ught to the death.

At that time, Fang Aotian should have been at his weakest and it would also be the easiest for them to succeed.

“In that case, we will definitely cultivate diligently and not let Master down.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and put the few of them into the Mountain and River State Painting.
Then, he gave them enough resources.

He threw in all kinds of Martial Monarch Realm and Saint Realm pills for them to use casually.

After arranging for his disciples, Lu Xiaoran finally looked at the hand.

What a pitiful fifth disciple.
She only had one hand.

This should be the most tragic one among all his disciples, right?

Fortunately, he had the Divine Weapon Body Modeling Mark.
The Body Modeling Mark only needed blood essence and soul to repair one’s body.
With an entire hand here, it was definitely not a problem.

Lu Xiaoran immediately took out the Body Modeling Mark and threw Zhuge Ziqiong’s hand in.

Immediately after, he activated the divine weapon and a golden light immediately appeared on the Body Modeling Mark.

Because Zhuge Ziqiong’s cultivation was very low, the Body Modeling Mark repaired her very quickly.

Soon, as the body modeling mark shot out a golden light, a beautiful jade-like figure appeared in front of Lu Xiaoran.

After a moment of silence, Lu Xiaoran immediately threw a cloak onto Zhuge Ziqiong.

“Damn, why is the Body Modeling Mark showing me a bare body? Why doesn’t it just give her a set of clothes? This is simply unacceptable!”

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Perhaps sensing something strange, Zhuge Ziqiong crawled up from the ground in a daze and looked at Lu Xiaoran in front of her in confusion.

The dorky and adorable look on her face was simply unbearable.
Her zombie-like canine teeth were very naughty and cute.
Coupled with her long, soft, black hair that was like a waterfall and her fair and tender little face, she looked very much like a two-dimensional female protagonist.

If it were an ordinary man, they might not be able to help but directly commit a crime.
However, Lu Xiaoran would not.

He had a very clear view of life.

If you made a friend and encountered trouble, the friend would help you.

However, women only knew how to drag you down.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran definitely did not want a girlfriend.

Moreover, the other party was his disciple.
He was the other party’s master, a hardworking gardener, and a teacher.

How could he do something that insulted the holy word “master”?

Seeing the confusion in the other party’s eyes, Lu Xiaoran coughed lightly and greeted.

The other party ignored him.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown slightly.

Could it be that because the other party was not from the Great Zhou Empire, or because the other party had already become a zombie, the language she used also changed?

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran changed his greetings.

Lu Xiaoran tried several times in a row and almost used up all his vocabulary, but Zhuge Ziqiong did not react at all.

This gave him a huge headache.
Could it be that this person’s transformation into a zombie would also cause a change in her linguistic abilities?

With the language barrier, how could they communicate?

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“Coming, coming, Master, I’m here.”

“This Zhuge Ziqiong doesn’t understand what I’m saying.
Therefore, I can’t make her acknowledge me as her master, right?”

“Reporting to Master, you don’t have to worry.
Although her zombie bloodline is very high-level, her cultivation level is still very basic.
Now, she’s at most equivalent to a child learning how to speak among humans.
As long as she cultivates a cultivation technique and increases her cultivation, her linguistic ability will increase.
At that time, she will be able to communicate.”

“However, the problem is that I can’t let her take me as her master now, so I naturally can’t teach her cultivation techniques.
How can I help her advance?”

“That’s not a problem.
It’s very simple for men and women to communicate.
There’s no need for words.”

“I suspect that you’re being a pervert, but I can’t tell for sure.”

With that said, Wang Cai immediately ran to Zhuge Ziqiong’s side.
He kicked her and smashed his small claws fiercely on the back of her head.

The adorable Zhuge Ziqiong’s head directly smashed fiercely onto the ground, even creating a small pit.

Immediately after, Wang Cai smiled and said,

“Congratulations, Master for taking in the disciple with a King Realm zombie bloodline.
Master is rewarded with a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique—Heaven Amplification Six Dao Art and a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon—Six Path Reincarnation Disk.”

“Do you have to do this? Is it very interesting? I think you could have easily confirmed our master-disciple relationship.”

“Master, don’t talk nonsense.
Otherwise, I’ll sue you for slander.
Wang Cai is a good child.”

A system with such intelligence and bootlicking tendencies actually that he was a good child.

“Alright, this has nothing to do with you.
Go back.
I’ll train her well.”

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