the other party.
However, he did not.

His words revealed sincerity and simplicity.

At this moment, even Zhuge Ziqiong, who had just gotten to know Lu Xiaoran, had already tacitly acknowledged this master in her heart.

“How is it? Can you call me Master now?”

Lu Xiaoran smiled and looked at him.
Zhuge Ziqiong nodded and took a deep breath.

Lu Xiaoran nodded and smiled.

The feeling of taking in a disciple was very satisfying.
At the very least, unlike those hot shots like those Long Aotian, he was nurturing disciples.
On the other hand, those people were gathering brainless pigs all day long and had disgusting values.

“You’re no longer human.
Since you’re a zombie, you won’t be able to absorb medicinal pills anymore.
However, Fortunately, I have many Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pills that I can reverse-engineer.
I can extract the Martial Monarch Realm blood essence inside to help you increase your cultivation.
Other than that, the cultivation technique you cultivate, the Heaven Amplification Six Dao Art, can also increase your strength.”

Zhuge Ziqiong clenched her fists slightly as an inexplicable sadness and anger surged in her heart.

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Because a zombie with a very low cultivation had a large amount of resentment gathered in its body, it was very easy for it to go berserk from anger.

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly and rubbed her little head.

“Calm down.
My current cultivation level is not enough.
However, if I’m powerful enough one day, I might be able to help you reconstruct your human body.”

Traces of warmth immediately surged out of Zhuge Ziqiong’s cold heart, and her ruthless aura was suppressed again.

“That’s right.
Speaking of which, that sister of yours is the daughter of that mistress.
If you have any information, tell me first.
I’ll record it.”

Zhuge Ziqiong pondered for a moment and organized her thoughts.

“Because my mother was a very good wife, the entire residence respects her very much.
After my mother died of anger, not only me, but everyone in the residence also had a lot of opinions of Zhuge Liuli and her mother.
Naturally, they also bully and scold her.”

Zhuge Liuli had always been very gentle.

As for me, I usually order her around like a maidservant.
It’s fine in front of outsiders, but I won’t do anything to humiliate my family’s reputation in case outsiders laugh at my Zhuge family.
However, at home, I usually let her do some dirty work.

Lu Xiaoran held his chin and muttered,

“The daughter of a mistress being bullied… From the sound of it, this plan is indeed filled with the aura of a useless protagonist.
Just the name ‘Liuli’ alone is filled with a rich chuunibyou aura.”

However, it’s not very appropriate for the other party to be able to rise to prominence overnight.
After all, no matter how heaven-defying the hot shots are, there will still be a special factor in their advancement.
Do you remember any other special characteristics about her? Or perhaps, did you pick on her in a specific manner? ”

Zhuge Ziqiong thought again and continued, “I thought about it later and realized that there were signs to her transformation.
I don’t know when it started, but at one point, her eyes made me somewhat afraid.
Especially when she smiled coldly with a crooked mouth, I always had an uneasy feeling.
It was as if I was only a small ant in front of her.”

It was indeed the legendary Crooked Mouth.
After witnessing a crooked smile, it was difficult to tell if one would still be alive.

“Got it.
She was probably reborn.
I don’t know if she herself had been reborned or if someone else had stolen her soul.
However, no matter what, she’s definitely a big shot who has sufficient cultivation techniques and cultivation experience.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have developed successfully so quickly.”

“That should be the case.”

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Zhuge Ziqiong nodded and immediately said,

“Usually, I would get her to help me wash my feet.
Once, when she was unwilling, I splashed water on her.
From then on, she completely erupted.
Many famous cultivators often came to praise her.
Some called her the Dragon King, some called her Asura, and some called her the Battle God.”

The muscles on Lu Xiaoran’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

Once again, it was because of this damned foot wash.

Speaking of which, Lu Xiaoran had always considered and studied this problem.

Why was the luck of a hot shot so powerful? Was there some secret behind it?

For example, Xiao Bei started to become a hacker after being mocked and insulted.

Could it be that by being insulted or by doing demeaning acts such as washing other people’s feet, one could actually increase their luck?

Lu Xiaoran could not do anything about insults and ridicule.
After all, with his status, it was not suitable for him to do this to them.
Moreover, he also couldn’t find anyone to humiliate Yun Lige and the others.

However… when it came to washing feet …

“Zi Qiong, go get a basin of foot washing water.
After you’re done washing your feet, hand the water to me.”

Zhuge Ziqiong’s face was slightly red.

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“Don’t think nonsense.
I don’t have that kind of abnormal hobby.
I just want to see if this thing can increase luck.”

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