ncrease it to this level first.
If I continue to increase it, I’m afraid something will happen again.”

“Then let’s leave it at that for now.”

Lu Xiaoran had a headache.
For some reason, he felt somewhat uneasy.

He did not know if it was because of Fang Aotian or Lin Fei’s mother.
In any case, he had been feeling somewhat depressed recently and did not sleep well.

“Forget it, I’ll get back to work.”

On the other side, in the Black Cloud Mountain at the Great Zhou border, two lights suddenly fell.

“Hah! We’re finally here.”

“Black Cloud Mountain is the border of the Great Zhou and Northern Qi and is located in the northwest of the Great Zhou.
This trip was not very long and it took the two of us a lot of effort.”

The two of them were naturally none other than Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng, who had accepted Lu Xiaoran’s request to find their junior sister, Zhuge Ziqiong.

The two of them landed in the valley.
Because of their geographical location, this place was almost completely dark for 24 hours a day.
Only cultivators with extremely powerful cultivation levels like the two of them were able to clearly see their surroundings in this dark winter place.

In the darkness, many scarlet lights flashed vaguely.
They were the creatures of the Black Cloud Mountain.

In a place like Black Cloud Mountain where resources were scarce and battles broke out, almost all living beings became bloodthirsty.

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At this moment, the living beings here clearly wanted to treat Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng as prey.

Li Changsheng snorted and released his sword intent slightly.
These creatures who had lived on the edge of danger for a long time and had extremely sensitive sixth senses immediately sensed the terror.

Without any hesitation, all the living beings screamed and immediately turned around to escape.

Fang Tianyuan revealed an envious expression.

“Junior Brother’s Sword Soul is indeed worthy of its reputation.”

Li Changsheng smiled calmly.

“The Sword Soul is a type of divine soul, so its intimidation is very powerful.
It’s naturally difficult for the living beings of the mortal world to resist.
However, I once learned that at the peak of the Martial Monarch Realm, after one transcends the tribulation to become a god, one will produce their own divine soul.
At that time, Senior Brother Fang, you would also have your own divine soul, right?”

“I hope that when the time comes, I can also have such an awesome divine soul.”

“Senior Brother Fang is so awesome.
You definitely will.”

“Cough cough… I didn’t expect Junior Brother to be so good with words.
Just because of what you said, if there’s any trouble in the future, I promise to help you share the burden.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother Fang.”

The two of them exchanged pleasantries and quickly arrived at that place according to the mark.

“The mark is starting to glow.
This is the place.
The Yin aura in the surroundings is very heavy.
I wonder if there’s anything hidden.
Let’s finish the business here quickly to prevent any accidents from happening.”

“Alright! Junior Brother, step back and watch me.”

As he spoke, Fang Tianyuan took out his Saint Weapon, the Ascending Dragon Hammer.

He no longer used the Heaven Realm weapons from before.
With a Saint Realm weapon, who would still use a Heaven Realm weapon?

Noticing that Li Changsheng had retreated, Fang Tianyuan immediately began to attack.

With a shout, Fang Tianyuan used the Indestructible Golden Body.
A dense golden energy immediately erupted from the surface of his body, forming a tall giant on the surface of Fang Tianyuan’s body.

With the enhancement of the Indestructible Golden Body, Fang Tianyuan’s defense and strength all increased rapidly, reaching an extremely terrifying realm.

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The golden light illuminated nearly half of the valley, making countless creatures who were used to the darkness start to panic and become restless.

Immediately after, his hammer landed on the ground.

The huge energy impact entered the ground, making the surrounding cliffs immediately tremble.
Countless cracks began to spread, and the cliffs on both sides collapsed, directly burying the two of them alive.

A moment later, Li Changsheng shouted softly.
Sword aura spread out and slashed all the rocks into ashes.
Then, he shouted in Fang Tianyuan’s direction,

“Third Senior Brother, are you still alive?”

The next moment, golden light erupted.
Fang Tianyuan blasted away the rock and revealed his figure.
The ground under his feet was still as flat as before.

“Cough cough, I didn’t expect the ground to be so hard.
This move of mine shattered the cliffs on both sides, but the ground is still fine.”

Li Changsheng swept his gaze over and could not help but frown.

“The ground here seems to have experienced more than ten thousand years of precipitation.
It has absorbed the negative powers of darkness, ice, and so on and has already surpassed the scope of simple mountain rock.”

“Then what should we do? Little Junior Sister is buried under here.
If we don’t dig her out, we won’t be able to report to Master!”

“Let me try.
Senior Brother Fang, step back.”

This time, Fang Tianyuan flew into the air to avoid being buried alive.

Li Changsheng took a deep breath and stopped suppressing his strength.
He released the aura of the Sword Soul.
It was as if a huge bomb had been dropped in the entire valley.
Countless creatures were fleeing outside in fear.

The aura was even more terrifying than before.

Then, Li Changsheng raised his right hand and a top-grade Saint Realm sword appeared in his palm.

As soon as the holy sword appeared, the light instantly pierced the sky and illuminated the entire valley.

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