your daughter.
Do you dislike me and don’t want to acknowledge me?”

“Stop, I’m not your father.
You’re at least 40 to 50 years old.
You’re even older than my mother.
Your father went to the Ancient Ape Tribe.
Go there and find him.”

Actually, when she saw Lu Xiaoran, Lu Xiaoyu could tell that Lu Xiaoran was not her father.
She was so ugly, so how could she have such a young and handsome father? Naturally, it was impossible!

However, when she heard Lu Xiaoran say that he was not her father, Lu Xiaoyu became even more excited.

If he could not be my father, wouldn’t it be better for him to be the father of my child?

Lu Xiaoran was handsome, had treasures, and was also powerful.
It was difficult to find a man like him.

Therefore, she forcefully shouted,

“I don’t care.
In any case, you’re my father and I’m your daughter.
You’re the only family I have now.
If you don’t care about me, I can only go and find my mother.”

“Then I’ll give you a ride.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran directly slapped his palm before the other party could react.

The weak Lu Xiaoyu was directly slapped into ashes by Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran was not stupid.
He could naturally tell what Lu Xiaoyu was planning.

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If it were an ordinary person, Lu Xiaoran would not have killed her.
However, after telling her Lu Dashan’s whereabouts, she still wanted to pester him endlessly, take advantage of him, and have designs on him.
He could not tolerate this.

After dealing with Lu Xiaoyu, two auras quickly approached from afar.

It was none other than Ling Xinyue and You Lan.

After the two of them arrived, their hearts immediately raced when they saw Lu Xiaoran.

“Dad, why are you at the foot of the mountain? Are you meeting someone?”

“No, a small thief was already slapped to death by me just now.”

Ling Xinyue heaved a sigh of relief.
What she was most afraid of now was for Lu Xiaoran to see Lu Xiaoyu.

If her identity was exposed and Lu Xiaoran became furious, she would probably be directly slapped into pieces before she could even fight Fang Aotian.

“You’ve also been out for a few days.
Did you sell those weapons?”

Ling Xinyue smiled and said, “They’re all sold out.
A total of 20 million top-grade spirit stones.”

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.
20 million top-grade spirit stones was equivalent to 2 billion high-grade spirit stones.

Indeed, not only did he not lose out, but he had also profited a little.

However, he pretended to be puzzled.
“So it turns out that you sold them for 20 million top-grade spirit stones.
Not bad.
However, speaking of which, you’re only a young lady.
After selling so many things and obtaining so many spirit stones, why didn’t anyone rob you?”

He still had to ask these questions deliberately.
Otherwise, Ling Xinyue would definitely sense something.

Ling Xinyue had clearly long expected Lu Xiaoran to be suspicious, so she had long thought of a countermeasure.

Hearing him ask, she immediately replied, “Uh… Actually, my cultivation level is not bad.
Moreover, I have made many friends outside for so many years.
There are also many cultivators who like me and want to pursue me.
Therefore, generally speaking, few people in this area dare to touch me.”

“Moreover, that auction house is a proper auction house of the Great Zhou Empire.
They definitely wouldn’t dare to do anything.”

“I see.
Looks like you’ve been doing well outside these years.
However, you can’t be arrogant.
You have to know that in this world, there’s always someone better.
It’s still very dangerous if you encounter an expert.”

Ling Xinyue nodded very obediently.

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“Dad is right.
I’ll definitely remember it in my heart.
Here are 20 million top-grade spirit stones.
Please take a look, Dad.”

Lu Xiaoran directly took back the spirit stones and said indifferently,

“It’s fine.
You’re my daughter.
Do I need to doubt you? Let’s go up the mountain.”

With that said, he immediately flew up the mountain.

You Lan was dumbfounded.
Was this the Demon Venerable she knew?

She kept calling him “dad”.
If one did not know better, they might really think that Ling Xinyue was Lu Xiaoran’s daughter.

Ling Xinyue patted her chest, causing it to sway left and right.

“You Lan, how was my performance just now? Did I expose myself?”

You Lan gave her a thumbs up.

“We definitely won’t be exposed.
Demon Venerable’s performance just now was really superb.
There aren’t many people in the world who can do this.
I feel that not to mention this Senior Lu, even if the other party was a god, he would probably think that you’re his daughter.
He definitely won’t be able to tell that you’re acting.”

The corner of Ling Xinyue’s mouth curled up.

As long as she acted well and made Lu Xiaoran believe that she was his daughter, she could come here every day.

She had a feeling that the father the heavens had given her was very likely to be a huge opportunity for her.

At this moment, You Lan could not help but whisper,

“However, Demon Venerable, isn’t it a little degrading.
After all, your status is so honorable and he’s not your true father.
You’re letting him take advantage of you.”

Ling Xinyue shook her head.

“That’s not necessarily true.
Actually, speaking of which, I have a secret that I’ve hidden for many years.
It’s not known to outsiders.”

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